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How to deal with rude people – Luke 6:27

November 24, 2009

Luke 6:27: ‘But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.’

I had intended to reflect on way more Scripture than this, but I couldn’t get past verse 27! What a seriously powerful message!!

Recently someone I hardly know was unbelievably rude to me, and my initial reaction was to get angry and upset, and try and work out a way of getting back at them. My reaction certainly wasn’t to love them and be nice to them – and this is why this reading is so tremendously challenging.

Enemies in the greek is those who are rude and hostile towards us, people who for whatever reason treat us badly. And rather than lash out Jesus challenges us to respond in a completely different way. The first word is Love which in the greek is agapao and literally means to have generous concern for, to value and esteem, to be faithful towards and delight in. And then there is good which in the greek is kalos and refers to speaking well of someone, praising and applauding them.

So if someone is rude to me or treats me badly Jesus is saying that I am to treat them with considerable respect like they are a close special friend or dear family member… wow. I read the Bible and God is forming me, smoothing out my rough edges.. and now I am ready to love my enemy and do good to them. This is nothing short of stunning.

Is it just me or does this Scripture challenge you?

God bless!

Rev Mark Brown

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  1. We often find that people are just like us. The things that often irritate us in others, irritate us about the enemy “in-a-me!” God is faithful to chip away the crust. God’s word can be difficult to live, but when we cry out to Him, “He who began a good work in us, HE is faithful to complete it.” Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith. When we walk through the fire, He is with us. That is my testimony, and I’m sticking to it!

    • Susan permalink

      Wow, never saw the “enemy” deal, that is powerful!!!!! Very true………………..

      • Minette Hatton-Jones permalink

        That piece of Scripture is very challenging indeed…..It is not easy to love your enemies, for in dealing with rudeness and various emotional abuse, one does indeed think of revenge…..

    • jeaniede permalink

      I have been trying so hard to fight the enemy with nothing but love the past 6 months with my beautiful daughter and soon to be x husband with no advail…forgiveness is a choice..I will continue to stay on my knees..
      Hate the way “people” have to blame others instead of looking within..once you do…WOW!! we can so correct our selves with GOD as our leader.pray…..

      • Robinsky permalink

        Jeaniede, sometimes no matter how hard you try you still hate your enemy. It has been my experience to come clean, with God, about my feelings and then allow God to help change the situation. And low and behold God works it out.

        Sometimes, especially in a divorce situation, you can’t help how you feel, but being honest with God, allows God to take over in our hearts.

        God bless you.

    • Connie permalink

      I am ridiculed at work on a daily basis. I was made fun of for cleaning a co-workers carpet a few months ago. She is very sickly and we noticed some black mold on her carpet about a foot long. Two people in the office kept saying I would not do that. One took pictures of me on her cell phone down on my knees cleaning the carpet. She sent the picture around the office. They laughed and poked fun of me. Later they came at me and said why did you do that. I said servanthood. They said what do you mean. I said I did it for my father in heaven. I told them if they had black mold on their carpet I would have cleaned it for them too.

    • chuck permalink

      my comment has nothing to do with the bible verse luke 6:27 , a couple weeks ago i signed up for your newsletter to be sent to my e-mail and i just wanted to let you know that i haven’t received anything yet , just wanted to let you know in case theres a problem.
      thank you
      my one e-mail address is and the other is i’m signed up with both.

    • Amen! That is so good! And so timely! Thank you so much!

  2. alex permalink

    this really hits deep. i really appreciate it.

  3. Bobbie permalink

    Rev. Mark,

    I just wanted to tell you I enjoy getting your reflections and scriptures via email and on Facebook. Your reflections inspire me. You are so open and real about what is going on in your spiritual life.

    I hope God continues to truly bless you, your family and your ministry. If God has touched my heart through your reflections, I know He’s touched others. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    I look forward to more of your reflections. God bless!

  4. Julia permalink

    Hello Mark,
    You are talking about someone that you really didn’t know. But what if this person is someone that is your boss. Sometimes it is just so hard to deal with this person. This is someone that I am with five days a week eight hours a day. Please put me on a prayer list if you have one, because some days I really just hate going to work. Please help.

    • vickie permalink

      I hear your pain, I feel like I’am under a microscope every day, and I have complained so much to my husband he has told me to quit, but I have bills and jobs are hard to come by so I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard spot… My boss is so rude to me that she has put me down in front of other people and made me feel as if I am not worthy to work any where.. What does a person do????

      • When your co-worker or boss treat you bad remember it’s God that you are really working for and not them.

      • Joanne moore permalink

        Ive been where you’re at. Don’t complain, ask the Lord “what does He want you to learn from this situation?” Complaining only opens the door for the enemy. The Isrealites stayed in their situation for 40 yrs for compaining! You don’t want to go around the sme mountain over and over! Ask God “what’s right with this picture?” Try to be thankful that you have a job and be the best witness for Christ at your job. Pray for your boss, do good to her and you will heap coals of fire upon her head. I’m not trying to condem, just saying what’s worked for me.You will be victorious over this, don’t believe the lie that tells you” you are not worthy to work anywhere”. You are God’s child and He will make you more than a conquereor!

      • Vicki permalink

        Pray for those that despitfully use you…. Believe it or not , it really works, cause I realse them to GOD & the burden & hurt supernaturally leaves. Pray for them for several days until the hurt lessens.

      • Connie permalink

        I prayed that the evil spirits within my workplace would be bound and taken away. I prayed that Gods spirit would surround me in the workplace. It really worked.

    • Amber permalink

      I know that this really hit me. I have worked with my boss for almost 2 years and she is mean and rude and I think she gets enjoyment out of belittling me and other people around her. Today was especially hard(not sure why; it was no different than any other day) When I go back to work on Wednesday I will carry this scripture on a 3×5 card and read it when she is mean and remember what Jesus told me to do. Thank you Mark!!

    • jeaniede permalink

      go to work with joy in your heart and spirit in your step,go the “extra” mile to drive them crazy!!!nothing makes a non-christian crazier than a a happy Christian! believe me I do it everyday!! I now look forward to the challenge!!

  5. Kelly permalink

    Yes this scripture has challenged me. I do my very best not to reach, and not to carry this anger around. Unresolved anger is so bad for our spiritual life. You are right about this one. I know Imust practice this over and over until I get it right!

  6. This is TOUGH!!!! I pray that I will have the strength to be just as the definitions stated (as translated from greek).


  7. taya moran permalink

    This came at the right time, thank you sooo much! And this DOES challenge me, its hard to love someone that can’t stand you, but its what we must do in order to follow Christ.

  8. Simone permalink

    For me, the challenge is not only in the Word of God but in putting it into action. I agree that what challenges us in others is often the reflection of what we ourselves deal with internally. Often when faced with circumstances of rude behavior we don’t counter it with love, therefore situations snowball. God sometimes puts mirrors before us to show us what we need to work on within ourself. This is certainly something I accept as my area in need of rennovation. Thank you for sharing insight.

  9. Lisa permalink

    Ah, ha…
    I actually can see the wisdom in the scripture of this and your digging to find the truth 🙂
    By esteeming them, talking good about them & delighting in them in love the grace of God would be so pure, how could they not be touched by it! They would expect the opposite to come from you.

    The delighting in them throws me, but how true. Is it hard, yes, but isn’t that what God is so good at. We can’t do that in our own strength..when we are weak He is strong…so it takes our surrender to God and taking His strength to be able to do it.

    My nature wants to talk bad about them and rally sympathy for myself. I have found by praying for the person, God softens my heart tword them and then allows for His Spirit to come in and actually have compassion on them & for them. Do I do it all the time, no…but in that instance, the Kingdom of God is not advanced. God’s way is harder, but the reward is greater! 🙂

    Great word and insight, thanks!

  10. P Robb permalink

    I can’t believe the way that God works sometimes. I am going through this exact thing at work right now! I work in a Christian environment and one of my coworkers can never say anything uplifting to me, ever! Even at times when I have gone to her for Christian advice her response to me was negative and condemning. After reading your reflection on Luke 6:27, I realize I need to continue praying and believe that God will give me the strength to treat her with love. Jesus, give me the strength to love her the way that you do…

  11. alana permalink

    i don’t understand. It sounds like God wants me to be a door mat for people to walk all over.

    • I saw a comment from “alana.” It is ok not to understand, you have to speak about the scripture with someone else who understands the Bible to fully understand. What God is trying to imply is that he accepts us for our imperfections. We are sinners. If he accepts for who we are, although someone may be treating us badly, we should kill them with kindness. Show them love because at the end of the day, God wants us to be happy. It is worse if we condemn that person and say blasphemous things because guess what at the end of the day, that puts you 10 steps backwards.

  12. Paula permalink

    My teenaged daughter taught me about this on Friday. I was upset with a guy making a u-turn in the middle of the road and blocking three lanes of traffic and trying to block the lane I was in as well. I started ranting and saying things like “Can you believe this guy?!?” The the guy starts making some motions and yelling words at me. Fortunately the windows were up so we couldn’t hear what he said. My kids were in the car with me and my daughter said, “Mom, I just prayed for that man that he would have a better day than his morning has been and that he gets to where he is going safely.”

    Not only did my daughter do the right thing, she taught me the right thing. (And we think we can’t learn from kids.) I immediately asked God to forgive me and then I prayed not only for that man but also that I would see him and others the way Christ sees him.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Mark.

  13. George permalink

    Incidentally, someone who I held with high esteem and much trust, lashed out at me today; for an error he however committed. This word comes at such a right time. May God manifest these and much more in my life….in Jesus name I pray, AMEN!

  14. Bonnie permalink

    This was really timely reading. As a server I interact with many people in 1 day and obviously I come across some rude ones. Some of the people who work with me wonder at times why I am so nice to the rude people and I tell them you have to be if you want to get a tip. And most times I really don’t mind being nice to them, because eventually they stop being rude, but while reading your passage it came to me that at times, even though I’m being nice, on the inside I am really upset with them. Hopefully, with the Lord’s help I can learn to be nice to them with honesty and not with covered up dislike. Hopefully this makes sense to you and thanks for the wonderful things you post.

  15. Edgar permalink

    I believe that this scripture is a challenge to many, especially those who are not saved. Even some Christians have a difficult time with it, but no one ever said that living the “Christian life” would be easy, and attempting to live it from a “worldly perspective” makes it even more difficult. When we are part of the body of Christ, we all have a task to do within that body. Loving our enemies is NOT a natural instinct of humanity and can often be a difficult task to bear throughout a lifetime.

    Jesus’ two greatest commandments which put God’s law into perspective for us through the Covenant of Grace:

    1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, body, and spirit
    2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

    Who is your neighbor? Everyone regardless of where you are in this world. We are to love each and every human with the agape love God first showed us.

  16. Lia & Rob permalink

    We had trouble with this one…bless our enemies…as we are embroilled in a lengthy, expensive court case with all the dirty tricks being pulled right, left and center and as we contemplate that we have a legal system and not a justice system …the Lord whispered to bless the oppressors. When we thought that the best blessing that could ever come to others even our enemies was the gospel, we were able to go on our knees and ask God to bless them. We’re sure they are wondering why we smile so nicely to them:)
    God bless our enemies.

  17. Michael Cook permalink

    Alright Mark! As the saying goes, you steppin all over my toes man! Just this past Sunday, someone at my church was “Rude” and “Nasty” to me! I was hurt and asked her why she was being so nasty and why she had such a bad attitude, and in church none the less, (as if that really matters right!) Well I made sure I put some distance between me and that person. But I still felt uncomfortable and then a little later I saw her being confrontational with someone else in the same way. Of course my temptation was to go to the other person and begin to talk about this “Rude” person. Thankfully I didn’t do that. Your reflection on the scripture is so right on! I didn’t think of this rude person as an enemy, but after reading the scripture you referenced I know realize that is exactly how she acted. And my response was not biblical. It was from my hurt feelings. Pray with me that I will respond like God wants me to and not based on my feelings.

  18. This message is very timely for me too. Though I got angry over some insulting words, my 9-year-old reminded me of the message on forgiveness from a Wednesday night service. When I realize how much I’ve been forgiven, it puts things in perspective and then I can start forgiving also. It’s not easy, but necessary.

  19. Brittany Hurwitz permalink

    This scripture poses as a challenge for a lot of people, myself included. Sometimes it’s easy to be bitter and angry to those who wronged us. What we don’t always realize though is that when God told us to love your neighbor as yourself, he literally meant YOUR NEIGHBOR. I used to just think what God meant by this was to love those who are suffering, on the streets, in desperate need, and while he does mean that, he also means that we must love the people who surround us, and who may even at times be rude to us. If we are going to live as Christians, we must live out God’s word and express his love through our actions.

    Philippians 1:27-2:9

    If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than you. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

    God is love.

    • Rita Jimenez permalink

      Nicely put Brittany!!! Saved me a bunch of typing… God is love…:)

  20. Klau permalink

    GOD knows that the kind of behaviour brings peace to our mind and heart. 🙂

  21. well i have to say it’s not a thing that a worldly person would do and i not a easy thing to do but when god blesses us he well make away for us to do so the other night in a church i use to go to there was a guy setting in the next set up from me and he got very nasty with me i was telling a friend that the preacher had a good teaching going and when he got mad at me it upset me but looking back i should have not done what i did in the first place but i did hold my mouth til after he church was over and i told him how he was speaking to me was not wright and he told me he was going to talk to me about that and i am just happy to know god blessed me to keep my mouth close but it’s not a easy thing to do thank you rev mark i love the email you send they help me to know no one is perfect but we must try daily to be better love in jesus name and have a happy thank’s giving to you and your god bless you and may his light shine brightly on you and yours cecil b

  22. Thank you so much for the scripture. I’ve gotten a slight bit better at this but need to work on it more. I no longer get or stay mad long with mean, nasty people but have a tendency when someone sends an ugly email to get thier goat and keep the banter going. It’s astonding how nice you can be and they get progressively uglier. God has told me to quit tormenting such poor souls as they obviously have a lot of issues and insecurities to deal with and it’s not funny to them.

    I’ve just started receiving your emails, but we go through a lot of the same things and I can really relate to what you share. You bring things to the personal level and are so transparent. This is what I love about you. God Bless you and please continue to let the Holy Spirit work through you.

  23. Keke permalink


  24. Susan permalink

    Wow – I can’t get past the words delight in. I can be nice to them and hold my tongue just because it is the right thing to do. I can even say that I love them just because they are Gods, but to delight in them…. This reflects a change of heart that I do not have yet. Lord I need your help!

  25. dorthy porter permalink

    This is good I have been praying I could get on your sites.It is easy to be nice to people who are nice and kind.Working the fruits of the spirit would not be a challenge if they only applied to when people where nice.We have got to love people like Jesus did.Winning the world for Jesus is love those who do you wrong.The only way to change a heart of a person is Love.

  26. I actually have someone who works with me that I don’t quite know how to take and I find that I don’t really like that person and I was praying that God will show me how to love this person even though I don’t like their ways anyway

  27. Lisa permalink

    I’m going to take this challenge and really try to apply it, by faith. I want to see what God will do. Not only what he will do, but do through me too! I’m excited! Oh God give me strength!

  28. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Wow, I can see how difficult it is when we are confronted with rude and unfriendly people. I see it all the time . I deal with the public and alot of time I lose it. The holy spirit convicts me of the wrong that I am doing and I have to stop myself and go to God and ask for forgiveness and guidance. I thank God that he is there , even though I’m not looking for his way . Most of the time these rude people are going thru difficult times and when you start treating them with the Love that God wants us to share, things will ease up and by our actions will be able to shine some light into thier lives. Believe me , it is’nt easy but with God all things are possible. May God help all of us, because we all fall short. Thank you all for your honesty. God Bless

  29. Gena permalink

    Rev Mark,

    Thank you so much for the emails every day. I am attending a new church now and it had made all the difference in the world for me. I am so thankful to have Friends at Church. Have a Great Thanksgiving !

  30. Lance Schul permalink

    Wow, I was just spoken to rudely about a half hour ago, then I read this email. My reaction too was to get him back with rudeness but I chose not to. Glad this passage re-affirmed my actions.

  31. Theresa permalink

    Praise God!!! I have, for the past week pondered on how do I handle rude ppl. It’s not aimed at me specifically, but just rudeness in general. I have asked God do I leave or do I stay….and Wonderfull Mercifull God has answered me through my FB feed….Thank you Lord, I love you…I adore you. Thank You for answering my prayers and thank you for loving me….AMEN

  32. Marthie permalink

    Hello Marc,

    Thank you.

    I take this as directly from the Lord, I am in a situation at this stage with somebody, I wasnt sure whether I should speak or be quiet, as in a close circle the person was totaly rude and mean to me, for more than a month now I tolerated it and thought now that was it, Im going to sort this out now, but the Spirit in me kept me hesitating! I would have gone with the wrong attitude and done more harm today, now I will go with Luke 6.27 and know my words will be soft and kind. Praise Him.

    Blessings for you and your Ministry.

  33. Brenda permalink

    It i so hard to not have that knee jerk emotional reaction which we all feel when we are slighted by someone….. I’m sure, God, from his perspective is looking down on us, just like we do as parents when we see our children treating each other badly. Asking those who can see it from His perspective to pray for each other…. we are also sometimes rude ourselves – (let’s not kid ourselves!! : ) ok maybe that’s just me…hehehe) I wonder if Stephen prayed for Saul soon to be Paul? If he did we have certainly been blessed by the results…. I’m sure this is what the Lord is requesting of us to pray for the Sauls’ who hurt us…. Because what He really wants is to enlist them in his Army!!

  34. Lindsey permalink

    So I just want to say how awesome it is that you are ministering through the internet. A lot of times people today don’t have time to actually sit down and read the bible or do a daily devotion, but since it is on the internet it seems to be faster and easier. I know this is awful to say, but it’s the sad truth. People today just flat out don’t have time for God. They rush around like chickens with their heads cut off in the wrong direction. I thinkn it’s a brillant idea that you email these devotions, because I honestly think you will reach so many more people than you would have just ministiring at a church. I love what you are doing here, and I have the utmost respect for you.
    God bless,

  35. Victor Perry permalink

    I’m an American married to a Canadian. This time at the border crossing I was asked questions about my past that I was never asked before and I’ve been comming to Canada over 8 yrs. now….I almost didn’t get across but I think because I’m married to a Canadian helped…They gave me a 18 month visitors permit at which time I have to get filled out an application for rehabilitation..I’ve been praying for a long time now to be able to work things out so I can be with my wife here In Canada..I’m on disability but can work..My problem is in my mind not my body even tho at my age of 53 is hurting but am determined to do whatever it takes..I love reading the word of Christ at which I am a christian..I’m in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous..Good bless all of you that have commented…..

  36. Martha permalink

    This scripture brought to mind other scripture I have meditated on before and an example of what prayer can do.
    (Prov 25:21-22 KJV) If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee.
    (Prov 15:1 KJV) A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.
    (Mat 5:44 KJV) But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
    Praying for them which despitefully use you and persecute you, has an unbelievable effect! We were praying for one of my family member’s bosses that was so rough to all her employees, she would make at least one of them cry every day, our prayer warriors began praying for this boss, as a result of this her behavior started changing to the point that now she make coffee for her employees and she considers them before going on the deep end. Both my family member and this boss lady were unsaved, but as a result of answered prayer and a manifestation of God’s love and mercy, my family member is now saved! To God be the glory, this from a family member that would avoid at all costs talking to us regarding the Lord Jesus, to the point that she would stop any conversation and say we’re not religious in this house! and stop everything. The Lord softened hearts we didn’t believe could be softened, and last week her husband came to know the Lord as well! God is truly merciful! And if we are to reflect who Christ is, we also have to be so merciful! (I know is not the normal response we in the flesh would choose first but consider that the Word of God says (Phil 4:13 KJV) I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

    Believe God can do ALL THINGS!!!

  37. Joy permalink

    This has always been a challenge to me as my first reaction is anger. Now, Jesus is asking that our first response be love and respect. This is something that only the Holy Spirit can do in us as we surrender more and more to HIs leading and guidance.
    Nevertheless, I must carry out this command if I want to be truly a follower of God.

  38. Angelique permalink

    I was engaged to a beautiful man who was clearly not over his ex-wife. He was so Godly when I met him, but has relaxed with a new group of friends who have blurred values in the Christian faith. He has broken off after a heated argument following his need to seek solace and acceptance with other women. I know he loved me, & am receiving mixed messages, but he is so easily manipulated by the soothing words of other women who comfort his heart. He has severed all communication instantly without conversation and refusing & refusing no final closure with our Pastors. Worst still, a so-called girlfriend, has been guiding & manipulating him now for a long time, with me watching & alerting him to her subtle advances and now both are hurting me behind my back. I hear the feedback. He listens to others who do not know me, yet God still confirms to me he is the one & just be patient, he will be back… He is working with him. How does one get over people whom you believed loved you who can do so much damage to your personality and integrity. How can the one you love and had declared love to you betray you so much within the blink of an eyelid??? How can you forgive a woman who is manipulative, who declares herself a Christian and does & says all the right things in front of leadership yet is clearly not that when not around them.??? Please keep me in your prayers. I know I have a large role to play in God’s army, but I struggle with this one…it is holding me back from my future in God’s Kingdom….

  39. April permalink

    To me, this verse is one of the ultimate ways of showing others the Love of Jesus that he has so abundantly blessed us with.

  40. Ritamary Enyim permalink

    This is astonishing, how will I be able to love someone whose purpose is to hurt, make me angry, I surely need grace to do it. I have read that verse many times but i have not be able to understand it this way that is those that are rude and cause us to get angry. Thanking God for opening your eyes of understanding. God bless you.

  41. Jon Hammond permalink

    this is a most challenging verse, it makes me worry that those i love back for being horrid will think i’m trying to win their favor and become arrogant about themselves… like a reward for being a bully or something. I worry that the humbling effect intended would back fire and fan the flames of their ego.

  42. Linda G permalink

    Yes this is a challenging Scripture! I have had some inexplicably rude clients in the past, and have found that treating them with genuine kindness, respect, and concern has gone a long way. Most of them are elderly, and I find sometimes they are not feeling well, dealing with a lot of pain, and often just feeling lonely and forgotten. Also, on a few occasions when my boss had to intervene and speak to them about how rudely they have treated me, they have humbly apologized and really had no idea how they had come across. And they have become my best, most favorite clients! Oh to walk even a few steps in someone else’s shoes!
    I have also worked for a woman who seems to delight in belittling her employees, finding their weaknesses and goading them until they break… I have spent a lot of time being glad I no longer work for her, but recently realized I truly feel sorry for her, that she first of all does not know God or the incredible love of Jesus, that her only goal is making more money, and wonder what ever happened to her to make her enjoy that sadistic streak and feed it for so many years… So I am determined when our paths cross, and I know they will eventually, to have a genuine affection for her as a lonely, lost, deceived lady who desperately needs My Jesus… and that takes a lot of her power over me away if I let the awesome power of God flow through me.
    I respect and enjoy the teachings of Joyce Meyers, and she often says that forgiving others is so God can bless US, it’s more about Him working in US than what’s going on with them, and often the people we harbor grudges against for the wrongs they’ve done to us really have no idea what they’ve done!
    Don’t wait for an apology from your enemies, just forgive them and move on! It is SO freeing! May you all be blessed with the gift of forgiveness, compassion and mercy as we celebrate Thanksgiving. After all, it’s what we should truly be thankful for, that God Himself has forgiven us!

  43. Maggie permalink

    Well folks – this is indeed a timely reminder of ‘love & forgiveness’ which my Lord has given me, and He expects me to give out too . . . Interestingly I find it hardest to deal with, when Christian friends hurt or disrespect me . . . presumably because I expect ‘nicer’ relations with christians, then it hurts all the more when stuff happens . . . And I’ve just thought now that as a friend of Jesus, how much more it must hurt Him when I mess up / ignore Him / do my own thing. . . . ‘cos I really should know better. Pray with me that I will drop the hurt I’ve been experienceing since Saturday – The Lord has softened, but I need to LET GO – 100%

  44. God tells us also in Matthew 5:44 how to deal with rude or ungodly people “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” Matthew 5:44 (KJV)

    God also tells us in Romans 12:19 that vengeance is not ours to give, that God will give his vengeance. “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Romans 12:19 (KJV)

  45. Amy Spotswood permalink

    Yes! Very challenging and only possible supernaturally through the grace and power of God through the power of his spirit within us!

  46. Nice reflections, Mark. I cited what you had to say about this verse on my blog, adding my own thoughts. Thanks for offering this.

  47. Luis permalink

    Wow! it is challenging; for many years I hated my Dad for walking out on us when I was at a young age (13). It wasn’t until later in my walk with Christ that I read Luke 6:27 and the Lord spoke to me clearly and told me that I needed it to forgive my Dad and love him. It was dificult at first, but once I picked up the phone and called him and spoke to him, I felt that all this weight was lifted off my shoulders. We now have a son/father relationship. Thank you Lord becasue you made me see things from Your point of view.

  48. This is so difficult. I learned the hard way. A rude relative finally broke me after several years and I reacted poorly on Christmas Day last year. Since then, there has been little to no communication between me and them. I’ve tried everything to repair what I did and they will not respond. Be careful! All the witnessing you have done can quickly be erased in one moment. Please keep us in your prayers. I’m heart-broken.

    • Cathy permalink

      Hi Kathy,
      I too fell into that same trap and the consequiences have been heartbreaking at this time. All I can say is to contiunually pray, believe, and wait for the Lord to restore (or renew) the relationship. Maybe it’s just us “Cathy’s or Kathy”s” that make these messes…..or probably not. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas….I will add you and your family to my prayers for Gods healing powers to flow for each of us.

      • Thank you Cathy for letting me know I am not alone. I will keep you in prayer also. I know God can use this for his glory. I have felt so defeated but I am determined that satan is NOT going to win this battle.

  49. Sara Sue permalink

    Yes, Amy….it is all about God and nothing about our trying to be superhuman. Jesus’ words and commands for righteous living are to make us aware of our total helplessness and need for Him. The times I find myself doing as He told us to do, are the times that I know for sure that He has taken up residency in me as He promised to do. As I spend time with Him, as I get to know Him thru His Word, as I cry out to Him for His intervention in the situations of my life that are beyond my ability to react to in a godly way…..He is faithful, and it amazes me every time!

  50. Deesker permalink

    I think this Bible verse is one of the hardest to apply in my life. I agree with what someone wrote about being a “doormat” to people that may emotionally abuse you or treat you terribly. I don’t think Jesus wants us to be a doormat. I think He wants us to set proper boundaries with these people and still love them. Alot of times we’re not setting boundaries and we are “allowing” these people to walk all over us. By changing our behavior, we can sometimes facilitate a more peaceful situation. I know the work environment can pose many problems but I think it’s possible to maintain our own positive energy and continue to pray for the person who is being a pain. Many times when we’re upset with someone’s behavior, it can keep us from working on ourselves to have more peace.

  51. Eunice Forcet permalink

    Yes Brother Mark, Christ is being formed in us.

  52. Teresa Varney permalink

    This is VERY challenging for me. I have an ex who left me and my kids for someone else. Just up and left a 17 year marriage as if I don’t even exist. Walked away from God and everything he supposedly believed in. Still claims to have “faith” in what I don’t know. The position he has put us in financially, mentally and emotionally, especially my son is amazing. I have been pondering how to forgive and have compassion. It is impossible without supernatural intervention. What God has revealed to me recently is that christians have lost the “awe” of the cross. We really don’t, (or me anyway) grasp what Jesus did for us and how wretched and undeserving we were. To someone who said “Sounds like God wants us to be a doormat” what do you think Jesus was for us? Is anyone taking you literally to a cross and separating you literally from God? No, it’s people hurting us, some very deeply, but it will never compare to Jesus’s undeserved suffering for us. And, He promises that we will suffer as Christ but we are not to grow weary in doing good for in due time we will be lifted up. This life is fleeting however eternity is forever. Now let’s all pray together for each other that these reflections go deep into our hearts not just our logical minds. God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

  53. Dennis Dalu permalink

    this is an eye opener, i recently lost it & ended up regreting

  54. So true. I applauded you for enlighting others like myself with the power to look beyond a fault and see a need. I ask for prayer to be more understanding when am subjected to this behavior. May the Lord God bless you real good for the minsitry and boldness.

  55. Praise the Lord,to the ones that are having problems with there boss,I had problems also,I thought about transfering,but I didn’t what I did was pray for her,and until God unhardening her heart,and now we get along really good,pray does change things,also kind words turn away wrath,I have learned when people miss treat me,I say something nice,or I go pray for them,they might be miserable amd trying to make us miserable,you never no what that person is going thru,so we must pray for them,God bless everyone,have a bless Thanksgiving.

  56. Kathy permalink

    I have two son’s who together won’t talk to me, I pray and pray and nothing. I’ve sent them emails inviting them to dinner, nothing. As a Mother this just kills me….But God is bigger than this, and I will continue to just pray that the Lord will get ahold of them. An not there not walking with the Lord

    • Kathy,
      Amazing! I have two daughters that haven’t spoken with me in a year. I have e-mailed, called, texted and asked them to meet with me. Most of the time, they ignore me. I’m crushed. When my grandson was born 4 months ago, I called the hospital and they hung up on me. The depression is terrible and I’m so tired of living on a roller coaster of emotions but it’s been a good week and I pray that all of our families are healed. I know that God is working on this, I just had to Let Go and Let God. It’s taken me a long time to realize that he can work this for “HIS GLORY” and I need to let him do it.
      Praying for you Kathy!
      My email address is….Let me know how things are going.

  57. Dorothy permalink

    Thanks Pastor Mark for the challange this is truely something that God has had to help me with in the past. But I found that if I call on Him to help He gives me strength to overcome and forgive then I can love them no matter the situation.

  58. Sam Assefa permalink

    Dear Rev Mark, it’s nothing more than a miracle that God speaks to me through you all the time and you always raise issues that I am deeply concered with at the right time. I don’t really lash out on people, I just keep everything inside and I have evil thoughts and I talk it out with that person in my head but I would never say it to their face, I will just keep it with me because I don’t want to say bad things and that hurts me a lot and now I am going to try to change all that energy into love so when they are rude to me I will rise above and get them to my side by being kind and following the way of Jesus. Thanks you did touch my heart with this one. God bless you.

  59. Betty permalink

    Thank you for the beautiful scripture Rev Mark.

  60. Beth permalink

    DEAR GOD I thank you for letting us hear, read, listen, and understand your word. We thank YOU for giving us this oppurtunity to grow as your children, to always love one another and to always love YOU DEAR LORD GOD our HEAVENY FATHER. May GOD bless you all and I thank YOU LORD for giving Rev. Mark Brown the strength and inspiration to write these daily reflections of the Bible. In the name of DEAR JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR, AMEN.

  61. Nsikan permalink

    Its really challenge because i am in such situations as well and to be honest I do find it a bit difficult to love my enemies. I may not necessarily want to do evil to them but the hostile feelings towards them dont seem to go away. Anyone have any tips or advice they could give?

  62. Austin permalink

    Beth I must say that was a wonderful prayer it’s good to know people pray this lovingly

  63. todays scripture goes very well with forgive and you will be forgiven. I lived most of my life with unresolved anger and unforgiveness in my heart. I was even angry at God. You see, I lived a life of all types of abuses and didn’t feel those that had so badly used me deserved to be forgiven nor treated well. Nor did I deserve to have Jesus die in my stead for I was a sinner and He was without sin.I got to the point in my life where the anger was eating me up worse than cancer. We were having revival meetings that week and I went to the alter every night crying out tp God to heal me. The last night the gentleman came over to talk to me as he saw my pain. I endec up telling him everything that I was feeling and he quoted tonights scripture to me,and then told me it all begins with forgiveness. I told him I didn’t know how to forgive and he said to begin with forgiving as an act of my will. So I told God that I chose to forgive my abusers and those that had hurt me as an act of my will,and then I was told to pray and ask God every day to make that forgiveness real in my heart and soul. I’m not goning to say that it happened overnighj or else I’d be telling you a lie. but I kept crying out to God to make it real and God gave me a miracle. I don’t know how long it took, bit one day God took my heart of stone and gave me a heart of flesh. I soon found myself pr5aying for my abusers and asking God to give them new hearts and to bless them. My healing began with forgiveness and so will yours. To God be the glory, amen.

  64. Patsy Bond permalink

    I have caught myself being rude at times and I get caught off gaurd when the person I was being rude to is nice back to me. So, at times, when someone is being rude, I try to be nice and they get the same look on their face, I am sure I had on my face, when someone was nice to me.

  65. Leah permalink

    This has always been a very difficult scripture for me, because inside I am a very angry person. Events over my life, and present ones regarding my family back home leave me seething, hurt, upset, and sometimes depressed to the point of no longer feeling the desire to leave me home or to do things I enjoy. There are a few family members that make me want to cry, scream, and lash out at them physically as well as with very harsh words. It probably makes me feel that way because the solution for them to stop their evil and destruction is so easy, but they continue down the path they are on and hurt people that are very special to me.

    My mother is one of those people being hurt, and not a day goes by where I don’t think about her and hope she’s doing alright. She follows this scripture as closely as she can, every hour of every day that she can. I can tell that even though she speaks kindness and does good for these evil family members, it hurts her too. It hurts to even mention this to anonymous people who don’t even know or understand the real situation. It makes me so mad that this whole thing has gone on as long as it has. The longer it hangs on, the more wrathful and depressed I become. I feel helpless to do any good, and I feel like I’ve let my mother down when I can’t do the good I want to do for her. She just works SO hard, prays so hard, pushes her willpower to the very end of it’s rope until her teeth begin to crack and break under the pressure she’s unjustly been put under. I just can’t stand this.

    “Love thine enemy” isn’t part of my life right now, it hasn’t been for nine years, and I can feel it building up inside of me and eating away at my soul like some sort of ravenous demon. I want to release this pain, this anger, the sadness, the helplessness I feel. At the same time, I wish I could slug the people in the face who are doing this to my mother. These drug using moochers, layabouts, good-for-nothing wastes of space that take away food, money and even the roof over her head.

    I tried to become numb to these family members, I tried to bring them back into my life by opening my heart to them again, but all opening my heart ever did for me was to get it spat on and stomped by a person that is supposed to unconditionally love me as his daughter, then ridiculed by the other who is supposed to be the wiser, older sister.

    Luke 6:27: ‘But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.’

    I can’t take it when I read this line. All I can think of is how doors constantly open for them, people reach out and try to bring them back to God and how a family is supposed to behave together, and all they can to in return is give all those people the middle finger and laugh in their faces about how God is nothing. However, what makes me more angry is when they laugh about God, then when they get into a fight, recite scripture and twist the words around to turn the fights in their favor.

    They will hold a mangled, gnarled bible up in one hand to protect themselves, then stab it and laugh about how those words were written by men, and there is no God who can judge them after they die, how there is no hell because that would mean they have to live with the consequences of their actions once they do die…

    Love thine enemy is the only scripture in the bible that makes me wish I could skip it over and lived balanced and happy, but I know I can’t. My life makes a perfect note of that.

  66. james permalink

    Mr. Brown im not gona lie it was GOD that sent me to your site today to read this i promise you i just left home and prayed for this girl i cant stand and i come to your site and i read your scriptures and im just floored to the ground how this is your subject for today!LOL! so thank you for being a man of GOD and letting him use you to speak his word! this message just help me understand that i was meant to pray for my Enemies! Thank you so much and GOD bless you!!!

  67. Theresa permalink

    This is very helpful. I am dealing with a large group of people being rude to me and I have to keep reminding myself to walk in love. Sometimes I find it hard but I have to keep trying because I know that is what God wants from me and this couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you so much.
    Walk By Faith,

  68. Theresa permalink

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. I am dealing with a large group of rude people.
    Thank you so much,

  69. Eleonor F. Salango permalink

    Thank you GOD for always reminding me on what to do in every trials and situation i have been. Its really hard to love but You always remind me of your unfailing to us. Thank You……

  70. Shelby permalink

    this passage definitely challenges me because evrerytime i seesomeone that is struggling with being kind to someone even if it someone i dont talk to much i want to help them and no matter if someone givesme a mean look even though i give wierd looks back sometiumnes doesnt mean that they are a mean person, they could just be having a bad day. I recetly lost a friend that was like abrother to me and he hads a strong dislike against me and one of my very best friends, he always uses his revenge and anger to get ahold of him and to make him feel better about himself, so wen someone else is in pain he wants someone else to suffer too and i wish there was a way tosnap him out of that..but no matter how much he doesnt want me to pray for him i do anyways
    He had a facebook status message about himself going into the hospital because of a popped lung or something and i texted him and said i would pray for you, then he started going on saying i dont need your stupid lie of a prayer, and he said it like that because he is an athiest and i pray a lot for god to help him find his way. Maybe a lot fo better things will happen for him in his life and one day if we do croiss paths instead of givning a look of hatred, he will just smile and think back to the good days when we were good friends..I always trust God to make miracles happen, but they cant happen all at once.

  71. Good morning,

    I am the Vice President of a club. This weekend I had a very bad experience with the President of our club. It was loud and out front of many people. I was accused of saying something that I didn’t say. In the club we have a policy to work out problems with the individual first it possible. If not, we must bring the problem to the executive committee. None of this took place. The individual began to loudly verbalize their opinion of me in front of others. I began to strike back and it went from one point to the next. On Monday I was texted by this person and asked how am I doing? I was stunned. How can someone do this and think nothing is wrong? I am waiting until I am clam enough to have a conversation before discussing this. Please advise me on how to approach the situation.

  72. This same issue just happened to me over the past weekend with a fellow Christian that I don’t even know very well. It has been a challenge indeed. I am blessed with great Spiritual leaders in my life who have come along side me and supported me lovingly with Truth and guidance.

  73. OUCH! I am getting hit every which way but loose going through the journey this week.

  74. Gee permalink

    This is remarkable. It’s very timely too. I am having serious difference with my onetime best friend. I am embittered by his actions and chose to distant from him. Reading this note, sent chills and peace through me. I am a christian and should apply christian principles at all times. Now, I know what to do. Thanks for the reminder Rev Mark Brown.

  75. BWord permalink

    This is great basic knowledge and information. I personally like the Matthew 5:44 from the King James Version “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” It is even more indepth. Covers all personalities and people we will probably encounter in life. But how about a more practical approach and advice. Sometimes it is not enough to say; “Here’s the truth, be obedient” After all, that is what temptation or dealing with “Our flesh” is all about. If we walk in the Spirit 100% of the time, then no prob, but when the “Carnal man” gets to acting up, that is when the test begins. And it isn’t GOD who’s doing the testing, it is our flesh which struggles with this. How do we deal with the flesh and it’s issues? Any advice?

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