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The only way to go – John 14:6

November 23, 2009

‘Jesus answered, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.’ John 14:6

Yesterday I posted the following message on the Bible page :

‘Jesus answered, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.’ John 14:6 If you want to become a Christian message me, would love to share with you to reality of God’s love for you!! God bless, Rev Mark Brown

And in a short amount of time my inbox was filling up with responses! This awesome passage clearly outlines that to be in God’s presence I need to go through Jesus. The greek behind the word ‘through’ is dia which literally means, on account of, because of. So I come into God’s presence because Jesus died on the cross and rose again, which means I can be washed clean of my sin and therefore be in the presence of God. So when it reads that the only way to the Father is through Jesus, it is saying that the only way to the Father is through coming before Jesus and first admitting my sin.

And the first part of the John 14:6 reading provides some insight into what happens when we focus on Jesus, when I come to Jesus and admit my sin. The first part is Jesus is the ‘way’, which in the greek is hodos which means road, the path, the journey. So to get to heaven I need to be on the right highway! In focusing on Jesus I am travelling in the right direction, sin is getting distracted on side roads, the key is that I remain on the main road. So maybe my Bible is a GPS – Global Positioning System!

The second part is Jesus is the ‘truth’ which in the greek is alétheia and as well as meaning truth it can also mean certainly. Jesus has the truth and is the truth, and the key for me is that I know this with complete certainty. And I do!!

The third part is Jesus is the ‘life’ which is zóé and speaks of being alive! So in focusing on Jesus I come alive! And this is very much my experience! The more I focus on Jesus the more alive I feel! Energy and purpose as I seek after God through Jesus. Passion and clarity about what I am to do, in seeking after God through Jesus.

What a wonderful promise! I come to God by facing my sin and focusing on Jesus through staying on the main road, being certain about His reality in my life, and living a full life of purpose!

Praise God!

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

PS please pray for me as I respond to the messages in my inbox.

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  1. Michael Cook permalink

    I like your posting. And more importantly I am in agreement with it. But it really doesn’t matter if I agree with it, because God has made Jesus the only way to gain access to the presence of God.

    I was wondering if you would be able to comment on something. My friend is a Muslim. He posted something the other day in response to a song about Jesus. He said, “Now there’s more than one God! Where do these guys come from?” I understand that Muslims believe that there is only one God. But they are confused by the Trinity. They think that Christians are saying there are 3 God’s.

    How would you approach trying to explain the Trinity to someone who comes from this approach? In addition how would you approach someone who believes there are many ways to the One God? Any help would be appreciated.

    • God is no respecter of men and consistently transcends all our petty religious differences (Josh. 5: 13-15; John 4: 1-42; Acts 10).

      More to the shame of Christians than Muslims, the Lordship of Jesus Christ (Isa), defined over death and life, is well-documented in principle and practice in their corresponding Scriptures (John 3: 1-21; 8: 21-28; 10: 17-18, 37-38; 12: 20-36; 14-17; 19: 30-37; The Quran, Surah 4: 156-158).

      If and when the law of “more is required from the person to whom much more is given” (Luke 12:48) is applied, it is not difficult to guess who will be held more accountable –Christians or Muslims?!

  2. Lida Opperman permalink

    Hi Mark if I’m a child of Jesus is it okay to be afraid of dying.I’f got cancer and I’m so confused.If I love Jesus so much why am I so scared?

    • Andrea McGriff permalink

      Lida, it’s normal to fear the unknown. If the Lord calls you home, just be assured that you won’t be alone. He’s with you now, and will never leave you. And think of the paradise that awaits you on the other side… The process of dying is fearful, but death is the beginning of new life with our Lord. Fear Not!

    • Cheer up Lida!

      If you use whatever time you have left (like all of us) to know Jesus Christ, firsthand and personally, in the unique cause and effect of His perfect and diacritical death on the cross (, you “will never die” for living and believing in Him who is self-sufficient life (John 11: 25-26).

      In short, you have no reason to fear because “to live will be Christ and to die gain” (Phil. 1:21). PRAISE THE LORD!

      God bless you.

  3. Roseann permalink

    First I would like to tell you that I am so pleased that I got on this facebook and found you. I know it was Gods way of bringing me closer to him. HE is amazing!!
    I would like you to pray for my son Chad, he was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago and since then he has progressed through prayer. He just turned 30 yrs old and he and his wife of only 1 year are expecting their first child. He has been in the hospital since the diagnoses. This rare form of cancer Ewings Sarcoma has effected his spine and he can’t walk, but is working with physical theropists to get his mobility back again. He has a long road of recovery and I would appreciate it so much if you can pray for his recovery.
    Thank you so much.

    • Roseann,

      My prayer for you:

      STRENGTH to deal with your son’s suffering;
      WISDOM to give you answers to all the questions arising;
      PERSEVERANCE to sustain you in faith;
      LOVE to meet the needs of your son’s family; and
      OPPORTUNITIES to prevail in victory.

      Whatever happens, you will be a witness like the Psalmist: ” The LORD is my shepherd; I have everthing I need” (23:1). GBY!


  4. Clarissa B. permalink

    A way that I learned to understand how to get to Heaven was the ABCs. Admit your sins. Believe that God has raised Jesus from the dead. Confess that you are a sinner. Also, a way to explain the Trinity is to think of yourself. We are all in more than one part. I am a sister, a daughter, and a cousin. Another example could be your mom. She’s a mother, a sister, and a daughter. That could be one way to explain the Trinity. God bless you Mark!!! 🙂

    • Clarissa,

      You might not immediately agree with the following but it will help you significantly in the long run. Here it is.

      First, “admitting one’s sins, believing that God has raised Jesus from the dead and confessing that one is a sinner”, all on one’s own, are a self-reliant tall story completely contrary to the teaching of Jesus Christ, e.g., “the hard way and narrow gate to life” (Matt. 7: 13-14); and preemptive, counter-productive moves against the work of the Holy Spirit (John 16: 5-15).

      Secondly, know first Jesus Christ personally as revealed once and for all in his perfect and diacritical death on the cross before you try to explain the doctrine of Trinity!

      God bless you!

  5. Thank you so much for your inspiration! I will pray for you and look forward to meet you in heaven.
    Thank you for posting on face book!
    My website is not Christian, because the Lord showed me to first get to know the people and than show them what Jesus is like.
    I was sick and tiered to invite people to church and they did not show up or attended only as long as the problem was bad.
    It all started with the look on the desperate people in the newspaper- their look, when they were caught doing desperate stuff. Than my pastor Dough Mc Clean had a message on Mark #2 . these people are paralysed in their sin, fears and stuff. My (Our) faith has to bring them to Jesus, does not matter, if we dismantle other peoples “houses” to take the roof of.
    So The mionistry: through the roof was born, but I could not use it as website. Anyway:
    I am just a stupid fisherman: God does all the inspiring and doing. I only follow. I don’t know how to do computer, but I made my website, I don’t know anything about blog, but to my surprise I am bloggering.
    Pretty incredible to me, so I thank you for your study of the word and give me more inspiration!
    I have to go to fix my husband dinner, but I will read more later!
    God bless you so much!
    Praying for Lida Oppermanalso!
    love Beate

  6. Robyn permalink

    i am goin through A tough time right now trying to get my son back but i do belive in miracle

  7. Edgar permalink

    Oh what a more wonderful world this would be if more people would come to realize Jesus is the way, and begin to build that personal relationship with Him in all areas of life. Trust the LORD (Yahweh), praise His holy name, give of yourself to Him in everything, and make Him first and foremost in your very life, then all other things will be added unto you as you journey towards home.

    The Bible is a Christians GPS that we need no other, because God will direct our footsteps according to His will and plan He has for us and the tasks He asks us to do on this journey.

  8. John 14: 6 is a typical altruistic expression (Phil. 2: 5-11) by one who Himself is the Father, i.e., “I Am Who I Am” or self-sufficient life as demonstrated,

    1) In the beginning, on the “tree of life” (Gen. 2: 7-9);

    2) Subsequently, in “the flame coming from the middle of the bush on fire but not burning up” (Ex. 3: 1-15); and

    3) Finally (as repeatedly promised), in Jesus Christ’s perfect, diacritical, glorious and life-transforming death on the cross verifiable exclusively by the Holy Spirit (John 16: 5-15).

    In other words, Jesus as the way, the truth and the life has to be personally experienced to be believed but not otherwise!

  9. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    Awesome Rev. Mark. God Bless you! Quoting you above: “my Bible is a GPS – Global Positioning System!”. I gave it a new name: GPS = God’s Positioning System …… “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.’ John 14:6

    If we position ourselves at the Cross, humbled and yielded to Him; He will position us in the way, the truth, and the life through Jesus Christ …. for His Eternal purpose. AMEN!

    ………… Sharron Gray Atkinson ❤

  10. i just would like to tell you that i know when gods word tell the only way to the father is by the son the word of god is 100% true and i know that it’s the way to father thank you jesus for your love and god thank you for your grace god bless all who see truth and ask god in your life your doing the right thing love in jesus name cecil b

  11. dorthy porter permalink

    Jesus is the one and only key to talking to God.Jesus is what opens the door to the spiritual realm with God.You can not get to the father without going threw the son.In John 3:16 God gave his only begotten son that who soever beliveth in him should not perish but have ever lasting life.Who soever means all of us that except Jesus into our hearts.It means we will get to go to heaven instead of hell.It is not by any works we do,it is by what Jesus already did for us,All we have to do is except him, believe in our hearts that we are free from sin.It does not matter what sin or sins we have done,how low we have gone in sin.God sent his pure son as our blessed redeemer.Praise God we are free,we know longer have to fear death or what our future holds.Eternity where evil will no longer exist is our future for excepting Jesus.

  12. askduane permalink

    John 14:6 study very good. I have a question that needs answering please. In your posting on “Jesus is the Way” you said; “So to get to heaven” I need to be on the right highway/road. I notice a lot of Ministers say the same thing “when we get to heaven or we are going to heaven”.

    My question is this: Where does the Bible say we go to Heaven?
    In my studies I keep coming up with something different from scripture. Help me understand you better on this quote. Thank you. askduane.

  13. Bill Ewaniuk permalink

    I like this prayer so much and right now im going thur a lot my marriage is not going well my wife left me due to gossip that was not true and the person who told her lies made my wife scare of me which the gossip is not true i talk to a pastor and her said god put us together but people gossip and satan kill it she wants a divorce now but i dont i love this woman so much i been in hospital 3 times since aug and lost over 50 pounds due to the stress of losing my wife we dont talk at all any more nothing it like she left my life as fast as she came into it and i cant even talk to her to tell her the truth and it wrong and also a church told her (Vineyard) it ok to divorce which i know it not right for a church to do this GOD hates divorce but in her mind it ok i pray that she opened her heart again and trust me after all these lies are not true…

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