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Psalm 119:33-41

November 19, 2009

Psalm 119:33-41 : Teach me, O LORD, to follow your decrees; then I will keep them to the end. Give me understanding, and I will keep your law and obey it with all my heart. Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight. Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain. Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word. Fulfill your promise to your servant, so that you may be feared. Take away the disgrace I dread, for your laws are good.

How I long for your precepts! Preserve my life in your righteousness. May your unfailing love come to me, O LORD, your salvation according to your promise; then I will answer the one who taunts me, for I trust in your word.

In undertaking this journey deeper into God’s Word I am seeking to keep His law and obey it with all my heart. I am striving to integrate God’s Word into the fabric of who I am and what I do.  I want the precepts, the wisdom and promises to constantly show up.  When I am struggling I want to refer to the promise that God is with me, especially those times when I am wading through mud with what feels like concrete shoes on.  When I am excited, I want to praise God as I should, shamelessly raising my hands in acknowledgment!!  At every moment I want to see the world through the lens of the Bible.

But key to this is that I seek after God, not my own selfish gain.  And this is easy to write and really hard to do!  To make God the focus not me.  Wow.

But in spending time reflecting on this passage something quite amazing occurred to me, I realised that I was relying on my strength to somehow bring God to me!   Which is a bit like standing on a beach and trying to drag the water towards me; actually I need to just stand still and allow the waves to come to me.

As the Psalm states:  ‘Give me understanding’ and ‘Turn my heart toward’ and ‘Turn my eyes away from’ and ‘Take away the..’ I seek God to act in my life, but it is God who actually acts, who gives me understanding, who turns my heart, my eyes. Wow.

Lord I invite you to be part of every aspect of my life.

Praise God!!

What are your thoughts about this amazing passage?

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

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  1. Steve Gill permalink

    Dear Mark….

    I am struggling mightily even though my Lord is always on my lips and in my heart. Today has been a bad day and I want to praise Him in it…. yet I wonder if He’s busy. I wonder if He really is listening. My enemies are close. My life is falling apart in ways as I draw so close to Him. What you wrote meant alot to me. I lost my house last year because of my selfish ways. I am broke… broken…. waiting and wanting God to help me through it all. I wish that my Jesus would come and help me now. I just missed rent. Trying like crazy but failing. My wife thinks I’m a nothing. BUT I still praise Him. I still love him. Does he want me to leave my family and be out on the street. I would rather do that then have my whole family there with me. I am a lost cause…. but he still loves me. Please let me just say thanks. Thanks Mark. I will make it through with God’s Help.

    • Chris Hamilton permalink

      HE is listening Steve. And you are right. You will make it through! HE promises that HE will never leave you or forsake you. HIS Word is true. Psalms 34:18 The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite sprit.
      Claim this verse as your own. “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from THE LORD which made heaven and earth. HE will not suffer thy foot to be moved. HE that keepeth thee will not slumber”. Psalms 121: 1-3 And if GOD is for you, who could ever be against you when the ALMIGHTY GOD, MAKER of Heaven and earth is directing your path. So “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths”. Proverbs 3: 5-6
      HE knows the way out for you. HE knows what is needed and HE has a plan. Jerimiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans not to harm you, but give you a better future”.

    • Steve, I wanna tell you that our Lord´s so big and wonderful that He can make all the things going bad turn to big surprises in your life, and I´m a proof of that… since January 2007 I started to lost everything I had, my girlfriend, my car, my business, my apartment, my family.
      And something started to change my life, and that was Jesus Christ and his perfect will upon me and too many things I couldn´t figure out at that moment, so He called me in a very smooth way, once I lost everything I counted on, and I started to follow him and his word. I started to grow in spirit and in my relationship with God and he started to gave me back everything I lost during 2007 and 2008, and I can tell you, even when I fall down he surprises me, because the more we fall and we start to think to leave the path of the Lord, the more he gives us reasons not to… last Thursday I recovered my apartment (new one), before that I recovered my family, and before that I recovered one business (new one), next December-January I´ll recover my car (new one also), and by the time the Lord thinks I´m ready…..I´ll recover my girlfriend (new one I hope) and get married.
      The book of Isaiah thought me a lot of things about the pressure upon me, not from my family, not from my friends, not from my bank, not from my enemies, but from the Enemy itself, how he was trying to confuse me and make me fall to his claws again…
      So God once He takes you in His arms, He never, ever, ever let go His blessed ones, so keep feeling blessed Steve, feel it from within the deepest spot in your heart, feel it like when you start to burn your legs when you run too much, feel it with the faint you can´t support when His presence it´s upon you, feel it with every breath you take once you awake, with every taste of soup, with every sound of the nature he made only for you, with the masterpiece he brought to your window this morning, with every handshake you receive from a member of your church, feel it Steve, really feel it.
      Don´t give up on God, He is waiting for you, every time, everywhere… and remember what´s most important since he choose you, you´re victorious in everything you do in the name of Jesus Christ. You´re victorious since the you were created, since your birthday….Steve, you were meant to be victorious every step of the way.
      A big hug and a prayer for you my brother Steve, He will amuse you…. I know it and I declare it.

      • MARILYNN permalink

        Yessir my brother good stuff there because we do know that my Lord has a sense of humor and I just love him for it even though you could be going through a living disaster and your eyes are downcasted and u can see no way out and everything around u looks the same as you feel he tells us in his word . just hold on for This is only a light affliction!!! hold on brothers a change is gonna come lift up your heads oh you gates and let the King of Glory come in who is the King of Glory the Lord God Strong and Mighty. If you could just hold on He got u Chris You got to Hold on the same way You got into this trouble and with the same determinaton hold on and he will bring you through this. Troubles don’t last always. Trust In the Lord with all thine Heart and Lean not Unto Your own understanding.

    • askduane permalink

      Jesus has Overcome this World and everything in it. In the World you will have tribulations, In Jesus we have PEACE. John 16:33.

      Our FAITH in God and His Son Jesus gives US Victory over the World. 1 john 5:4,5.
      Behold, there arose a GREAT STORM on the Sea (our world), so that the boat (our body) was being covered with waves, (troubles in my life) but Jesus himself was asleep (in the boat, my body). The STORM was to GREAT to handle on our own. Finally we awoke Jesus (inside us, by FAITH) and yelled “SAVE US LORD WE ARE PERISHING!”
      Jesus said; why are you Afraid?, you men of little faith. Jesus got up (took over our heart and mind) and rebuked the winds, and the Sea and it became perfectly calm. Even the Winds and the Seas obey Jesus. Matthew 8:18-27.
      When you WAKE UP JESUS in you, have Faith and let him go to work for you.

    • Mary-Louise permalink

      I’m Praying for you and your family Steve!

  2. Rev. Mark, I have been having similar messages from people and what I am experiencing at this time in my life. I just went to a healing mass last night and will be attending tonight and tomorrow night. What I am being shown and told is that I need to let go of the control of my life so that God can put his plan into action. I need to know that he has made me with a uniqueness from other people. I need to be patient with his plan to know that whatever it is, even something I did not particular bargain for that it will be good.

    I am in a comparing mode with other people, I know not good. I need to see myself as God sees me to appreciate the uniqueness of myself through God’s eyes. I need to basically let God fix the toy (my life) so that he can fix it to be a glorious life which has been one of negative influence and deception.

    Thank you Rev. Mark. I will read this scripture verse much more closely, because it is so true to me right now.

    God Bless Darlene N. Baptiste

  3. Meagan permalink

    Wow, thanks Mark for that is truely inspriational, i have too been strugling with the realization that I am CONSTANTLY sinning and have always been a sinner (and always will be imperfect) but knowning it isn’t me who can fix it but GOD Almighty that really takes one, the pressure off and two makes me so delighted because if GOD can save me (which HE has! Amen!) than he can do anything!! I love you Mark for your help and becoming part of my life, I hope and pray GOD blesses you and your family for the rest of your time on Earth. We will meet face to face one day – Thanks so much!! XO

  4. Tammie Collins permalink

    Here I see a sequence of teachings designed to perfect the love of God in each one of us. Teach me, help me to understand, give me direction, change my heart, help me to see, bless me with your promises, show me my salvation, help me to become more like Jesus so the righteousness of Christ is all You see when You look at me. I want this so very much for my own life…..

  5. debbie permalink

    I just read your comments on psalms.. sometimes the world does get in the way.. we want things the way we want them and not realizing the great plan that God has for us..
    I wanted to comment in hopes of helping steve.. I to came to a point where I lost everything.. all I had left was a car and a few clothes whatever I could fit in the back of my truck and it wasnt much.. When you have everthing taken you realize that all you have left is building your relationship with God and it did..
    The was brought to the lowest point to only be raised to a higher level of faith in God and because of that developed thru Gods grace a Higher calling. It has been an amazing walk with God .. He has used me in awesome ways to help others. The feedback from others is awesome of how the Lord has used my hands in helping others.
    Praise God even in our sorrows.

  6. Dee Pinkins permalink

    I read this with tears flowing down my face feeling so much joy and hope in my heart. This division of Psalm speaks on exactly where I am in my life now. When there is a house full of people and I still feel alone, when there are thoughts and imaginations that I keep having that I should cast down, its this time when I only wanna know His ways, His percepts, I want to follow His every word.

  7. Benoit kihumbu permalink

    Thanks Mark this is just what i needed i’m having a very hard day with all the things going on in my life right now. With what i understand in this verse now its time for me to stay still and let him work on every aspect in my life because God has a great plan coming soon from me. I know that God is with me but i’m just not letting him act because of my selfish need. Thanks Mark now i’m ready to let go of my trouble stop to find solutions for my separation with my wife, my finances, and all my worries i want the waves to come to me i’m standing still now……… Say a prayer for me and may God bless you and your familly for keeping my faith alive was crying today all morning and i saw this on facebook. Thanks Mark

  8. Kathi permalink

    I read this scripture and read it again and accept that I already have His understanding, I already have His love, I already have Him, then I find my thoughts wandering to other things and I feel guilty that I’m not concentrating enough on Him. Other things come along and take my focus away from Jesus, yet I always feel his presence I always know he’s there. Thanks Mark for bringing these scriptures to life.

  9. Praise God Rev. Brown! That was my first thought in reading that scripture passage. So often we get into ourselves, striving to do “good” things to please God out of a sincere desire to serve Him, that we forget that He is our LIFE and LIGHT alone. No good thing can come out of the flesh. We are His workmanship! He does the work in us by the power of His Spirit. All we have to do is trust and obey.

  10. Sara Sue permalink

    As I was reading your comments, Mark, I began to get concerned until you were able to share the “secret” of God’s grace which is that He has loved us, He is loving us, and once we know Him, He will always love us which releases us from working so hard. Instead, His love frees us to respond in love back to Him. He waits for that response so patiently. So, instead of all the “trying to be good”, it is so important to “be still and know that I am God”. Knowing Him is empowering……….

  11. Sam Assefa permalink

    What a beautiful passage and teaching, Rev Mark. I love the analogy with the beach and standing still and letting the water come to us. By standing still, I get reminded that it’s only the will that we should have and God will do the rest. I love this and this message couldn’t have come at a better time. God bless you Rev. Mark.

  12. thank you rev mark it is the way i want to be god is everything to me and i love him he is my hero rev mark i love it and it could not have come at a better time in my life god bless you keep gods word going love and prayers cecil and jason the burdette boy’s

  13. Victor Perry permalink

    Dear Mark I thank you for what you do…..I’ve been recovering from alcoholism and have admitted that I am an alcoholic…Since I have my life has been getting awhole lot better..I turn my life and my will over to God every day and since I have my life hasn’t been in such turmoil..I’m a member of alcoholics anonymous sober now for almost 14 yrs…I thank God every day for this fellowship and the people in it…It’s the best thing I could have ever done..I have problems but today I don’t have to deal with them on my own anymore…thank you and God bless

  14. Stephanie permalink

    WOW!!! This is amazing… after reading the scripture, I read your take on it. That is exactly how I feel but have not been able to put into words. I have had a “hunger” to just be consumed by God and struggling because I don’t know how to feel fulfilled. When I am in a religious situation (ex. church or conference) I am at such piece and a warmth that feels so right. I feel more confident and not alone. But I can’t find that in the every day world. It is frustrating that I can’t. I seem to be more anxious, crabby and irritated with every day life things. So much I want God to be active in my life. I want it to be all about him. I want to have the faith of the mustard seed and not have any worries or doubts and trying to do things on my own because I am afraid that he wont take care of everything for me. I feel as if I am holding my breath.
    How do you get to that point where you can totally turn everything over to him, not have any doubts and actually be able to breathe easy?

  15. Alli permalink

    This was a real blessing Rev. Mark Brown! Easier said than done indeed. I have recently decided to let go and let God. It really isn’t easy at all, but it is best. Only if God is in TOTAL control can we expect to live for Him and prosper.

  16. Patsy Bond permalink


  17. Carlene permalink

    This was a wonderful passage. Seem to fit right in with what I needed today. Praise God. thanku.

  18. Greg permalink

    I can appreciate your desire… taking the restrictions off of a relationship with God… I’m not sure I agree with ‘waiting for the tide to come in’ thought though. I’ve been through that cycle more than once. Receiving a promise and then waiting until it showed up… waiting… waiting… then the Lord would show me the parable of the guy who had no bread and went to his friend at midnight to borrow some so he could feed the company that just showed up at his house. As Jesus said, ‘Though he wouldn’t rise to give him because he was his friend, because of his persistence, he rose and gave him as much as he needed.” Also what was written in Proverbs about obtaining wisdom and understanding Pr 2… so perhaps it’s not as much waiting for the tide to come in as it is Elijah praying and waiting on the Lord to bring the rain!

  19. Your analogy of standing on the beach and trying to pull the waters to you, is much like the way I feel. Only I have it pictured like a father trying wash the mud, crud, and grime off of his poor child who’s fallen into a sess pool. While the father is doing His best to wash the child, the child keeps trying to reach for the sprayer and getting tangled up in the hose. The child with her (my) best intentions, is only wanting the refreshing cleansing so badly that it seems it can’t be done fast enough. But in struggling to hurry the process, the Father’s hands are bound and the process is delayed. The child only needs to Trust that the Father knows what is needed and how it needs to be done. Then, the child can “stand still and see (the salvation of the Lord”) that the Father is there, He does know what a mess we’ve gotten ourselves (myself) into, and He desires that we (I) be clean, more than we, ourselves, are capable of desiring to be clean. Then, the cleansing process is a Joy to the Father and a comfort to the child.
    Like every other person who responded to this passage and your reflections on it, It came at just the time I was prepared to hear AND Receive it!
    Thank you and God bless you and this ministry!

  20. dorthy porter permalink

    I really needed this today.I have never needed to give all my worries,heartache to God as I have felt today.Just before Jesus died on the cross he comended his soul to the Father.I have been a christain along time.I visit my Father in heaven daily.Jesus is the Lord of my Life.Still I have been trying to solve my own life problems and my families.I ask God to make my life whole recently.He is taking out things ,people out,changing situations,reveling hidden areas that needed changed.At times I do not want to pull out of bed to see what the new day brings.Still I do,every morning I go to the woods to pray.If God had not sent a messenger Angel to me to tell we not to worry to trust God recently.Sometimes I feel like a female Job.I will trust my God with everything in my life.One day I will be rewarded for my faithfulness.I do not face any day with out the full armor of God on.The enemy satan would love to take me out.I run into my Gods arms daily.He is always there.He will never leave us or forsake us.

  21. Thank you Rev Mark for such a wonderful passage of scripture (119: 33-41). The Holy Spirit is opening up my eyes to the truth of the Word of God and I love it!!. I appreciate the time you take to share your heart and the Word with everyone. Please, please, please keep it coming. We need more men of God like you.

    Have a good and godly day, for what lasting value is a good day if it is not also a godly day.

    Janine A.

  22. Kelly permalink

    Awesome … and WOW I feel as if Stephanie took the words from my own thoughts… I hunger for Gods presence and love. I’m always wanting to be better and let his love and light shine through me but feeling so unfulfilled. I feel that because Im a constant sinner that God is a discipling harsh God and I cant quite feel his presence, I feel as if I keep disappointing him….
    I see from your reflections on the above passage I should let it all go and let him and his presence come over me.
    Thanks and God Bless

  23. Shelby permalink

    wow this passae actually opened my eyes with what i have been struggling with. I learned that if you actually take a step back and relax, God will act in your life no matter what he acts through,a person or maybe even ourselves..With what i have been going through the past month or so, God has shown me many things and the kind of person that he wants me to be and has also shown me the real people he wants in my life, not just according to me but to him too. I always have faith and trust in him, without those things i dont know how our world would be today, but keep praising and God and keep thanking him for the good lives we have today:)

  24. Ethan Skinner permalink

    I went to wednesday night church and we were talking about stuff like this. This is pretty AMAZING!!!!! God is so great and he really knows how to get people’s attention when he wants it. I have a prayer for whomever reads this please. I have a friend that mom is mistreating her greatly and she wont even go see her own daughter being baptized. Her daughter just got over cutting and other temptations through God’s GREAT power but her mom still doesn’t care about it. And i have a friend that needs God to heal her heart she has had a VERYYY rough past and needs God to heal her heart with his pure love.
    Thank you to all that read this!!!
    God bless

    • Michael Cook permalink

      Ethan I don’t know if you will see this, but I just wanted you to know I have seen your post and will pray with you about your friends. I hope, and pray that they will receive from the Lord exactly what is needed in this time.

      You are a true friend! God Bless You richly for loving your friends.

  25. krissi permalink

    May Jesus bless you richly for all those you bring to Him…..keep it real

  26. I’ve been a Christian for quite some time now and everyday is a struggle to live the Christian life when you know others around you (especially unbelievers or half-hearted believers) are watching you ready to pounce on anything you do wrong in this life. With each day it is like climbing a hill filled with banana peels and with each step forward, the striving we do to be more like Christ, sometimes the temptations we feel from day to day force us back three steps. Only through consistent and unceasing prayer, faith, trust, and hope in our Lord and Savior can we persevere and continue the journey though the road is tough. The world once hated Christ (and still does) because He came to this earth to identify with humanity, teach us His ways, and give us that better way we constantly seek, and if the world hates Him, we are most certainly going to experience strife as we journey this world in His name. May all who continue to work in the Lord be blessed with His promises despite what man may do to you. Keep up the good work He has for you.

  27. Angel permalink

    God has been great to me thus far in my life and i want to thank HIM. I LOVE U JESUS

  28. Jodi permalink

    It just solidifies the conclusion I came to regarding astruggle I’ve been having for a long time. It shows that God is able to turn my eyes away from worthless things!

  29. amala tom permalink

    totally gone…. i want u lord!!! i need u so badly in my life.. please come jesus… praise u lord.. praise u jesus.. be with me oh lord.. guide me thro’… lead me thro’ ur path.!! please pray 4 my spritual life… needed a balance in my life. cant withstand this world… i hate this world..

  30. A great PRAYER: Psalm 119: 33-41!

    A greater ANSWER is also given with the “key” to all of God’s secrets, viz.: Christ himself (Col. 2: 2-3) who, contrary to conventional Christian wisdom, is knowable firsthand and personally as per following Scriptures:

    1) Promised (Jer. 31: 31-34);
    2) Initiated/thrice introduced (John 1: 35-51);
    3) Developed in stages (Ibid, 2:19; 3: 1-21; 7: 37-39; 8: 21-28; 10: 17-18, 37-38; 12: 20-36; 14: 15-21; 16; 17) and
    4) Finalized in the CAUSE and EFFECTS of the perfect and diacritical (transfigurative) death of Jesus Christ on the cross, i.e., the “tree of life” (John 19: 30-37).

    You do not want to miss “looking at him whom they pierced”! (Ibid, 19:37)
    For detailed APPRECIATION, see Rev. 5.

    No lip-service wanted. Personal EXPERIENCE is required for validation and full enjoyment!


  31. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Wow , The scripture reading today was so powerful and so were the comments written by my brothers and sisters in Christ. I guess we all are struggling with the same thoughts. God just calls us to surrender every aspect of our life to him and at times it seems so hard. The reading today really touch alot of people. That is why ,as Christian we should immerse ourself in the word of God. He has so much to tell us that will help us and encourage us to be still and wait on him. If we only listen….. Let’s not give up.. let’s look up to the one that has the world in the palm of his hand. Love you LORD

  32. tim evans permalink

    very powerful!! to understand these verses and know i can be still and let God do His work in me as i seek him. instead of thinking i have to be struggling to find Him. HE is here. it gave me that wow thing too. awesome stuff

  33. Wow. I like the analogy of the father cleaning the small child, who won’t be still long enough to get cleaned.

  34. Hi Rev Mark,
    Thank you for this one! It is exactly how I have been feeling the last couple of days. I hunger for more of Jesus. I want to have His Word flow through my vains like the blood in my body, if someone accidently or on purpose cuts me, the Word must flow freely…

    God is my creator, and therefor I should reflect characteristics of my Creator! People do not even need to turn me upside down to look for the creators signature at the bottom, they should know by just looking at me who my Creator is!

    May God bless you on your journey! And may you find peace! (Peace – to be silent, rest. To be Astonished!)

    • Michael Cook permalink

      Marueen, I was watching a little boy walk with his father the other day. It was really something to see. The little boy was maybe 18 months old so he hasn’t been walking for that long. But he walked just like his daddy. One more is I have a half brother. He did not grow up with our Dad in his life. A few years ago, I saw my brother. The funny thing was he walked like our dad and even had a our dad’s mannerisms. He even sounded like him. My point is this, if God is our Father, through the New Birth, then we cannot help but bear characteristics of our Father. Even without you saying what you are people will be able to see your father in you no matter where you are. I am so thankful that God has given us the new birth through Jesus! Praise Him!

  35. Bibian Kayungwa permalink

    What can I say to this? AMEN!!!! I thank God for you Rev Brown. This is very inspiring. It is my prayer that i will be totally dependent on God.
    Keep up the Spirit.

  36. I’ve been going through a crazy time and i was strengthening myself without GOD’S help. from now on I’ll depend upon GOD completely.
    I’ve lost 2 of my friends in a road accident they are only 17yrs . and i really wonder why this just happened. May God be with there families.please

    thank u Mark.

  37. Shirley permalink

    Dear Mark thank you so much your word is confirmation of what God is working on in me. We need to surrender, and when we think we have we need to surrender more. God bless you and thank you for sharing your love of the Lord.

  38. Chris permalink

    I constantly struggle with “over-controlling” my walk with God. Like many it’s hard for me to just let the reigns go. Once we do give all our decisions, worries, and direction to God peace blankets us. Trying to “bring the waves to us” is frustrating, but trusting that God is the way and will provide and guide results in tranquility and true quality of life.

    Thank you Mark for the devotion
    God bless

  39. Marquis permalink

    I thank you Rev. Mark for the Word you are spreading. In this passage, I feel that it is, in a sense, saying die to self (flesh), which is one of the things that I think is one of my biggest problems. I am a college student who sees alot of temptation that attempt to make me stray from the path that God has set for me. But when I stop for a second and ask for strength, I feel that I am given the power to resist the things that I know I need not do. Sometimes it seems that the more I resist, the things come to tempt. I think that’s just telling me that I’m doing something right 🙂 Thank you Rev. Mark and please continue to spread the good Word. May God Bless you.

  40. These words have been very comforting to me. My husband has left me for another woman. Instead of admitting that’s why he left, he has made up EVERY excuse and/or lie under the sun. Of course, I’m the blame for every for all of it. I’ve never seen a person who professes to be a Christian (reads the Bible every morning, prays before every meal, tithes all earnings) tell so many lies, but blames me for his feelings of not being blessed. He even had the nerve to introduce her to his parents, and we are still married.

    When I read this passage, it just confirmed my desire to keep praying for healing. I no longer pray for husband to return to me. I do pray for God to bring all of lies out in the open, and force him come face to face with what he’s done, and understand that he can’t cram his decisions down everyone’s throat. I also pray for his salvation.

  41. It is easy to say and think it, but hard to put it to work in your heart. I always say that life is as hard as you make, following Gods word is as hard as one makes it. Temptation will come, but one decides how hard it is for them to call on Gods name to deliver them from this temptation. I am learning this myself.
    Thank You, God Bless,
    Kevin Carlie

  42. Gena Rambo permalink

    I have learned if you obey and worship he will show his favor in you. By standing still, but connecting spiritually he will reflect in your comings and goings. Oh how gracious I am to be able to serve a God like him. Through his son Jesus Christ I know that anything is possible. Never count him out for he is still with us. No matter what the circumstance or tribulation God can bring you out. Stay prayerful, also speak and seek his word for he will SHOW UP, AND SHOW OUT. AMEN

    Thank you all for your wonderful words of inspiration.

  43. One thing I KNOW for a certainty is Without Him I am NOTHING and can do NOTHING! Isn’t it great, that we do not have to rely on ourselves to walk this Journey!

  44. Sometimes I`m trying to earn Gods Love, but then when I think about God I see that He wants to be part of my life, He wants my life and then I praise Him!
    When things don`t go right in my life I know that he know`s what He is doing. I know He has the most better thing for me and I only need to wait, to search, to listen….
    Lord can do anything `cause He made it all… Praise God!

  45. Caroline permalink

    So Im up and I saved this prayer a while ago when it was posted Mark. I am inspired. I was baptized a couple of yrs ago. From then on I would fall but def get up. I am 30yrs old always living a life of why’s. My last relationship took a toll on me but it brought me to stop drinking,smoking and living in sin. I made a promise to my Father I would wait for a husband now. So I made a promise to keep pure and that I have. But it doesnt not stop me from thoughts and other things. I def feel like I have so much to learn from my Father. I get angry and its not slow. I curse and I hate that I do but it comes out even if I pray for a guard around my mouth. I was ggod for a while not cursing but then it started again and I didnt even realize it until someone said I have a bad mouth. I slipped on drinking maybe 3-4 times I stop smoking ciggs 5 months ago cause I felt like that was a big part of my blocking any blessing plus my body is not mine so that really stop me and I know from the grace of God that he help me through all my habbits. Some ppl tell me I need to drink to relax me or I need to have sex but I refuse to let that happen. I made a promise to my Father above. I just want to do his will. I am sad cause I am 30 single no kids and living home with my mother and have no income and my parents some how are on my credit so that doesnt help me at all. But for yrs Ive been declaring a house and I dont know maybe God is not having any of that in his plan for me as sad as that makes me I still will follow. My dad left home and he is living in big time sin and always has it hurts cause I didnt understand why God mad him my dad if he was only going to leave us and hurt us in so many ways. So I ask for pray not Im going to pray for you and forget. I make that a goal that if I tell someone I am going to pray for them I follow through. I thank you for posting this prayer.

    • Blessings sister, the fact that you are 30 years old, single, with no kids, no job and you still live with your Mom, because your Dad leave you…does not determine your future at all, I think, you´re forgetting about one of the main laws of God, He is omnipresent, giving you His company through the Holy Spirit, giving you comfort, peace, love, strength, and His loving hug just for you, so, He is with you, He is just waiting for you to see that not everything is your fault, not everything is your Dad´s fault, or your Mom´s.

      There´s not only a purpose in your life by God, there´s also a close relationship with Him that will get you where you want, because He also wants that, that you have dreams…to fulfill…so dream big dreams, and start doing what´s possible…God will do the impossible…He is with you…don´t doubt it.


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