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Good News if you are Struggling – Luke 6:20

November 17, 2009

Luke 6:20: And turning His gaze toward His disciples, He began to say, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

A huge part of my journey deeper into God’s Word has been getting behind the english translations and reading the greek or the Hebrew.  And quite often I am blown away by what I discover.  In this first part of the Beatitudes (which means blessed or happy) Jesus states that the poor are blessed as the kingdom of God is theirs.  And when I checked out the greek I discovered that ‘blessed’ (makarios) is not just about being happy, but about receiving God’s favour, getting special attention and treatment from God.  I found out that ‘poor’ (Ptochos) refers to not only being materially poor, or not having money, but also spiritually poor, so those struggling with their faith.  And then I discovered that ‘kingdom’ (basileia) is Kingly power and authority.

So Luke 6:20 is saying that those who are struggling with their faith and those who are without money or work will receive power and authority from Jesus to deal with the massive challenges in their life.


Jesus power and authority are available to those who are struggling.  If you are struggling, pause now, and invite Jesus into your heart and request the power and authority that comes from God.  The promise is clear!

I praise you Jesus!  Wow!!

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

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  1. paul cassagnol permalink

    Whatever u are lacking seek ye the kingdom heaven and all things shall be added ,and it is especially true for those who are suffering many afflications.The word boldy states the kingdom of haven belongs to thoses who are experiencing poverty[what ever happen to the ministries helping the least and the lest] We are to stand firmly on his word.By calling out it to Jesus it ushers in the presence ,authority and power of GOD.{I SHALL SEND A HELPER THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH}

  2. this emphasises God’s love for his children

  3. Karen R. permalink

    Thanks a lot for the translation! It’s good to know that struggling in my faith isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve been doing it on and off for almost 2 years. 🙂

  4. Patsy Bond permalink

    to be able to understand all of the translations of the bible would be awesome. I can barley understand the NIV translation. God Bless and have a great day.

    • ASk God,for understanding,knowledge,wisdom,he will give it to you for you could understand his word,once he gives it to you,your gonna love it and relate to it,God bless you.

  5. Bill Packard permalink

    Another view for this verse is that we need to become poor in order to become rich. God needs us to impoverish ourselves of the things in our hearts that are competing with Him for our complete love. Then God will pour out all his spiritual riches on us. Blessings upon blessings. Think of the rich young man who could not follow Jesus because he would not part himself from the love for his riches (Luke 18:18-30)

  6. dorthy porter permalink

    Last January I ask God for something.I ask if I could have wisdom and understanding of his word the Bible.I desired to please him with every fiber of my body.He took me to where I was finacially poor,total trust in God even for my daily bread was part of my walk by faith.I also had to learn to be humble.I have saw this past year how God has reconstructed my walk, the way I think,the way I talk.Some where along the way I developed a personal relationship with my heavenly father.I am still learning daily,what I learn I share.I am a warrior for the cross who lives a dynamic,Holy Spirit filled life.I have learned about the keys to the kingdom of God that Jesus spoke about in Matt.16:19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven,and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.These keys are given to us when we except Jesus into our life.Next while choosing to believe in the Holy Spirits readiness to actuate their unleasing,unlimited power today to do battle for God.When enough christains get on fire for God we can win souls for God.The things of this earth will pass away.It is not how important we are right now ,or how much money we have ,it is are we doing Gods will for our life.I walk with favor with God.Here is some examples,I am a Artist for God my paints never run dry,I have thousands of bottles of paint,I never buy them people just give them to me.I have two aids schools in Africa,I just ask God recently to give me money to ship Christmas to them,I went to work, a check that was needed was supplied that very day,I do public speaking ,I ask my heavenly father to take me shopping,I went to the mall ,I could not afford the nice clothes that was needed just before last Easter, I showed God what I liked,the next weekend my daughter had purchased at Goodwill two of the outfits for three dollars each,I also needed a gown for a dinner that I was speaking at,for another three dollars ,a gown still in plastic from the bridal shop was mine from this goodwill.The other two outfits had Dillards tags still on them.Favor was even gave to my daughter ,she told the sales lady what she needed them for.The lady had put them back for someone special she told my daughter they where for me.Everywhere I went for two weeks I recieved beautiful clothes for free,shoes,purses and perfume also.I have thanked my heavenly father for clothing me like a princess this past year.Our Father in heaven is more than capable to supply our needs.I may not live in a mansion on this earth but my Father in Heaven has mine ready in heaven.I also have a heavenly robe waiting for me just my size.

    • Teresa permalink

      Thank You for posting that…it was beautiful. I too am an artist and have a similiar story. But WOW you just touched my heart.

    • bertha chavira permalink

      i think this is so cool i used to have alot of money but i broke my car so i couldnt go shopping but for this past year and most of the half my dad has been BLESSED he be finding clothes everywhere in town where people angels just be leaving them name brand clothes even though i will wear anything i am just so BLESSED to meet you cause our story is the same JEHOVAH GOD AND HOLY BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL JESUS CHRIST PROVIDES us the same free clothes and shoes and perfum my friend’s little girl packed me a nice bag of makeup and perfumes and my other friend brought me soaps and clothes and everything i needed so yes this is true JEHOVAH GOD AND JESUS CHRIST DO PROVIDE JUST ASK, AND DON’T FORGET TO SHARE ALONG THE WAY THANKS MR B AND FAMILY DAUGHTER AND WIFE AND WORKERS

    • Maria Storie permalink

      God always takes care of the needs of his children. You are blessed! God loves you and will always take care of you.
      God bless you and keep,

    • May God keep on blessing,you,your family,I was moved by your testimony,we over come by eachother testimony.

    • Dorothy
      Oh so true. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Kiko permalink

    It’s really refreshing, we don’t need anything from this world. Struggles in life are always there but it is good to know that we have Christ who will support and lift us up in times of our down moment. Mabuhay ka Jesus!

    Thanks for the insight Bro. Mark, your so deep!

  8. Chris permalink

    I am struggling right now materially, yes, however I feel my spirit for God is growing by leaps and bounds every day in a way I never have in the 32 years of my life on this natural world. I always thought I had it, but you just go and go and go until you really know without a doubt that you hit the top level you can and then you just work up within that level. You have to hit your level first, and that level is being face to face with God in His Light. I pray for recovery every day as I am facing many hardships in life right now, and although they may pale in comparison to many others, I am struggling all the same. As mentioned though, I pray for growth of my relationship with God every day. It is to have fear of the Lord that you begin your relationship with Him. God Bless and May He be with you and yours!

    • Susanna Liew permalink

      Let His love surrounds you and gives you strength. God bless you Chris!

  9. Teresa permalink

    ” My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses,so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Cor. 12:9-10

  10. Darrell permalink

    NO! NO! NO! I surely hope you just didn’t fall into the prosperity Gospel! What about all the verses that say there will be temptations, trials and tribulations.

    And please tell us what verse says to, “ask Jesus in your heart.” I think it says to, repent and trust.

  11. cielo permalink

    Awesome!..our God is an awesome God…Amen!

  12. rebekah permalink

    thank you and Amen

  13. I just want to say me and my mom read the bible everyone morning

  14. tracy permalink

    we have to trust god before we can let god take control of our lives.. god does such wonderfull things and no one gives him the glory and praise. i give god the glory and praise for everything cause without him i am nothing and with god all things are possiable..

  15. Lydia Reyes permalink

    It is so wonderful to get feedback from so many people that love the Lord. The sharing from you, Mark and all my brothers and sisters in Christ are so uplifting to my soul. I once met a missionary who spent time in the poorest part of Africa. She told me that the people had no material wealth but they were the happiest people she had ever met. They were happy because they had Jesus to rely on. 1peter:9 says we are God’s chosen race, a royal priesthood a people of his own, so that you may announce the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Now that’s the poor we should look to achieve. May all of us be guided by the holy spirit to look for the real riches that only come from GOD. AMEN

  16. I just wanted to say thank you for this timely verse that comes in an era where many are struggling and out of work. May the grace of God always be with them in their journey upon this earth that they will find the peace He has to offer in their lives and grab hold of and accept His promises.

  17. lucy permalink

    I thanks be to GOD, am bless with all the blessings and encouraging words u have wrong. yesterday (16/11/2009) i needed 11000kshs to pay loan and GOD provided

  18. Monica permalink

    Beautiful testimonies. I am touched and moved by them all. These are the things that help to make life-changing events into the lives of unsaved. Let us focus on His word amd allow Him to use us to bring the world a little closer to Him.

    Blessings always.

  19. Susanna Liew permalink

    Thank you for His Word that constantly speaks into my heart. Only God alone can heals our troubled soul. Let us continue to trust Him and seek His face.
    Have been through a lot and I thank God for giving me the strength to carry on.
    Through all the circumstances, God has taught me to rely on Him and to trust Him even more. I will praise Him all the day of my life. To God be the glory!

  20. Gina B. Dykeman permalink

    I was touched, more like moved by all the stories shared on here. Thank You for all your Encouraging Stories of how God Met the Needs in your life and how God even cares about the littlest things that we care about. I have been struggeling in my Faith Walk and this helped me get a Better Perspective On things. Thank You and God Bless Each and Everyone. I Am Thankful for Ea. and Everyone of you. : )

  21. God is good all the time and all the time god is good. The word of God is so inspiring and uplifting. We are not perfect the flesh is weak and the struggle (poverty) in gettin to know God and be like him is difficult, but what i loved most about this is the translation of this poverty of gettin to know God and the struggle to keep the faith. God knows us all and he knows our hearts and he knows we who are sincere. i myself sometimes linger and falter in my daily duty to serve the lord but it iis great to know that the Lord our God is here for us the materialistic things we may not possess on earth will seurely be ours in heaven. I love you Lord and thank you For loving me

  22. Pam permalink

    Too often I don’t take the time to read your blogs every day. I do save for a quiet time during the week. Today I was going to “save” for later but was really pressured to read. I have been so overwhelmed lately and your msg has given me back some hope. I really have not been struggling with my faith – just my faith in myself to overcome. I am once again going to reach towards God for the power and authority to overcome this feeling of angst. Thank you so much for your time and words.

  23. Srijon Rangsa permalink

    My wife and I are suffering from sickness. May need to go under operation. We need your prayer so that God made us recovery and we can thank our God Almighty. We need your strong prayer and support…Praise the Lord.

  24. Is their anyone that is not yet convinced that God has called our generation into judgement because of how we live today. I mean the corruption has even overtaken many of our churches. While there are several churches shutting down, some seam to refuse and still teach their flocks that God is not angry with us right now. But according to scripture, here we are. Not trying to blast on churches but the signs are pretty darn hard to ignore. Should we not ask ourselves if God really comes first. What was the first thing we did this morning when we got up out of bed. And would we really sacrifice whatever it was that God told us to let go of no matter what it was. Be very careful for many are already being tested in this way and are failing badly. I have a street ministry and wow how many have turned away from God because of adversity. But, let us not judge. He says we will all now be tested in these kind of ways. Stay strong in faith. Remember, don’t pray this get removed from us, but that we all have the strenght to endure what he is doing with us to turn us back.

    Love you all,
    Mike H

  25. benoit kihumbu permalink

    I thanks the Lord for everything he’s doing in my life right now. Talking about beeing tested my wife left me it has been 5 month now. She decided to move back to a different state with our five years old daugther i let her go without a fight when she was leaving i told her that would be the proof of my love to her. Anyways i have been a christian all my life but i will tell you all this since she left everything have been going down the hill. My car broke down i had to walk to go to work had to catch rides to go to school, for my master degree, cant catch up with the bills she left me and the current once. Only see my daughter for a dy and a half……… but when i look t the way i was leading my life has beeng a christian and knowing the power of God it was a total mess. What is going on now for me its maybe one of the biggest test in my life. You can correct me if im wrong but truly it was God calling me since she left i have been hungry to read my bible that i stored in one of the old bag i had at the house. I’m definatly getting back n track with my faith i was totally lost and God showed me that im nothing without him by my side. I cant beieve how many times a day i’m praying now days i really thank God for tis calling it was really about time i get back in my old ways and believe that God is power and nothing can happen to any bodys life if he doesnt allow it!!! I’m going to close this by asking each of anyone of you that read this to join me in praying for my familly. Yes its true i love my wife and kid very much and i wnt us to work but at this moment only God can touch her heart and destroy those walls she has build in her heart toward me. Thanks everyone and God bless you all. Thanks Mark for this website it is full of wisdom keep it up please God bless you.

  26. Beth permalink

    We are truely blessed to be able to hear and listen to GOD’S word and be able to understand it! Thank GOD for giving up HIS only SON Dear JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR Who lived, died, and rose up into heaven for us so that we may be able to know and believe in GOD’s word and Almighty power, so that our hearts may be forgiven from sin, and so that we may forever be saved in the Kingdom of GOD. Aleluia to Dear LORD GOD our Heavinly FATHER and to Dear JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR. May GOD bless you all. Amen.

  27. milanie permalink

    its been years struggling about our church and the leaders is this right or need to transfer to other church.. well now I am waiting for god timing.thanks for the words get deeper in my understanding.

  28. Yes you are true… I don`t have work, I don`t have money, but I have Jesus Christ in my heart! Blessed be Your name Lord!

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