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Beautiful Prayer – Luke 6:12-16

November 15, 2009

Luke 6:12-16: One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night. At daybreak he called together all of his disciples and chose twelve of them to be apostles. Here are their names: Simon (whom he named Peter), Andrew (Peter’s brother), James,  John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James (son of Alphaeus), Simon (who was called the zealot), Judas (son of James), Judas Iscariot (who later betrayed him).

Recently on the Bible and Praying People pages on Facebook I invited people to submit their prayer requests, I offered to pray for people and also encouraged others to pray.  Literally thousands of prayers were expressed and even now, a day or so later, prayers are still being posted.  As I prayed the prayer requests I found myself deeply moved, sometimes to tears at how challenging life is for some.  I know God hears prayers as Mark 11: 24 states, ‘Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.’.  It is a privilege and an honour to pray for people.

And then I read this amazing passage where Jesus heads out to a remote, quiet place up a mountain and prays all night.  All night!  No quick prayer on the way to wherever..  but Jesus finds a quiet place and forgoes sleep so He can spend time with His Father in prayer.  Jesus did this as He had a big decision to make, the appointment of the 12 apostles.

I have a big decision coming up: what to do when I finish as Chief Executive of Bible Society New Zealand in March?  And this passage really, really challenges me.  I now want to pray all night, to commit to prayer my future plans for I only seek to do God’s will, so it makes sense to seek after God in prayer then.  But as I think about this, I find myself asking practical questions like, how will I stay awake?  What will I pray about?  What will I do the next day??  But I feel very led by this passage and I am going to give it a go!

I will let you know what happens!

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

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  1. Sabrina permalink

    I would like to submit a prayer request. My husband and I are going through a tough time right now. I have recently found out that he has been lying to me and cheating on me. Being unfaithful is something that I am having a hard time with. He is now unsure of us, our marriage, and our family (we have an 11 month old son). Please pray for us, for my strength and guidance, for my husband to seek the truth and to make the right decision and the right choice. He is not following God’s path and he needs guidance.

    Thank you so much

    • Trina Riepe permalink

      Oh Sabrina, my heart aches for you. I’m walking in shoes very similar to yours and I can only say that I have never known such pain. You must be hurting so much, feeling betrayed, confused, and fearful. All I can tell you is that we have to cling to Christ…not our FEELINGS, as real as they are, but to what the word of God says. Hold fast to Him and offer every last hurt to your Saviour who knows betrayal beyond what we can only imagine! Pray for your husband, pray for his relationship with God, that he might desire to live a life of self-sacrifice, loving you as Christ loves the church, and pleasing the Lord with his thoughts and actions. Pray that you can forgive him, “but for the grace of God, there go I” . Show him Christ in you, love him deeper than you ever have by caring most about his soul.
      Sabrina, I know you hurt! It is a terrible, terrible betrayal, a sin that is more against God than you but affects you on every level! I will pray for you and for your husband! Seek counsel, ask your pastor to pray for you and for him. Pray! Take your pain to God every time your mind takes you to it, even in the darkness of night. Read some of the Psalms, it helps to see that others have experienced some of the same emotions we have and poured their hearts out to God. I’m so terribly sorry that this has happened to you, it is wrong and you didn’t deserve it! May God heal you and mend your marriage, He is a God of miracles! God bless.

    • Antionette permalink

      I know you are very much hurt. God can heal your marriage and make it better than ever before. He did it with mine, and he can do it with yours. Seek God and keep on prayin and do as He is telling you and you will be astonished. Give Him all the praise. He told me that He is the beholder of marriages. He hates divorse. He gave me almost “superpowers” to see things and do things that I have never done or was able before. He can do it, if you trust Him!

  2. Samantha permalink

    The Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you in all truth. He will give you encouragement, inspiration, wisdom and strength. Do not pre-think what to say to our Father because he already knows what you are trying to say to Him. Just think of your time sitting up talking with your earthly father. You will be amazed and he does respond. Just trust and believe and he’s waiting to guide you….

  3. Please pray for our Grandson Levi, He will be leaving for Payh FOR troubled boys, he is with the wrong crowd and does`T know how to say NO to them, Prayfor him to get through the night without getting into trouble.
    We leave in the morning for Ga, where he will go to the youth home, He`s a good boy, but lost and trying to find his way in all the wrong places.
    PLEASE!!!!!!!!! pray for himtonight and tomorrow and Monaday, tueaday, It is a tough job going this and Praying all through the night. \God BLESS \Linda and Alan

  4. Amber permalink

    God will give you the kind of stimulation that you need to withstand the night if you truly keep your faith in God alive.

    • Thank you Amber. My hope and trust is in God alone. I am beaten down now with fighting for over a year. God help me.

      • Rev. Judith Mariano, Ph.D permalink

        Remember, the fight belongs to God. We are to trust and rest in his peace.

  5. The devil is attacking me fiercely right now. Please pray for God’s hand to intervene for me. Thank you.

    • Mandy permalink

      Donna keep talking the word of Jesus every min the blood of jesus christ will wash away all the problems you are facing and ask the good lord to make you a woman of faith. God Bless You

      Lord Jesus i pray that Donna finds peace in her life and do not let the devil win lets shame the devil as we all belong to you Jesus name lord Amen.

    • Dear Donna Dear sister in Christ i pray fervently to our Lord Our Savior to put a hedge of protection over you, for all the angels with the largest wings to come and protect you!!!! Cling to the Word of Christ and repeat God’s word back over and over To the Enemy and then he’ll flee…he always does, he gets scared when we talk scripture back. So don’t give up, lean on Jesus and stay strong in the Lord dear girl!! i’ve had that happen to me, and God always got me through..God is so good! He always is..

      i have a purity ring that has a beautiful quote that i think will comfort you…”If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it” AMEN!!
      stay strong and encouraged and remember this verse dear

      Jeremiah 29:11-14..The Lord has a hope, a future, and a plan for your life..stick close to HIm and the enemy will flee!!

      I am praying for you Donna!

      Blessings always & HUGS!

      In His Love, Jane

  6. It is amazing that we sometimes take the power of prayer for granted.

  7. My oldest son Clinton needs a job , he`s about to lose his car!My youngest son Terry is back using drugs again!My middle son Mark and his wife Rochelle And I aren`t speaking!!We are all believers!

    • Shannon,

      Psalm 19:14 should be read as a group in your family. Then try to spend time in the word as a family.

      ‘Let the words from my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. ‘

  8. Sandy permalink

    i need prayers too!! so badly!! and i needed to read today’s reflection, so touching!! thank you so much, God bless you!

  9. Patricia permalink

    I wish I could pray all night then I know I would have some peace of mind.I wanna start being more focus.

  10. kelli sassman permalink

    God has brought you to this point Rev. Mark and He will see you through it. God only gives you what you can handle and you will handle this night of prayer. I will be praying for you. Keep the Faith. God Bless.

  11. cynthia stafford permalink

    Praying all through the night reminds me of Jesus in the Garden before His execution. His closest friends couldn’t stay awake and pray at the most crucial of times.
    Prayer is very relaxing and sleep will take over. Yet is it we who pray with success or He who does all things?
    Annointing brings results better than prolonged time.
    Faith that the answer is on the way causes time to be placed into the mix.
    Blesssings for annointed prayer and answers

  12. Sam Mekhail permalink

    Thank you Rev Mark, your words are really touching. We spent 16 hours/day to organize our life, but 0 hour/day with our Father. God bless you and bless your mission and you get fruits 30, 60 and 100. God gives you to be like St. Mark who came 2000 years ago to my country Egypt with nothing and changed it from idol worshipping to christian country. The Holy Spirit be upon you and Jesus walk infront of you and the Father in the heaven protect you.God Bless.

  13. Beth permalink

    I pray that GOD may help you to stay awake and focused as you pray all night. Bless your heart and soul for kepping such a strong faith in GOD and for posting up these daily reflections that really do mean a lot to me and my family. Your are in your prayers and so is all my brothers and sisters of the world. May GOD bless you all. AMEN

  14. Barbara permalink

    I have a problem with myself worth. even to the point of self loathing. I pray for deliverence of that evil within. I also ask for a prayer changing my eating habits for the better. In jesus name Amen.

  15. I am so concerned that when I hear preachers they say we have to be perfect in our everyday routine. I am so far from being perfect and at times my mind wonders. But I always come back to my Lord and Savior. When judgement day comes will I be left back. My boyfriend lives out of state and for fives years we have had this long distance relationship. I pray every night that we are brought together soon. May God Bless!!!

  16. I pray that God could give me more patience and love towards the care of HIV positive children. I request you also to uphold me and my wife.

  17. Thank you for your ministry. It is a blessing.

  18. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I know that God will give you the strength to pray as long as you can. As I recall, in the scripture we see that not even the twelve that he chose could not stay up to pray with Jesus before he was going to be crucified. Yet he could have given up on them, but chose to love them and die for them and all humanity. So don’t fret about it, for I know God sees right into your heart. The fact is that you are going to give it your best and the Holy Spirit will take care of the rest. I’ll be keeping you in prayer, my brother. I don’t know if I could stay up all night, but who knows, All Things Are Possible with God. God Bless

  19. Christine permalink

    Please pray for my family in Germany to come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and find good Bible believing Churches.
    The Lord knows the issues surrounding my family and I am ashamed to mention them here in public. Have been praying years and would like others to join me to make a difference and change their destinies from Hell to Heaven. I will be eternally grateful to all of you who pray. Thank you! God bless!

  20. Kelly H permalink

    Please pray for my healing, have been having pain for 2 years and still not know why. Pray God will heal me or give the doctors the wisdom to diagnose me and heal me.

    Thank you.

  21. Joan Baker permalink

    I was also struck in the passage that Jesus prayed “all night”. I had many thoughts about that, first and foremost was that Jesus and the Father had a great relationship, that made it easy to stay awake and talk all night. Jesus also knew the benefit of His Father’s council and involvement in the decision making. Perhaps, He just couldn’t sleep anyway, which might be true for you also. We in our culture of work all day , sleep all night (8 hours), praying all night seems out of our reach yet is it really? Probably not !

    • I am the same way about the Lord.I see Jesus in the garden praying all night with the father. I long for that kind of prayer and the devil knows it.I am a true believer in prayer and I have seen answer ones.Please pray my strengh in the Lord.I am going though alot of attacks inmy home .My husband has backsled from going to church he is an evangelist.WE lost our church 1 year ago because of not enough money to keep it open.My husband had been in this church for years.HE tried to help pay the bills for the church plus we are tithers and we teach our children too.I just dont have all the answers for him but I know with your prays God does.

  22. I’ll pray for you all, for Sabrina, for Donna, and for Barbara….you are all in my prayers tonight..for Barbara…find your self worth in Christ, your identity is in Him, never hate yourself, because you are beautiful, you are a creation of God, and pray to the Lord to help you eat better..He will heal you, just have faith Barbara, maybe also talk to your pastor about your feelings about yourself or to a good friend you can trust in your church, have someone pray over you…You need to surrender this at the feet of Jesus…you need to be delivered!!!! talk to your pastor dear….Many blessings and hugs and Love to you all!!!


    In His Love, Jane

  23. Mark, my prayers are with you that God’s will be done in your life whatever He leads you to do next with your life. Whatever door closes, God already has another open door for you. All you have to do is find that door and walk through it totally trusting in His guidance to see you through. Good luck on your future and your service to our Lord and Savior. God bless.

    Thank you for keeping up your “journey deeper into God’s word” and may you always deliver the message He has for each and every one of us in the future.

  24. Shawn permalink

    Well, thank you to all who I have read on here. It’s an encouragement to see how you truly desire to follow Christ Jesus and sincerely seek Him with all your hearts. God wants us to seek him and speak out to him. ” Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart.” And I’m also reminded of the scripture; “If you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you declares the Lord.”
    I’m learning how to come to God in prayer too. It’s so rewarding to seek God…
    My wife has moved out and she is living with her aunt and family. I am raising our son full time. It is difficult to say the least. I have sinned against God and her. But I have repented and I am earnestly seeking God’s will for my life and my wife’s life! And lately everyday going on my knees praying for her to come back and for our family to be restored. I’m believing God to heal us and restore. Would you please pray too?

  25. Susanna Liew permalink

    Hi Rev Mark, thank you for your sharing and reflection. I am touched and I know the Lord will open the way for you as you continue to seek His face.
    I thank God for your faithfulness in serving Him and pray that you will continue His good work and bring people to the Lord. You don’t know that through this post many souls may have been saved.
    As I read through the praying people’s post last night, my heart was prompted to pray and seek Him. They are many people out there need the Lord like the Samaritan woman at the well.
    I pray that everyone of us will stay firm in our faith as only the Love of Jesus can fill the vacuum of our hearts. God bless us all!

  26. Thankyou hevenly Father for all the prays that has camed forth,we must keep praying and not faint,even when were going thru our firifurnace now is the best time to keep praying,and keep my eyes on you, I ask Lord that you touch the broken marriages,all the families,the chilldren that are getting out of hand,hevenly Father I ask Lord that you touch the family memebers of Abby &and her daughet that didn’t make it out of the fire,I pray Lord that they was saved and if they wasn’t that they called on your name before they died,the little girl had got out of the fire,but she said I have to go save mommy,and they never maid it out, Lord I pray that the family call upon sad to here something like that,Lord the whole entire nation needs you,thankyou Lord for everything,when I go thru goodtimes,and badtimes I’am still gonna praise your name I love you ,and I love all of my new christien family God bless,may he keep all of us in perfect peace.

  27. George R. Bridges permalink

    Pastor Brown I will pray for you tonight that God blesses you with wisdom about how to proceed and strength to obey. I will also pray that God fill you and surround you with his love through it all. God bless you for you have been a blessing to many. Thanks!

  28. ajay permalink


  29. Nicole Woodard permalink

    I pray that my career in modeling Sky Rockets! It’s a tough world out there and yes, there are many others who want to model as well. Some who are even one step ahead of me! I want to be on the right track and get in contact with the right people. I ask that God brings those people in my life so I can do what I truely love to do, Model! I would also like to become financially stable. Living from paycheck to paycheck is a challenge every 2 weeks. I found myself praying awhile back also about becoming Rich. Then I said “Wait a minute!” not only do I want to be wealthy, I want to become “Rich and Wealthy in God first and then comes the wealth! ” I want to be happy and rich. Some people are miserable and money isn’t everything. Money can make you or break you. I just wish that I could help out myself more and others in need. I would even start a charity for the poor. I believe and recieve in my prayer today! Thank you Jesus! My blessing is on the way! In Jesus name we pray…AMEN!!

  30. MARILYNN permalink

    Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow Praise Father, Praise Son Praise Holy Ghost. You will be able to stay up because your mind is on Him who is able to do anything that you could ever think of and seek. He will help you and I am gonna go beyond these prayer request and assign some soldiers here my attempt is give you some help and release, as you are gonna need to do some soldier assignments so that you too can get what you deserve therefore just here there is too much for you alone so I’m asking Jane K to cover Sabrina & Trina in your prayers daily and whenever you pray, Pray that God works a miracle in thie husbands lives, and that thier soul is tight and forcused.Patricia cover Sandy and Jane.
    Barbara continue to cover Chris and David Sanj is yours George this is what we are to do for each other the Lord told us we have dominion over this earth realm. Remember that the Earth’s is the Lord and the fullness there of. when we yield to him we become a part of him and he us. Ladies and gents we are children of a most high and holy GOD we are to occupy until he comes. cover yourself beginning now. cast your cares upon him for he loves you and lean not remember to your own pastor brown some assisstance as he needs it starting now.and let us labor togetherso that we will all meet on that day and I might not rise with you but I will meet o on the way up. I’ll cover all of you here and will contue todo so until I get an answeref prayer.

  31. MARILYNN permalink

    Pastor Brown i trust i haven’t stepped out of my place with your ministry here and if I have I surrender to your obedience and apologize for interferring. I got your letter while you were on vacation to volunteer and cover some of the prayer requests and I didn’t reply as I am a student and didn’t think i would have the time to give the dedication time and having just a few weeks pass lost my baby brother and dearest friend so I realize one needs to remain focused and on the mark when it comes down to this so these soldier assignments may or may not work but i felt led to do it and again I apologize if I steped out of line here.
    Much Peace & Love
    Da Evangelist Marilynn Martin

  32. Kelly permalink

    Please pray for my family. I lost my job after a disability. Now I am struggling to maintain my home from foreclosure on the small unemployment I receive. My child support payments have been interrupted until my ex-husband’s retirement pension is straightened out. I am asking God 2 allow me 2 b financially independent 2 maintain my home & the care of my kids, and clear all my debts especially my recent overdrawn checking account & my car insurance, and continue to support my oldest son with favor who is going thru a medical disability at this time. Thank you.

  33. elodie M. permalink

    hi,rev Mark.This journey deeper into god’s word has been such a blessing to me that i encourage n i bless the Christ in you.Let ur light continue to shine by the Power of The Spirit to bring more souls to the kingdom and also for the revival of the church.

  34. All-night prayers are not for slavish copying!

    The incident shows Jesus in a crisis management as he knew and anticipated the “time” when all the apostles (save one or two) “would be scattered, each one to his own home, leaving him all alone” and abandoning the great cause of his perfect and diacritical death on the cross ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF GOD (John 6: 62-63; 8: 21-28; 14: 15-21; 16: 32-33; 19: 30-37).

  35. Ruth permalink

    Pastor Brown i have a prayer request, the doctors tell us that my mother has canser we have prayed and i believe that GOD has healed mom and the doctors say that they cant do anything for her now so they just have her on these pain pills and all she does is sleep. well now the doctor will be doing tests on mom to see where the canser is and how its doing, I know God has healed mom and these test will show the doctors that she is canser free. Can you pray with us so the test will show what we already know her appontment is on Dec 2nd.

  36. I would like a prayer as regards my decision making. As i am at a point were i need to make a decision that will affect my life profoundly and i would liek to be in God’s will as I make this decision.

  37. Patsy Bond permalink

    Jesus is awesome! I have alot of praises…………I have a Girl Scout Troop that has been handpicked by God…and I am able to pray with them. Not a single one of them thinks we can’t do anything. They get ideas in there head and we pray to God, for the guidence and help of his knowledge and will. When I am in the presence of the faith of a child, it moves my spirit on the inside, and to be able to help them and be with them outside of the church and to express the love of God is amazing. So I want to praise God for all his Glory and Majesity.

  38. I would appreciate a prayer for my nephew and the family. The heart of those in the legal profession to do what is right according to the will of God.

  39. AMALA TOM permalink

    praise the lord!!! ..i wanted to tell something… u knw, i wasnt into jesus before. itz not tat i dont like, but i use to pray god n only during my tough examzs.. but nw i m far from my home in a different state.. here i use to go for fellowships.. nw i wanted to say tat, jesus is my best friend… and i dont want any1 else to heal my wounds… i’ve gone thro’ many hard situations in my college.. ppl use to hate me and see me in other sense… during al those times i will hold the hands of jesus… i use to sit n cry whole day… but he, my healer consoled me… now i can say tat i m more powerful than before…. i love yu jesus.. i accept u as my lord….but now, i m goin thro’ a lil hard time… i dunno.. i m not gettin concentration in anything… even prayers… i dont wanna loose jesus…. dont wanna go away from him…. please please pray 4 my spiritual life and my MBBS studies… so tat i can be a testimony….please pray me….

  40. Donna permalink

    I have a prayer request:

    I recently ended up homeless; I am in a shelter in okc. I am trying my best to find a job. I sometimes lose heart; and grow weiry of nothing happening with my job search; but not giving up. I am asking that you’d stand with me on praying for a job quickly; as I only have 2 more weeks in this shelter before they boot us out if we don’t find work. I have also applied for housing; but I have no clue how long that will take to get.

    Thanks you

  41. Donna,

    I have prayed that you find work for the Kingdom of God! I also pray daily for this wall.

    One word I can give anyone thinking God is tarrying. In my life, God has taken far longer to longer to answer my prayers than I have hoped. But it is *me* not moving to a place to be blessed, not God needing to move closer to me. If you have prayed continually and think you have heard nothing, perhaps you should move closer to His voice and you shall hear Him more clearly.

    Psalm 19:14
    Let the words from my mouth and the meditation from my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and redeemer.

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