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Luke 5:17-26

November 10, 2009

Luke 5:17-26  : One day as he was teaching, Pharisees and teachers of the law, who had come from every village of Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem, were sitting there. And the power of the Lord was present for him to heal the sick. Some men came carrying a paralytic on a mat and tried to take him into the house to lay him before Jesus. When they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” The Pharisees and the teachers of the law began thinking to themselves, “Who is this fellow who speaks blasphemy? Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

Jesus knew what they were thinking and asked, “Why are you thinking these things in your hearts? Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’? But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins….” He said to the paralyzed man, “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” Immediately he stood up in front of them, took what he had been lying on and went home praising God. Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, “We have seen remarkable things today.”

I was chatting to a friend yesterday who shared with me about his family, how his aunties, uncles and cousins have struggled terribly with serious illness, death, and divorce. He asked me the question, ‘Mark how do you encourage people like this to read the Bible?’ Wow that got me thinking.  Then late last night something came to me:

‘How do I encourage people to read the Bible? I become the Bible to those around me. I speak the Bible, the Word being always on my lips. Not quoting chapter and verse, but opportunities and promises.’

In being immersed in the Bible, the words became part of who I am.  They infuse my attitude and my actions. Over time, I don’t so much think, ‘now what is the Biblical approach here?’  I just do it.  But not in my own strength, my own authority, but through Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.  My true authority is only in Jesus, regardless of my titles, degrees or whatever leadership role I might hold.

So that is why I spend so much time every day reading the Bible.  I seek to be immersed in the Word so that it becomes part of my thinking and my actions.  I seek to live the Word, that who I am reflects the love of God.

As my ministry has grown, I receive more and more comments of appreciation.  This is very cool to receive!  But actually I realise that the reason my ministry is growing isn’t me, but God working through me.  For that reason I give praise to God.. I am just a vessel!

To God be all glory, honour and praise!

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

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  1. Amber permalink

    Wonderful! You are not only working for your commitment to God, but also working towards helping people like me see the light up ahead.

  2. Cappy permalink

    I praise God after reading this, that, like you, I can sometimes respond from the deep well of the Word in me! Certainly not because of my righteousness, but because of His, and His faithfulness, truth, and wisdom!

  3. buck pevey permalink

    please pray for me i had lung cancer 4 year ago i got a call last week to go do some test xray buck

  4. Debbie Ferguson permalink

    Yes Mark, We are only vessels and I agree that the only reason we can even speak the things of God is by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have only been reading your writings for a short time, but they truly help me every day. When your post comes up on my home page, it makes me stop my frivolous doings & think about what really matters & that being, Jesus Christ & sharing with others about Him. Thank you so much for all your time & effort you share with us.

  5. bezawit permalink

    Thank you so much! it means a lot to me, i was in a very bad moment with a relationship with GOD. i stopped reading and going to church since i moved to another country. now i feel so happy and i feel i am close to God.

    God bless you!

  6. Thank you for this sharing . It gives me hope that as I live my life obeying God to the best of my ability and keep my trust in Him that my unsaved loved ones, family and friends will see the bible as I live it out in my own life. An elderly pastor once told me that I might be the only bible that ,any would read. <ord, let Your light shine bright through me for others to read and come to know you in Jesus name.

  7. Don Mumma permalink

    Jesus proceeds tp prove tp the Pharisees that He actually has forgiven the man’s sins. The as I see it is that it is easier to say ” Your sins are forgiven”. There is no way of telling it has happened- If you say “rise up and walk” it is easy to see if the man was healed. The crowd has seen namely the forgiveness and a miracle that proved the forgiveness.

  8. John permalink

    That is wonderful! I’ve never heard it put that way, how it will just become automatic, that is an awesome thought

  9. i really like this and you are right

  10. Claudia A. Jones permalink

    You are right Mark we are tools for God. It is nothing about us ,its all about him. The more we understand this the more God calls upon us to spread his word. Being a tool for God is what we are to do when we become a Christain. Some times it take a while for us to understand our mission .

  11. Greetings Brother Mark,

    Currently I have been dealing with anxiety which has turned into other health issues. I know itpartly stemmed from my job, hence took leave of absence, but also while I decided to search for my son which i gave up at birth. This search has been one to help with closure and me becoming the whole women God intended for mw to be.

    I know it states in Bible to be anxious for nothing and everything do in prayer and supplication when anxious and know that he will bring me through. I have been praying that prayer and also 1Peter 5:8-9, knowing that God is faithful and going to bring me out:)

    I just need that extra ummmfff to get me through the days once I return back to work, I’ve been dealing with fatigue,sinus and headache issues that I never had before these past couple months. Of course the docs give me all these medications but I know Jesus is my doctor in the sick room. As I said I need to get through these last couple weeks. I’ve given my resignation because I told them my health, morals and values no longer align with the hospital and that I’ll be praying for them and how they treat the patients.

    Any suggestions,
    Peace and Much Love

  12. know matter how we are god knows our needs God know what is best, God knows us more than we know our selver ,God looks at your hart ,God well do wats right , IT like this Dont worry Be Happy God is in control,just leave all our toughts to the cross God Bless You All

  13. This scripture helped me to realize even more than I already knew that God is my everything and he too will heal me in his time, not my own.

    Everything has a season and this is mine to deal with my issues without turning to people, partying or alcohol. Praise God, Hallelujah….I feel like Job and Daniel and will not stray:)

  14. It’s amazing how God uses the different circumstances in all our lives to bring us closer to Him. He does indeed work in mysterious ways.

  15. Your ministry is appreciated Mark, as I go through a divorce I look to the word of God for strength and courage. I really pray that my wife would listen to God and pray with me to save our 17 year marriage. Thank you for teaching about God and the greatness of worshiping him. God bless you!

    • Trina Riepe permalink

      I’m praying that my husband would come home and desire to please the Lord in our 20 year marriage. He left and has someone else and has filed for divorce. We will keep praying that our spouses would desire God’s best and honor the vows we made before God! Remember, no matter what happens, God is sovereign and He allows painful things for His glory and our good. Hold onto Romans 8:28 and trust Him, He’ll show us where to walk in the darkness of our pain.
      Praying for you.

  16. Beth permalink

    Thank you for writing these reflections of the Bible. GOD’S word is so good and fills our heats with so much love and goodness. Whenever I see there is an update on my facebook home page i immediatly click on it so that my sister and I can read it together and share our thoughts.It is truely a blessing to be able to hear, read, know, and spread GOD’S word. May GOD bless you all.

  17. Sandy permalink

    wow!! that’s really encouraging!!! I BECOME THE BIBLE!!! awesome!!! I WANT TO BECOME THE BIBLE TO THOSE AROUND ME TOO!!! thanks for sharing this amazing journey with us!! i’m so blessed 🙂

  18. Lydia Reyes permalink

    What I get from this verse is that Jesus call all of us to repentance of our sins. He has the power to forgive and he has all the power to heal us in every way. When we come and humble ourself before him , he can do mighty things in our life. I know for myself as I walk in his ways he uses me to be the word for someone in need. There are times I say things to help others that I did’nt think I would say but I know by the power of the holy spirit, I get the right verse or words come to my mind to use at the right moment. I give God all the Glory for the time he uses me to be a light in this world to those who are still walking in darkness. I pray for all who are seeking him in this site, that you may be open to all the gifts that the holy spirit has for you, He uses ordinary people to do extraodinary things. I,m loving this time, journeying deeper in God’s Word. God bless.

  19. In my reflection on my pain and suffering when I went through a really bad break up with my friendship with Mr. Merkle for about 12 years ago. I recently wrote him a letter and I got into trouble by him in the year of 1999 when I was in my freshman year. He told me that I broke his promise, he didn’t want me to come back and visit him anymore. It was the hurtful words that he said to me. I was really upset, he really hurt me really bad, he really abused me, neglected me, he has no right to get me into trouble about that stupid letter that I wrote. But it wasn’t a bad letter I thought I want him to read my letter and learn about me. So he can get to know me more. And I thought we can be really good friends.

    He never came back to visit me at my high school at Eastside Catholic because he went to the other high school at Hazen and he was looking for me. He never came to visit me once and not even at my graduations, and he never came back to visit me anymore. That really hurt me how he treated me. I felt he deserted me . I haven’t seen Mr. Merkle for a very long time, and I did wrote him an apology letter and I was hoping that he will accept my apology and ask him for his forgiveness. But he never wrote me back, he never apologizes to me, he never accept my apology, he never forgave me , and I never forgave him. I don’t why he doesn’t want to forgive me after the letter incident. I was hoping for a second chance for this friendship to come back again. But it didn’t happen yet. It really hurt me pretty bad. I am in a bible study group and we are studying on Life’s Healing Choices. I remember that I am not playing GOD and I’ll let GOD to take control, and i made my third choice to recommit my life to Jesus again, and now I am reading about how to repair relationships how to forgive others.

  20. Mary permalink

    Dear Mark,

    I have been a Christian for a long time, but have had very bad experiences from fellow Christians especially those who are always reading and quoting the bible. I KNOW that God is good even if His people are not. I trust God completely, but do not always trust those who speak His word. Hope this is not too “melodramatic”, but this is how I feel. Anyway, I am continuously saying a personal prayer for you Mark since I feel that Satan would like nothing more than to get you involved in a certain “sin” and then expose you since, through you, God’s word can be made to look really good or really bad. May He protect you, guide you and always take care of you!!

  21. My daughter struggles with life but she does not live in the will of God. She knows him and expects him to keep his promises. I finally had to break down and use some tough Love and speak truth to her. I didn’t preach I just told her what Jesus had to say about the woman at the will. If you continue to live in sin you can’t expect him to bless you. It was hard and I had wondered if I had done the right thing but through confirmations from friends I know I had done the right thing. Now all she needs is time to reflect on it.

  22. Susanna Liew permalink

    Thank you Rev. for sharing with us your experience each day. It is indeed very encouraging. I pray that His glory continues to shines upon you and brings light to the world.
    Personally reading God’s word is very encouraging and satisfying. His Word helps me to overcome many circumstances in my life and allows me to have a closer walk with Him. His Word is great and living!
    In Timothy 3:16, four functions of the living Word, the bible:
    1. Teaching – It imparts to us information about the truth and God
    2. Rebuking – It tells us when we are wrong
    3. Correction – It directs us when we stray
    4. Training – It prepares us for each next step along the pathway of becoming like him.

    • Susanna Liew permalink

      Just want to share the following verses:

      “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” Joshua 1:8

      “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

      May His Word speaks to us in our day to day experience. God bless!

  23. dorthy porter permalink

    I was sitting thinking about the scripture you read for today plus your friend that has family suffering with cursed lifes, I also was thinking about my past.The Lion of Judah has come on to the scene healing ,delivering people from sin,sickness and demons.God the Father sent the Holy Spirit down on Jesus.Jesus is revealing to the world that he is part of the God head,Jesus can forgive sin.Jesus has the power even today to make the bloodlines pure.We do not have to live with generational curses past down from our great grandpappys,pappy,Why does some families have drugs,abuse,fighting ,jail life,lie,cheating,murderors in it.It seems like even the children do not get a chance in life.What has happened is when someone sins they open a port hole for ademon to attach to a family.That demon passes down the blood line to who ever entertains it.People can not break this strong hold but Jesus can . These broken kind of people is who Jesus prayed for ,healed and delivered,he still has that same power today.It takes serious prayer,fasting and Jesus to break that strong hold.We have got to be like Jesus and take the Gospel of God to the broken Lifes.That Bible has got to flow out of us like a fountain.

  24. Teresa permalink

    We are the arms, hands, feet, legs and HEART of JESUS. Whatever we have in our hands at that moment in time to help those in need we must do. Jesus teaches that of all the commandments that LOVE is the number 1 commandment. Spread the LOVE of CHRIST to those who suffer.

  25. Rebecca Smith permalink

    One of the most important concepts I have learned in my years as a Christian concerns the body of our Lord’s followers and the gifts they possess. We can’t all be feet and hands or heads of the faithful, but any part of the body becomes handicapped if all parts don’t work together for the glory of God. I have also learned that we have gifts that sometimes change as the Lord wills it. I was a tremendous Martha for a long, long time. Now, I find that I am a Mary. I have the same peace, just at a different time of life. As our world becomes increasingly difficult to understand, I find great comfort at the feet of our Lord.

  26. Amy permalink

    This could not have come at a better time!! I have a co-worker who believes but is not saved, his life is full of sin. Couple of days ago he found out his girlfriend (he was really serious with) was married and had another boyfriend. He is so heart broken over this. But as I was pondering on his drama filled life, the Lord spoke to my heart and said “my heart hurts just like my co-worker’s heart was hurting, broken, and devistated.” “Why Lord”, I asked. He said “because I want and intimate relationship with my children and all I get is an on and off relationship, like a rolla-coster, I never know if you are in love with me or your playing me” WOW did that wake me up!!! I never realized that. Was I playing my GOD?….wow words were unspoken and I began to cry and repented…Lord I don’t want to date you, I want to be married to you! I want to be your bride! A true and faithful bride…no backsliding, no wishy, washy, relationship….but totally in love with you!
    Thank you for your ministry….how awesome it is to come to a “God Filled site” I feel the presence of the Lord everytime I read or come to your site!

    • Trina Riepe permalink

      Your letter was an encouragement! You have some rich insight! God bless…

  27. Jesus said when I was hungry you didn’t feed me,Lord when did I see you,when I was thirsty you didn’t give me a drink,Lord when did I see you,when I needed a place to stay,you didn’t help me,Lord when did I see you,the least you do unto them you have done it to me,God bless everyone.

  28. josue lauradin permalink

    hi my name is josue please help me pray for my spiritual life pray for my family pray for my relationship because im going through a battle i need God strenght to help me seek through and look for salvation

  29. Shirley permalink

    You are so right it takes more than quoting the bible, we need to let Christ live through us and be an example. More people are moved by your actions than by your words. thank you.

  30. C Froehlich permalink

    PLS READ: friend of friend on FB has 5-yr old son Noah. He’s in last stages of 2-1/2 yr battle w/ Neuroblastoma Cancer. Family celebrating Xmas NEXT WEEK & Noah’s wish is to get lots of Xmas Cards. please mail to: Noah Biorkman 1141 Fountain View Circle, South Lyon, MI 48178 Thanks & LET’S MAKE THIS WIS…H HAPPEN! This was posted by a friend of mine on FaceBook… Please send this child a card..

  31. Aline Mohorko permalink

    Amen! I give hanks to my King fir providing you as a vessel so that I make sure to keep His praises on my lips and His Word in my heart. It is so mjch fun to just come read talk and praise Him while so many other s are doing the same thing. God bless you.

  32. Amen! I whole heartedly agree.

  33. Patsy Bond permalink

    If you’ve got to be the Bible, be the best Bible you can be! I love seeing someone who lives the word. They encourage me to keep going forward and never give up. They empower me and they are just going on about there day. It is an awesome sight to see God working in the hearts of sinners.

  34. MOSES OLU SHOBANJO permalink

    Please pray for my big sister that wants & needs a child. Pray for me for a job, wife, long life, good health & prosperity please. God Bless you.

  35. Trina Riepe permalink

    I wrote last week, but we are still in need of so much prayer. Please allow me to ask again.

    Please pray for my family, after a failed business, a bankruptsy, loss of health insurance, and a foreclosure, my husband left for another woman. Pray for him, that God will work in him and give him desire to please the Lord and come home. Pray for me, I’ve had a painful illness for almost 8 years and need to care for my children, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. My husband filed for divorce and we only get half of his small checks. I hold Romans 8:28 as my life verse, it is just really dark for us right now. God has brought faithful believers to encourage us and help us and I’m thankful. We really need prayer, we are hurting so much!

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