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An amazing ministry opportunity

October 28, 2009

Hey lo!! I am on holidays and had planned to have a bit of a break from Facebook.. but NAH! Hasn’t happened as a lot is going on with The Bible and Praying People pages.. all good as it has shown me that I need some help.. some volunteers to share the big load. The two pages are now huge.. not just wow that is big.. but WOW THAT IS REALLY BIG!!! The Bible page surges towards 1 million fans with all the attention that brings, and the Praying People page is really starting to receive some deeply moving prayer requests. And I need some help…

You interested?

I am looking for people to:

– Help out with posting Scripture and prayers to the two pages throughout the day across the world’s timezones

– Post comments or messages directly to people offering support, answering questions, prayers etc…

– Act as a moderator and delete and report offensive posts

– Commit to praying for the people who post on the pages

– Periodically send me boxes of chocolate 🙂

The time commitment is between 1-2 hours most days, spread out across the day.

Interested? Now Pray! I am only looking for those God is calling.

As well as praying can you email me at you brief answers to the following questions:

1) What does it mean to you to be a Christian?

2) What is the Bible to you?

3) What experience do you have that would help with this important role?

4) What is the finest chocolate in the world?

5) How do you view Facebook from a mission perspective?

6) How would you respond to the following comment: ‘I want to know why bad things happen to me.’

7) So how do you know God is calling you to this ministry?


Those shortlisted will be interviewed via Skype in audio.

Please email your answers to:

God bless!!!

Rev Mark

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One Comment
  1. Trina Riepe permalink

    I tried several times to comment on Facebook to ask for prayer but it wanted a confirmation via mobile phone which I don’t have. Please add my request to the list if possible!
    My husband of over 20 years left and has another woman. All in the past year, his business failed, we went bankrupt, we lost our home, he left and returned once before, we moved to a fixer-rental home, and now he left again. I’ve been ill for almost 8 years and it is all I can do to care for my children but we have serious financial problems that I can’t fix. My husband is the love of my life and I am so concerned for his soul, PLEASE pray for him! Pray that my children and I will be ok, that God might ease our pain. We are hurting so much! Please pray that God might restore our family and that HE will be glorified through our trials.
    Thank you so much! It helps to know many are praying for us, it is so dark right now.
    ~Trina Riepe

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