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1 Week Bible Immersion Experience – Day Four!!

October 22, 2009

Luke 4: 38-41: Jesus left the synagogue and went to the home of Simon. Now Simon’s mother-in-law was suffering from a high fever, and they asked Jesus to help her. So he bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up at once and began to wait on them. When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them. Moreover, demons came out of many people, shouting, “You are the Son of God!” But he rebuked them and would not allow them to speak, because they knew he was the Christ.

Jesus moves from the very public setting of the synagogue to the private setting of the personal home of Simon. And Simon is a key figure in Jesus’ ministry. Simon’s name is changed to Simon Peter and Peter, and he is recognised as the leader of the disciples. And interestingly this healing in his home happens just before Jesus calls Simon Peter into ministry. So a display of God’s awesome power, an encounter with God occurs just before a calling. This is the pattern I am experiencing right now!

A couple of months ago I asked God, ‘What do you want me to do when I finish as Chief Executive this coming March with Bible Society New Zealand?’ And the answer was very clear: prepare. Prepare by drawing nearing to God, or put another way, prepare by encountering God.

And from this encounter I can now see that God will call me, God will reveal His will for my life. As Simon Peter invited Jesus into his home, his most personal space, so I to need to give Jesus access to all the areas of my life: even the most personal areas. And through that encounter, healing occurs. Already on my journey I have experienced healing in my relationships, healing in how I view myself, Jesus has been at work in me! But I can see that there is still more healing required, and in God’s timing, I look forward to receiving the call to the next ministry God wants me to be part of.

How exciting is this!!

What is God saying to you through this amazing passage?

God bless,

Rev Mark


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  1. I believe He is challenging me to hand over the very most private parts of my life and to let go of some old behaviors like pleasing people at times rather then Him. I so thank you for your ministry. God Bless

    • Pastor Mark,

      WOW is all I can say,I too am in this season in my life ,I feel like i am exactly where you are in my walk with my Father and its like he is telling me, no like my sister said above challenging me to draw near and get my house in order,release things,get myself focused on him and his will for my life, to be what and where he has called me to be. I thank the Lord for sending me to this site and I thank him for you,please remember me in your prayers.
      God Bless you and yours.


    • Kathy Grayczyk permalink

      I believe God is calling me to write my autobiography to help those who suffer with mental illness. To be an encourager. To inspire family members and to glorify him.
      He has also called me to become an advocate for those who are mentally ill.

      • Rhonda Park permalink

        That is a great calling Kathy. I have felt that calling for a long time. Please see it through. It is needed so much.

      • MaryMarthaKay permalink

        Hi Kathy, I would love to read the autobiography when it is completed. I lost a family member (my dad) to mental illness that ended in suicide in 1986. Please post a comment on my blog when and where it is available. There are so many hurting people in the world this could help. If God put it on your heart then you know it is what you must do. The Lord will lead you every step of the way. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you.

  2. After reading this passage im feelin so great knowing dat GOD can heal every areas of my life.And he wants me to let go off the old me and follow him.God bless u Rev Mark

  3. phyllis permalink

    I feel that our Lord wants all of me. He wants the places that I have tried to hold on for so long. Take all of me Lord. Let me always put your first in my life. Thank you Mark for obeying the Holy Spirit and doing this ministry. God bless you.

    • Pam Rice permalink

      In this typo of yours, Phyllis, …. ‘Let me always put -your- first in my life. …. I found a wonderful answer. Now let my prayer be that, in the future, starting now, I will no longer say to Him, “Okay, but first, let me…. ” putting ‘my first’ before His. Did that make sense? Love and blessing to you, in Jesus’ Name.

  4. Beth permalink

    I believe that his passage really clearly demonstrates what the ministry of Jesus Christ, healing. Jesus is a healer, of many things, I think where we get off is we get scared of the idea of people being oppressed by demons, we get scared of the idea of God using us to do that work for Him, in His name, I think that the thought of healing through God using us for others is quite scary, because it requires a level of initmacy with God, that most of us, are afraid of, it requires us to lay things down. As we look at the beginning of this chapter we see that Jesus was full of the holy spirit, he was tempted, used the Word and when he came down from the mountain he was still full of the holy spirit. We also have the power to be healed by HIS word, as Jesus is the Word made Flesh. God can heal us through the reading of His word, and we can also be used by God to heal someone’s emotional hurts, through being obedient to the Word that He gives us to say to someone. I know that these last few weeks, God has really used people around me to give me comfort from His word, and it has begun the healing process in my life in some areas, and even in the midst of things, he has allowed me to give His Word to someome else for comfort and healing. God is so WHOLE in what he has done for us, it is simply amazing. Being in Him is not only what He can do for us as individuals but also about what we can give back in Him.

  5. Shelly Falcigno permalink

    This is a very prime example of how a christian household should look like. In it we see that sickness and disease are not tolerated, but rebuked. Friends and neighbors are welcomed in, and also ministered to. This is how it should be. However, we have christians who know the bible, and are scripture literate, but never use the power…why? We have christians who can witness to complete strangers about the good news, but not even know the name of their next door neighbor…why? Because we have become a people who care more about appearing right, than actually being right. Jesus did not give his life, his clean life, so that we with sin filled lives can look like good christians. No, he expects us to actually die and be born again. A painful and long process sometimes, but the reward is worth it.
    Foolish and I dare say stupid is the man, who does not realize the gift the creator of heaven and earth has extended to a people who do not deserve it. Every single day, I am reminded of why he often refers to us as sheep. We literally are that dumb, compared to the shepard. To make it worse, we don’t even know it most of the time. “My people suffer, from that which they do not know”

  6. Amanda permalink

    Wow! I really like this passage. I have a couple questions I didn’t know how else to really contact you, … when you asked God what He wanted you to do, and then you said the answer was clear, How can I hear an answer from God clearly? I’m just really wanting to know God more, and have Him reveal His will for me in my life.

  7. BillyShurling permalink

    God is telliing me to tell you to teach the young to embrace the Holy Spirit into their lifewhile they are young. John 3:16 is an awesome beginning, but he has an awesome plan for their lives. This has ben tugging at me for about 15 years. It gets louder and louder. Yes, the Holy Spirit has spoken to me suttlely and very loudly. I was not taught this non anyone know. That is why young people drift away from church. Most churches do a poor job teaching God’s Word. Baptised into the Holy Spirit has to be taught loud and clear. I achieved things unbelievable, bur I fail to listento the Spirit.


  9. Tom Hague permalink

    I have used several times a booklet called My Heart Gods Home. It does an excellent job of describing how we need to let Him in every room of our lives. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room and even to that closet that you would rather He didn’t see. It tells how we are enthused when first we meet Him but then we slowly squeeze him out with the business of our lives. Excellent little quick read but thought provoking booklet.

  10. Peggy Holloway permalink

    I believe God is preparing me for something big.I moved to GA two years ago.My Bishop prophesied over me one night at a shut in and he told me God was going to use me.He also told me I moved there because my husband was here and he is a man of God.I started dating his son about six months later.I had a dream that me and his got married months before we ever started dating.Well a year and half later we are not together and he is seeing someone else.I have been in a constant fight since I moved here. I’m trying to heal from my break up,my financial situation and a lot of other things.I believe because God knows I moved here on faith that the only way I’m going to be prepared for Him to use me,is if he continues to test me because He knows I can pass.

    • Lori permalink

      Maybe he moved you here to know what you do not want. Sometimes He has to show us what we do NOT need or want ebfore he shows us what He has planned for our lives. Stay on your knees! We have moved around several times and I don’t understand it He NEVER leaves me! Stay around people who will hold you accountable and who are huge faithful walkers of Christ-that is important! I will be praying for you!

  11. CHIDOZIE permalink

    i want to experience God’s touch in a unique manner…someone what can i do to quit from my old ways…i know about giving my life to God…i am a true christain, gone for 3 delivrance program…all i ask for is the Holy Spirit to take control of my life totally.
    thank you

    • Kim permalink

      When I renewed my commitment with the Lord three years ago, God started working in my life and I couldn’t get enough of his word. Some one told me to read the gospels, and the book of Acts three times in 30 days. I wasn’t sure why. I kept reading the front few pages of my bible called The Way also, where it gives you all kinds of scriptures of where you can find what God says about guilt, worries, love, ……….everything you might question. During that time I gave up drinking and going to bars ( I was a social drinker) I quit smoking cigarettes, and finally I quit shopping. Believe it or not the last one was a dozy! My mother explained that I was putting to death self.
      After all of this I needed to hear from God. I said to Him , I was crying out, ok God what more do you want from me???? I’ve given up all that I was holding on to in this life, please tell me, give me a sign (I actually said that). Anyway, that same day I was reading about the Holy Ghost and when He came onto the disciples the day of Pentecost, and I asked God for that to happen to me. Within a few minutes, I felt warm, and my heart started racing faster and faster . I went to write my day down in my journal and the TV was on. Dr. David Jeremiah was on, and he said this is not a mistake this is really happening to you ( I felt like he was speaking to me directly). I looked down at my journal and the words wisdom started lifting off the page. I looked at the arm of my couch and it was turning to dirt. I started feeling like I was floating in outer space, but then I was under the sea, and saw buried treasure. I went back to outer space and back into the bottom of the sea….this and more went on all night!
      People can think what ever they want, but I know exactly what happened and they will never take that away from me. I will always have that supernatural experience, and hope that something like it will happen again! Ask and you shall receive, and keep on knocking! I kept searching and seeking and crying out and He came in a way only He can! He wanted my all, but I got so much more.

    • Lori permalink

      open your heart up. in the bible it says we are not to test God for signs. Maybe He is waiting for you to just draw nearer to Him totally, not just when it feels right. I used to try and pray for God to change things and I realized that I was just sitting there waiting for Him and not trying to do my part. He asks for us to come to him. Surround yourself with strong christians who will hold you accountable and not just tell you what you want to hear. I will be praying for you.

  12. tracy permalink

    i am seeing jesus in my sleep. i am not afraid i am just wandering what that means. sometimes i see and feel his spirit among me and i am just wondering what all that means. i have thought about asking a preacher but sorta afraid to.. can u please give me answers

  13. Rae permalink

    I would like to remember Simon’s mother in law, when she was healed she started to wait on them , there is a work for everone – the young the old – everyon ehas a place and a work they can do for the Lord even simple and quiet things such as waiting on people

  14. neah permalink

    Still learning about letting God control situation and the calling of god is amazing…the reading just confirms this…God is with me

  15. I have been waiting all my life for God to show me what my life is meant to be, I have been thru so much in my life, 3, should have been fatal car accidents, 2 heart attacks, open heart surgury, living with Hiv for 17 years. I feel now is my time to discover what God has planned for me, I have experienced so many changes in my life the past few years, come very close with my family, which has been strained for most of my life because of my lifestyle. I have a steady job now which I havent had in such a long time, have my own place and taking care of myself for once. So YES, IT IS MY TIME!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TO DISCOVER WHAT MY JOURNEY SHOULD BE.

  16. god is calling me to change my ways, be giving and more forgiving. this is not the easiest thing to do when u’ve been hurt by so much people you loved and care for during this pass experience make me somewhat bitter, not trusting just expecting the worst from people. but this is why i’m apart of the bible immersion because i want to change, i have faith in god and i know he is within me trying to break this cycle and free me of these burden..i want to life my life for him and be free.

  17. EW Jenkins permalink

    Luke 12:47 clearly says that we need to ‘get ready’ and then do what the master wants.

  18. Beth permalink

    …in praying to God to be drawn closer to him, is when i became a fan of the bible and then came to this site. I get strength from reading the inspirational passages from ‘the Bible’ posted to my FB home page each day, and I also feel the strength in reading the passages on this site. Thank you Pastor Mark, I thank God for you your on line ministry.

  19. Recently I had been praying asking God what is His plan for my life and teach my how to get in line with His plan. Then He answered by calling me closer to Him. To be intimite with Him. Really getting to know Him for myself. I welcome and usher Him into my most holy place and that is my soul. I know that He is preparing something great for me. He is getting me line up with His will. I will never nor do I want to ever be the same. This is a new day. I will abide in Him and Him in Me. Whatever He has for me I want it and I want to be a blessing unto Him. I am seeking His face I tell you, His will and hIs very being.

  20. After I started reading these passages, it has helped me so much. I was saved years ago but I realize now that I didn’t really surrender my whole self to him, so now, I’m studying more and praying every day and I feel like I’m drawing closer to God. It has given me peace of mind that I didn’t have before.

  21. Recently I had been praying asking God what is His plan for my life and teach my how to get in line with His plan. Then He answered by calling me closer to Him. To be intimite with Him. Really getting to know Him for myself. I welcome and usher Him into my most holy place and that is my soul. I know that He is preparing something great for me. He is getting me line up with His will. I will never nor do I want to ever be the same. This is a new day. I will abide in Him and Him in Me. Whatever He has for me I want it and I want to be a blessing unto Him. I am seeking His face I tell you, His will and hIs very being. I praise God for your ministry.

  22. Neil permalink

    Thank you for this Word. I ask God to take control of my life everytime i talk to Him…to lead me in his path…there are times i wonder where i am going in some aspects of my life, and i just tell the Lord, “Let Your will be done.” I know He has a plan for us, and we just need to let go and let Him take control…Be blessed!!!

  23. I saw this link to this page on a friends face book page…I started reading it & was pleasently surprised. Thank You. I think that’s all that needs to be said. Thank You

  24. So-shu permalink

    My husband and I were talking about a leader and if I believe what he says his faith is and this passage comes to me giving me insight into my views on the issue. Even the demons and Satan KNOW who God is, who Christ is, they BELIEVE…but they dont live for Him. ANyone can say they believe…but do they live it?

  25. charread09 permalink

    Yes, I am captured also by the part that says He rebuked the demons and would not let them speak because they knew He was the Christ. This has to have significance or it would not be there. I wonder if we should not let our demons speak to us because Christ is in us? Just a thought.

    • charread09 I was wondering about those verses as well–

      According to my Scripture Notes from the Life Application NLT Study Bible:

      Jesus commanded the demons to stay silent for several reasons,
      1) to show his authority over them 2) Jesus wanted his listeners to beleive he was the Messiah because of His words, not because of the demons words 3) Jesus was going to reveal his identity according to God’s timetable, and he would not be pushed by Satan’s evil plans. *The demons called Jesus “Son of God” or “the Holy One sent from God” because they knew he was the Christ. But Jesus was going to show himself as the suffering servant BEFORE he became the great King. *To reveal his identity as King too soon would stir up the crowds with the wrong expectations of what he had come to do.

      I hope this helps. Blessings to you.

  26. dorthy porter permalink

    As I was in worship to God in the woods to day,I was thanking God for me being choosen as his child for a certain purpose.I said yes Lord,I am willing to do what ever you ask.I looked at the big oak trees who lifted there branches high.I also looked at a little a little cedar tree trying to grow on a rock.The oak tree was in furtile ground so I knew it would grow,The oak trees where hundreds of years old with strong roots and trunk.I want my walk with God to be like that oak tree.If we follow the life of Jesus in the Bible we come become strong Christains.He gave us a step by step blueprint of his life to follow to achieve the different levels with God.First you have got to except Jesus into your heart,Next invite the Holy spirit to live inside you.Just like that oak tree needs good soil not a rock to grow.So do we as christains need certain things to grow strong and be all that God intends us to be.That tree had to have water to grow,we have to read the word of God the Bible to grow.That oak tree had to have sun to grow,we have to have the Son of God in our heart to Grow.That oak tree has to have good soil ,we need to have the Holy Spirit to have the faith it takes for signs and wonders.If the Son of God needed the Holy Spirit for healings and to cast out demons so do we.Ask the Holy Spirit to take up residence in side of you.That oak tree to thieve has to not have bugs and and different tree diseases to make it grow.We need to live sin free to be all God intended us to be,that is call being sanctified.Signs and wonders follow people who are willing to walk the living Gods will for their life.From recieving th Holy Spirit to fasting to praying to healing to casting out demons,Jesus shows us what it takes to walk the walk.

  27. Carrie DeZutter permalink

    I think I am in an “awe” state with God right now. It seems that so many of His passages all hit me the same way and He is drawing me nearer with each new day. I have some BIG questions swirling around in my head, and yet, each day I read a new verse (be it here, be it in Esther, or in the other bible study or on KLOVE radio), they all hit me the same way and I feel so very humbled to be called into service for Him.

  28. For the last two years I have been in this studying mode learning all that I can because I believe that everything I have studied and am studying is leading me in the direction he is wanting me to go and when He is ready He will show me what I am to do…I think this is awesome that I am not the only one on this path…There seem to be many of us headed in the same direction and I thank God for Mark and all that he is showing me through his Journey…Thanks so much

  29. Carolyn permalink

    Two years ago, I was planning my retirement. All I could think of and talk about was what I was going to do and where my husband and I would go. On the last day of work, less than 1/4 mile from my home, I had a serious car accident. Among other injuries, I had broken a bone in my neck. As I was lying in ICU I looked up to God and said” You have my attention now”. At that point God began telling me what his purpose for my life was. I am enjoying retirement and doing God’s will all at the same time. I just needed to put Him first. God bless you.

  30. Reading your column and all the comments. It is just amazing how one can see that God is alive. We have been feeling the same thing in my church, some of the other church’s that we are aligned with are all feeling the same thing. God is drawing his people closer and closer to him. I think he is wanting us to know him on an intement level.So that we will be able to hear him even when we are alone. I think he is up to something big, and he wants as many as possible to be a part of what he is doing. I thank God for being such a loving Father. Loving us enough not to let us go, but to peruse us and bring us in closer and closer to him. I cant wait to see what he has for each one of us to take part in next. Cause I know that no matter what it is whether it’s a hard task are an easy one it will have a great reward because it will be done unto the most high. I love you Lord Jesus.

    • Kim permalink

      Wow, this is soooo cool. Thank you Jesus! Thank you too Mark. I love reading these comments. They lift my Spirit. I really like this last comment from Lisa, about what she has been feeling and hearing. We are feeling the same, and cant wait to see what He has planed for all of us next also. God Bless you, I know it’s going to be great!

    • Susanna Liew permalink

      Yes we feel the same here. Churches in our country are coming together together like never before. We had just concluded the RUN FOR THE NATION whereby runners from different churches ran and prayed for our nation.
      I pray that many hearts will be touched and turn to Him as Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

  31. As I have been facing many medical, career and life changing challenges in the past 2 years, this study today reminds me that I am right where God wants me!

    In verse 39 Dr Luke states “Standing at her bedside, he (Jesus) rebuked the fever, and it left her. And she got up at once and prepared a meal for them.” My Bible Scripture Notes explains that Jesus healed the woman so completely that not only did the fever leave but her strength was restored, and immediately she got up and took care of others needs. What an attitude of service! God gives us health so that we may serve others.

    I am to continue on in the paths He has me on as he continues to work through me to grow me, heal and strengthen me that in my eventual renewal of health I will be able to care for and serve others, in his way and his timing, not mine. Thank you Jesus/thank you Mark for allowing our Lord to work through you in this wonderful way. Alleluia to our King! Praise His name! A-men!

  32. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I am also waiting on what God wants to do in my life. In the mean time he has brought me closer to him thru this journey on FB. The more I want to learn , the more he gives me to learn. This verse says alot to me because I’m wondering if God wants to use me in a deliverance Ministry. At first I was a little scared but the more I get into his word , I realize that there is nothing to fear for I know who will be working thru me. I know with the help of Jesus I can do anything he ask of me. I know there is alot to do to prepare for this and I ask for all your Prayers. Mark I thank you for listening to God and bringing this bible study together. You are a good testimony of what God can do in anybody’s life, If you let him. God Bless You and all my Journey family.

  33. Rose permalink

    Mark the scripture you read is great, as all scripture is. Your words were also great. I believe that we all have a ministry to do. Jesus says, “The things I do you will do and greater things shall you do.” I believe that the greater things are just that we will have more time to do the things that He did and we have His and the Holy Spirit’s help to do the things He wants us to do.

    Sharol, I understand your feelings about not trusting people, but we have to give that to the Lord and take our eyes off people. They are human and are going to do bad or eviI things if they don’t know God and even when we know God sometime we hurt people we love. Satan knows all our weaknesses, and will use them against us and our family. Satan’s biggest job right now is to destroy the family unit, because the family is the best example of God. That is why it is so easy for family to hurt each other, but we still must forgive.

    I will be 55 years old next month and have just recently been delivered from all the pain and hurt of my childhood, my children’s childhood, my grandchildren’s childhood, and my whole life. I have never trusted men and I actually hated them, when I was young, and have battled with that hate over the years. When I met my husband, who I have been married to for 33 years I felt I could finally trust and love a man.

    I have such freedom and peace now thanks to the Heavenly Father for His deliverance. This is what The Holy Spirit showed me. I was going around a pond at a conference I attended in September. He showed me a spider web with a large spider in the middle and lots of mosquitoes in the web. The Holy Spirit told me that Satan has had his web in mind all these years and that over the last year he had been winding and winding his web around me and paralyzing me just like the spider does it’s prey. They do not eat their prey, they paralyze them until they are hungry, then they suck the life out of them and The Spirit said this is what Satan was doing to me over the last two months, he was sucking the life out of me, and at that moment I told Satan, “NNNOOO!!! No longer are you going to do this to me. God is in control of my life and I am not allowing you Satan to have any control anymore.”

    Of course I still have arguements and days that don’t go right. We are still in this world after all, but we do not have to continue in those problems, and hold on to the pain of each arguement. We have to put Satan back in his place every day, and put God on the throne of our lives every day, by reading His word and talking to Him, and giving the Holy Spirit full reign in our lives, Every Single Day – Every Single Minute.

    I have been a Christian all my life and Loved the Lord with all my heart, but Satan has kept me bound so that I could not work freely for the Lord. He no longer has that control over me. I AM FREEEE!! Thank God for His deliverance.

    I pray that God will use these words to deliver anyone else who may be caught in Satan’s web of lies and deceit. “Satan came to kill, steal, and destroy,” but we do not have to allow Him to do these things to us, because, “God came to give us Life more abundant and Free.” When we allow this life giving water to fill us to overflowing, then we can work for Jesus Christ without any bonds holding us back. AMEN Thank You Jesus for your Love for us!!!

    • Stacy permalink

      I just read your quote, “The things I do you will do and greater things shall you do.” And the song “God of This City” is playing! How cool is God?

      “Greater things have yet to come…”

  34. Vickie permalink

    This has touched my heart. Ibeen drawing close to God and he has drawen close to me. I know he is speaking to me and i am listing to his call and trying to sort through it and understand all he is leading me to do. I know I server an Mighty God he has been in my life carring me through so much. I had a Kidney transplant 2/26/08. I am doing good because of my Jesus is carring me. He has great things in store for my life. I can’t wait to server him. Anywhere he leads!!!!

  35. Ariel permalink

    This definitly spoke to me. God has been taking a special place in my heart these past couple of days. Days before I prayed and Prayed for God to come into my Life and Help me do his works. I asked him to show me the path he wanted me to take and since then Ive been sharing his word and love all thoughout facebook and to the people all around me. I will continue to meditate and study Gods word. I want him to COMPLETLY come into my Body, my Temple, my House and have his way in my Life. His Love is sooo Great! Thank You Jesus! And thank you for sharing this. I want God to come into my house and heal me from the inside out. Praise him =]

  36. Connie permalink

    Me too, big changes going on in my life and I gotta say I feel fear even tho I want Him to align every part of my life with His way. I have to maintain my faith and trust, because I know He has never lt me down and He will never leave me. What He has planned for me is good and far better than anything I could dream of or do for myself.

    Another thing I find interesting about this atory is Peter’s mother immediately gets up and starts serving Jesus in her home.

  37. Crystal Doherty permalink

    Jesus does want us all closer to Him…every trial, temptation, and blessing(healing)…is in His time for His purpose. If we keep our focus on Him and not on ourselves through it all then the next level will come. Lately, the enemy has been rising up on all sides! But he has been defeated once and for all by Jesus! Jesus continually reminds us to call on Him and He will answer! The words to an old hymn come to mind…”Just a closer walk with thee…” Peace, love, and Jesus Ya’ll!!

  38. I love that passage. I never understood it until you explained it in your paragraph. Well the Spirit has been speaking to me a lot this week and for a long time now(about 10 years). I know that God wants me to do something big for the kingdom of God. He has showed me various visions, and he has gave me a gift of writing and drawing. Therefore I feel that the Lord wants me to bring as many people to Christ as He wills me to. Now I know what I must do to get the full picture.

  39. Janet permalink

    I am so blessed through all of these lessons this week. Right now I am resting in God. I will go where He has me go when He is ready for me to go where He is!! So much growth can come from just remaining still and knowing that HE IS GOD!! In the same token; you have two men that are farmers, there is a terrible drought taking place thru the land, both farmers pray for rain, but only one goes out and plows his field and plants seeds, Now which one Believes God will answer his prayer……… The one whom has prepared for the rain by plowing his field. God always wants His children READY to carry out His will. It is for all of His Glory!!!

  40. Cynthia permalink

    Okay, I’m jealous of all of you, having such spiritual experiences in response to this passage. I have to admit, I’m distracted by this idea of rebuking a fever. What does it mean to rebuke a fever? The fever is part of the body’s physiological response to heat-kill an infection. Also, why does Jesus not want people to hear that he is the Christ?

    • Rosemarie permalink

      rebuke- not recieved, not allowing, not partaking. remember when people put there hand up and said “talk to the hand”

  41. Kasey permalink

    I think God is wanting me to get closer to him and to know that even though i am going through these hard times (Please pray for my Mom cause she has a tumor) that he always there for me.

    • Susanna Liew permalink

      Hi Kasey, I know how you feel when someone you love is caught in this situation. Just want to encourage you not to give up. I was in the same situation when my husband was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). God’s presence had indeed helped us to be able to go through those difficult times. God put in circumstances like this so we can build up our faith and walk closer to Him.
      I pray that God’s love will continue to shower upon you and comfort you.

      Want to share the following verses with you:

      1 Peter 5:7 “Cast your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”
      Matthew 11:”come to me all you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

      Pray that your mum will be able to put her trust in the Lord and seek Him and be comforted. God Bless.

  42. Angela permalink

    I believe this story talks about how sickness is used as a ministry. Simon’s mother -inlaw was sick with fever, her family KNEW that they could not do anything to make her better, so they sought out Christ, not for themselves, but for someone they loved. Jesus Christ sometimes touches other people to work through us. , ! He did not only heal hear, he also bore sorrow with her family he is saying that we are not alone! He gives us grief and sorrow to show us that he is there with us.What did Simon Peter’s mother-inlaw do after her fever was rebuked? She arose and ministered to those around her!! How amazing! We should be telling everyone we know about Jesus!

  43. Angela permalink

    I believe this story talks about how sickness is used as a ministry. Simon’s mother -inlaw was sick with fever, her family KNEW that they could not do anything to make her better, so they sought out Christ, not for themselves, but for someone they loved. Jesus Christ sometimes touches other people to work through us. , ! He did not only heal hear, he also bore sorrow with her family he is saying that we are not alone! He gives us grief and sorrow to show us that he is there with us.What did Simon Peter’s mother-inlaw do after her fever was rebuked? She arose and ministered to those around her!! How amazing! We should be spreading the word!

  44. I Pray EveryDay And Ask GOD To Lead Me to do His Will Not Mine .So I Know Everytime I Tell Someone About His Love For Them I Doing His Will.Everytime I tell Someone That I wouldn’t Be Here If It wasn’t for Jesus I’m Doing His Will . So Rev Mark Your Right when We Ask GOD To Come Into Our Life We Have To Let Him In Totally not just Half way.We Have to Open up every Aspect Of Our Life To God and Allow Him To Work On Us .May GOD Bless You And Your Love Ones
    Your Brother In Faith.
    Bro. Brian Martin

  45. thank you for this message… God just recently called me into the minsitry and reading this tonite gave me even more reassurance. also it showed me what i need to do now…thank you so much and may God bless you in miraculous and amazing ways

  46. Matthew Linson permalink

    I have been going through a lot of problems here recently about trusting others. I don’t know, I feel that if I learn to trust God more, as I should, I will learn to trust others as well. I need the Lord in my life more than anything I can think of. I am praying as much as I can and this Bible Immersion is starting to get me into reading my Bible. I guess I just need to continue with what I am doing. I would appreciate it if you all would keep me in your prayers. And Rev. Brown, thank you for starting this, it is really helping me grow closer to the Lord.

  47. Rosemarie permalink

    wow this is excatly whats happening to me. I recieved a great healing and now I’m on fire for the lord. I watch TBN, I sign praise all morn i study the word and I worship all day. sometimes I wake up from a dead sleep to watch Joyce Myeres of Joel or whoever im am staeving for the word. IO have such a personal relationship it is incredibile. let us create a online small group. wow we can discuss the word 24-7

  48. Rosemarie permalink

    hi everybody I am a faithfull believer of Jesus Christ. I prayed and was healed of awful addiction. i was TOTALLY my substance of choice is Jesus I payer hrs a day I pray for wisdom I pray for restoration. God did his part I need fellowship I want tot study, help, learn be involved with something pls contact me if ur up late or u wanna talk. I am here. I am hungry

  49. Rosemarie permalink


  50. Marilynn permalink

    Rosemarie, to God Be the Glory for your healing I just burried a little brother who was 46 years old and the Heart vessels ruptured and he could not have surgery due to so many other life threatening illnesses and this was all a result of the crack cocaine. even in his dying he craved it and I know it is a demonic occurence and prayed all of time for his deliverance he died this past wednesday and I thank God for taking him out of the pain andmisery for at last he is free from it all so I encourage you to keep on testifying for the Lord God is powerful and merciful and he can do anything keep soaking up the word and speaking out as there are so many people in your shoes that need to hear this word, My brother couldn’t talk and tell it but you and I can and trust me He was a living testimony he lived a year when they gave him a 2 week diagnosis and I told God I’ll tell it and I am to any body who needs to hear that God is able to do all and any thing but fail.I love you my sister and want you to stand proud and know that God is alive in your life no matter what others say keep going and go full steam ahead and I will be doing the exact same thing until the whole world knows that this carck cocaine is one dangerous and demonic thing and God can and will heal those who are in it’s clutches.
    Peace and much Love,
    Da Evangelist Martin

  51. maricel logmao permalink

    This passage shows how Jesus wants to build a personal relationship with his disciple’s family. He wants to touch every member of our family and experience also His power and love. It is also Jesus’ intention to liberate people from sickness……Great is His love…..

  52. I think that Jesus healed my depresion, He gaved me a joyfull look at life. He got rid of my old friends who were siners, He gaved me new frends, brothers and sisters in Christ. I feel that I must go, somehow I have wish in my heart, to study at ETF (Evangelistic theology faculty)in Osjek (Croatia) that is so far from my home, and I don`t have money. And I don`t know is that only my selfish wish or His will….

    God bless you Rev Mark!

  53. Gail permalink

    I love the preparing before the call. I too have recently experienced a closer walk with the LORD and feel empowered and prepared for what he has planned for me. I can also wait for whatever that timing is and that is incredible in itself for me.
    I cannot tell you how timely your study has been for my life. God is amazing even to work through a FB study. Thank you for what you are doing, Mark.

  54. Gayle permalink

    that i need to listen and try and figure out when hes calling me to do sumthin and what exactly it is, i kno im only 17 but i love the lord with all of my heart. and i have alot more to learn

  55. Valerie permalink

    This is amazing! It is exactly what our service was about this wed.night! We need to bring Jesus into our homes! Into our FB into our personal lives! And while I was listening to the word last night and even reading this this morning, I know God is wanting to do more with my life and I have haulted it,by not being as personal with him,or by not spending the alone time to just sit and listen to him after getting into his presence! Thank You God,I believe God is doing something new in alot of willing vessels! Lord bring REVIVAL!!!!!

  56. Shirley permalink

    thank you so much for your words I am in this healing, restoration, and intimate time with our Lord. I fought it when my time at one ministry had come to an end, I tried without His prompting to jump into another ministry, it did not work. I needed to prepare before the call, your words are confirmation of what God has been speaking to me. Now I am enjoying this time of preparation instead of fighting it. We serve a most amazing God. Thank you Rev. Mark.

  57. TRAY DAVIS permalink

    Rev Mark,
    All of God’s scriptures are uplifting, I enjoy reading them, live them, quote them when needed, but I don’t what’s God’s will for me or my marriage? I will continue to pray and I pray my questions are answered, I want to feel God’s presence and desire his will whatever he wants me to do. God bless you for bringing spiritual uplifting to FACEBOOK, may God continue to bless you.

    • Stacy permalink

      If you are truly seeking God, you will be in His Will. Trust Him and listen for His voice! 🙂

  58. Jeff permalink

    I too am going through a change in seasons in my life. I’ve been without a job since June of this year. While being without a job, the Lord has revealed some things in me that need changing. Primarily me being totally dependent on Him to guide me through my life on a daily basis and not just on an as needed basis. As I dig deeper into His word, He is revealing more of my life that needs to be relinquished to Him. Hopefully as the journey continues, I will become more prepare to what He has in store for me in the future. Great passages we’ve been reading!

  59. Shelby permalink

    i think this passage was making a clear message to me because it has taken plenty of time for God to start working through me and helping me heal because of everything that goes on in my life. With everything that had been going on in the past year for school i didn’t know where to turn until i let God into my life completely, and it felt like things were different everyday which was really cool. He helped heal my heart and show me things that I’v never seen before. I started going to Church with my friend a while lot more and even worship nights which is pretty much like Church. Sometimes wen i felt lost and asked the youth pastor for advice he would give me bible verses to look up and read, they were very inspiring. I didn’t always think that God could just start making changes in your life right away, I learned to have patience because some things are worth waiting for and is a good reward in the end.

  60. Susan permalink

    I think that this passage is saying to me that Jesus is involved with us personally – if we ask him to be a part of our lives. He is a gentleman and would not interfer if not invited or asked to help. His job was to heal to help all of us with all of our issues – from the smallest to the largest they all belong to him for he is the only one equipped to handle the pressures we carry on our backs and in our hearts and souls. Only he can get in the deepest darkest places and bring out all that is not godly in us. God always reveals what you ask of him. He revealed to me by showing me a vision of myself after I asked him that powerful question “What do you want me to do with my life?” He showed me as a minister in a white robe with a cross on the front of it with a purple background made as a shield with the cross in gold on the front. Frankly, it scared me so. So much in fact that I did not pursue it – but, I asked God to forgive me and he has sent me on a journey to help individuals that come my way and I minister to anyone on the internet which reaches many of people all over the world. I do not have the white robe with the purple shield and gold cross yet, but, I got a feeling that the Lord is walking with me along my way to my destination. He’s making me feel comfortable doing what he has called me to do and I am happy with what’s going on in my life. I know that God will show you exactly what to do next on your journey and I am absolutely positive it will be amazing what you will discover from yourself and the many, many others you will bless with your words of wisdom and your experiences. Jesus walks all over the earth through us in all we do as we spread the word of God through the world in the different channels we have to use as tools. God bless you my brother in Christ.

  61. Rachelle permalink

    A few days ago I woke up with a burden in my heart. I find myself dwelling on my past hurts, humiliations and disappointments. This passage brought light to fact that I need to work more on these areas of my life. I thought I was over them, but for some odd reason the picture of these individuals still evoke anguish, rage and pain in me. Pain and anger that I didn’t think existed in my heart any longer. I realized that I haven’t completely forgiven those individuals. Maybe God is trying to tell me that I still need to work on these areas. I cannot supress nor ignore them a ny longer.

  62. Thank you Mark for the time you put into this page every day. Our God truly is Great in scripture as well as in our life. He has recently given me and my wife the calling to prepare people for the days ahead with freeze dried food. He gave us a store name Dried Food Store and the direction to also have it on the web @ He has been doing great things with the store and to Him be the Glory…Amen!

  63. I believe you are doing a great work for the Lord. Be assured of my prayers on your behalf as you continue your work for Him. I am of the opinion there is nothing greater than to be involved in God’s work. God bless you as you spread the gospel of Christ.
    In Christ love joy and peace

  64. Stacy permalink

    Wow! I never realized it before, but this is true in my life, as well. Just this summer I went on a mission trip to Haiti. While in Haiti, I experienced God in ways that I had not experienced Him in for a long time. There was one particular experience where God come to us while we were visiting an orphanage. I FELT God’s Spirit in a powerful way. It was true communion. It was the day after (if i remember correctly) that God called me into the worship ministry. This was so unexpected! I had no idea that was the direction God was calling me in. It is true that when you draw close to God, He will draw close to you and you will know His will.

  65. Evangelist Terra permalink

    Greetings Rev Mark:

    The illumination that I received from this passage was that Peter’s mother in law had an illness until Jesus was invited into the situation. People need healing in various aspects of their life. Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father and waits for people to invite him into our dismal situations. Not that He needs our permission, but Jesus is a gentleman. He will let us play little “g” god until we place Him in His preeminent place as God of our life.

  66. This is an eye opening week of bible immersion… Be encouraged Rev. Mark. As you are hearing prepare; you will also be used to prepare the way for many people. God bless you.

  67. Jessica Aguirre permalink

    What a blessing it is to read all of these comments, and to have a place to learn more about the Lord, and and his Word. I have gone through quite a bit in my marriage these past years, and I finally submitted myself and committed my life to The Lord, and a lot has changed. I’ve given up trying to do things on my own, and reached out for his guidance. He has delivered a message, but wants me to be patient. I am not ready yet. I have faith, and believe that what he has in store for me is going to impact a lot of lives around me in a beautiful way. And I will be patient, and wait for Him to call on me again. I am so in love with my new self, and my new life. My marriage has made a complete 360 for the better. We were parting ways, moving out, filing for divorce, and saying horrible things to each other. But through the Grace of God, I have been delivered, and I was baptized a few weeks ago. My mood has changed, my thinking has changed, and my husband loves me more now than ever. God is truly the ONly way to live life. I am honored and feel so blessed to have the opportunity of continuing my marriage, and keeping my family together. I know that everything else will soon fall into place. God is 1st always, and this is how I live now. Everything else is in His hands, and he will guide me through.
    Thank you for your teachings, and God Bless you in all of your journeys Rev.

  68. Thank you Jesus for the revelations you are giving your ppl as Rev. Mark helps us immerse ourselves in your Unchanging word. We become like Roman Soldiers in biblical days, that soaked their fabric-covered breastplates in water, before battle so the fiery darts shot at them lost its flame on contact with the immersed fabric and could not penetrate. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God when immersed in his living water. Thank you Jesus… King of Kings & Lord of Lords for enduring Calvary & everything u do for ME!

  69. What a great verse! To me, this means that no matter what your background, no matter what your past, you can be completely saved and have your past be driven out of you by accepting Christ!

    Praise the Lord!

  70. gretchen permalink

    We see that Jesus is The Healer, Hallelujah! But again I’m amazed that the demons knew Who He was. Oh, if only more people would open their eyes to Who He is!

  71. Jagwood permalink

    I too have been searching for what it is that God wants me to do. I feel as if I am a failure because I am unemployed and 37 years old. I am not really looking for work either because of some severe anxiety about finding a job. It is as if I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up—I don’t want to be 55 and in the same SINKING BOAT!

  72. Sandy permalink

    The thing that strikes me is that at the times when Jesus rebuked the demons, they “knew” who he was. They called him by name, and knew that he is the Son of God. Yet we know people who deny those very things about him, people who are in the church, as well as the world.
    It isn’t a matter of having faith or believing. The demons had no “faith” in Christ. They didn’t have to believe he was real or who he said he is, they “knew” him; but they have no salvation.
    They don’t have a relationship with him. Peter had a relationship with Jesus. It was based on love. That is what gives me hope. It is because Jesus loves me, that I have something that even fallen angels can never have.
    Jesus came into the personal parts of believers, and loves us. He has the authority to clean out whatever stands in his way. He spoke to the sickness with authority. He spoke to the demons with authority. He does the same for us. Praise Jesus!!!

  73. Van Pruittt permalink

    People may not know who Jesus is but the demons certainly know who he is.

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