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1 Week Bible Immersion Experience – Day one!

October 19, 2009

Luke 4:1-13 : Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry. The devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.” Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone.'” The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me, it will all be yours.”

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’’”

The devil led him to Jerusalem and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down from here. 10For it is written: “‘He will command his angels concerning you to guard you carefully; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.'”

Jesus answered, “It says: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.'” When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.

Though I haven’t spent 40 days in the desert, I can absolutely relate to Jesus’ experience here. I am actively seeking after God, looking to be led by the Spirit, to be full of the Holy Spirit. And what happens to Jesus? He is tempted. The devil works on his physical needs by tempting Jesus to turn the rocks into bread. Then the devil tries to tempt Jesus with power and authority with the offer of the kingdoms of the world, and the final temptation is to see if God really does care for Jesus.

So when Jesus is really close to His Father he is also greatly tempted. This is my experience, when I feel closest to God is when the temptations increase. Why is this? The devil hates to see me really grow as a Christian, and will use every device it can to draw me away from God. Whether it is my physical needs, or an interest in power and authority, or whether God really does have a plan for me.. whatever it takes, the temptation does increase. But so what!!! I know how to respond, Jesus quotes Scripture, Jesus answers the temptation with truth. Jesus refuses to accept the lies the devil presents.

So when I am tempted, I too should answer with Scripture, which means, I really need to know the Bible. Which is why part of drawing near to God is reading His Word and opening ourselves to the truth, rather than being drawn away by the lies of the enemy.

What are your thoughts on this passage? Please leave your comments below. I really look forward to growing and learning with you!

God bless,

Rev Mark


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  1. charread09 permalink

    This is one of my fav passages about Jesus. I think it is one of the first ways Jesus shows us how to combat spiritual warfare and it is by saying “It is written”/ Wrote something similar to this just this past week on my blog called called “Why All the What Ifs” Glad to have found your site.

    • We must do exactly what God did when he was tempted by satan,we must use the weapon on him the word,we must speak the word to satan,we must resist the devil and he will flee,also seek God daily,the closer we get to God the more satan is gonna come but we must stand on Gods word.

    • gydonnal permalink

      a good sign for when you are getting close to god,is when the devil starts tempting you.

    • Cindy permalink

      Oh yeah, that liar will do anything he can to draw us away from God! He uses anything he can to deceive us into thinking that we are not good enough for God! But, God did give us the weapon we need to fight that evil one. His Word! Just like Jesus we must proclaim God’s Word, it is our protection! We must always put on the full armor of God and then we have nothing to fear!

    • April permalink

      As a Christian we can expect to be persecuted, we can expect to be tempted by the devil in ways that we may not even recognize: maybe it will come in the form of a friend calling up and saying “you are not going to believe what i heard about…” there isd the temtation to gossip. Maybe for a wife who is not being treated as she deserves by her husband it will come in the form of a man who flatters her and makes her feel special makes her feel important, or for a man whose wife doesn’t have the time to clean the house, work,take care of children, maybe the temptation will come while the wife is too tired, Satan is always out there trying to tempt us away from Christ as he tried to tempt Jesus from God it may not be him taking us physically to one location and showing us physical temptations as he did with Jesus in the book of Luke but if we armor up in God by studying and learning His word, and praying, accepting the overwhelming sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit will we recognize a temptation and rebuke the devil in the name of our precious Jesus’name.

    • jeaniede permalink

      I have know idea how I even landed on your page except by GOD. I am truly being tested in my life at the moment but I know GOD has me in HIS “boot-camp”.I openly except all the temptations the devil wants to put in front of me.
      Thank-you for you. jeanie

    • Dannette permalink

      Bible Immersion Week 1 Luke 4:1-13
      Tested by the Devil
      When I was reading this passage, I read too deeply into the passage. Then I prayed and relaxed. I noticed that when the devil wanted Jesus to do something wrong, Jesus responded with scripture what was right. I know that when I am tempted, I don’t quote scripture, will pray and ask for help for the correct way to deal with the situation. I do want to get closer with God. Thanking God and Rev. Mark for this opportunity.

  2. Awesome I love it!

  3. i love this scripture, it is so true the closer that we get to God, satan tries even harder to keep our eyes off of heaven. i find this at work alot, where i am really struggling. please pray for me for every day, but especially in my job where it is so easy to get caught up in the drama, peoples attitudes and their games.

    • Teri Lynn permalink

      I so understand about work Mary T. I long to do more for God and rise above the politics of the office. I will pray for you. Please pray for me too. The enemy is out there and he can be right their in the workplace. I find having a scripture above my desk helpful. Mine says:
      “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You, Oh Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

    • Lynn Ray permalink

      Mary, I understand your frustration. It becomes even more frustrating when your co-workers go around quoting scripture and talking about God’s word while at the same time they are working against you.

  4. Denise permalink

    Like this – Isn’t it unfortunate that it takes the devil to bring us closer to God. Guess he is gambling that it will do just the opposite

  5. “I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me, it will all be yours.” This passage here just goes to show that satan has dominion over the earth. It took a long time to get that.But I think it is vital to tell people, we are in this earth but not of this earth. We are here to transform earth into heaven. Thats my 2 cents worth.

    • …or Satan is lying… he is the “father of lies” so his “dominion” may be less substantial than then he or we know… especially since Satan certainly believes his own press so to speak… just a thought, and this is not to deny that there are powers and principalities that have gone awry in our world since the fall… just not sure I trust a statement as grandiose by a creature that refuses to be what God created it to be. The question or temptation being presented to the Lord is one of faith. For instance, in light of Psalm 2, Jesus has a promise form God concerning the very thing Satan is supposedly offering him here. Jesus chooses to “worship” only his Father and refuses to believe the lie proffered by the evil one. Instead, Jesus was willing to trust the promise of the Father to him whereas Adam and progeny haven’t be so willing.

  6. In His Word permalink


  7. Kim permalink

    Yes, this is so true. The times I am trying to draw closer to God is when I experience the most opposition. I often fail on knowing the word better to combat the enemy though. This is where I need to concentrate more.

    • i love it…i think that temptations do draw you closer to god but on the other hand i think that people think that when you are close to god nothing is supposed to happen but that is where faith comes in…things do happen but as long as you have faith in the lord and believe that he is the ONE all things will come out better in the end so with that being said having temptations everyday throughout your life always remember no matter what, jesus christ will be there through EVERYTHING.

  8. Barbara permalink

    Rev Mark,

    I completely agree. I have found that when I am responding in obedience to God the temptations become greater and I have to really rely upon my knowledge of scripture. I wish I could say that I’ve arrived, but I haven’t. I do take great solace in knowing that Jesus was tempted and it serves to encourage me to dig deeper in the Word to combat the temptations.

  9. Kimm permalink

    I totally agree. It is too easy to give in and go the wrong way in this life. I think we all need to walk daily in God’s word and praise him in the things we do. It sounds so simple, but yet we seem to let everything in life get in the way of doing just that. Thank you for this daily Bible blog and putting right back in our face where it belongs. THANK YOU!

  10. Catriana Donovan permalink

    Just a thought….Jesus was the second Adam because the first Adam failed and we needed another one to restore us. So, as an interesting thought, we may ask ourselves who we want to follow: Adam (the world) or Jesus (acting as Himself). We know the outcome of both of their decisions.

    • Robin permalink

      I have never thought of it that way. Thank you for your insight. It is something I will ponder and reflect on.

  11. Teri permalink

    I agree we really do need to know the scriptures… to be able to recall them and keep saying them over and over again…
    being close to the Father is so important..

  12. lalala permalink

    Hello, I just have a quick question about this passage: Do you think Jesus hesitated while Satan was tempting him?

    • Lori Evilsizor permalink

      I don’t think he hesitated a minute. I am sure that he was prepared for Satan.

    • I agree with L. Evilsizor, don’t think he hesitated…He knew the word (great question !!!!

      “…But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak. For it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak; for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of the Father who speaks in you…” Matthew 10:19-20

      the disiples were well trained and throughly understood the word of God. that is why we need to study. Fantastic question!!!

      • Kris permalink

        Jesus is the Word. ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.”
        John 1:1-2… so no he did not hesitate, He already knew he would be tempted because He was God!

  13. R. Jordan permalink

    I totally agree with you Rev. Mark. The enemy tries to tempt us in so many ways-especially when we are getting a closer relationship with the Lord. I have especially noticed this in my own walk with the Lord. I’ve LEARNED to just pray, fast, and stay in the Word even more to get that much closer to the Lord.

  14. Alex permalink

    I see this passage not so much as a warning, but kind of as a heads-up saying that we’ll be tempted by earthly needs during our weakest moments, and sometimes the enemy may retaliate using our own word against us, trying to make us feel like we don’t really know God’s word, but to be saved from this temptation, we need to be confident of our knowledge of God’s word through and through. We can’t forget, though, that the Bible is not only used for defending our beliefs, but strengthening them. If we memorize the word and take no notice of how the meaning affects us then what is it really here for?

    • This is true. The Word of God is the Sword- part of the armor of God. I find that we can read the same scriptural passage during our trials and temptations and that same passage will address our needs at that time. The scriptures are alive because Jesus IS the Living Word. Praise God!!!

  15. Scott J Faria permalink

    I absolutely love what you are doing here with your website and facebook page, it really is great. I hope you reach as many people as you can and let God’s word reach the masses. As for this passage, I found it very profound. I never thought about the Devil’s temptations in that way, that the closer I am trying to get to God that the Devil is after me that much harder. Wow, what a tool to have, recognition. If we realize that, then we can fight the battle with the appropriate weapons, in this case, scripture. Thank you for this Mark, I have you on my FB page so everyone can see. I hope you reach a few of my friends. God bless you, Scott Faria

  16. Connie permalink

    It has been my experience too that the closer I get in my relationship with God the more I get attacked. I have also seen that the worst attacks come when God is just about to do something wonderful in my life. The attacks can come in all three of these ways, my physical needs, emotional needs and casting doubts on my relationship with Him. Like do I really believe what He has told me? Am I good enough?

    The thing that I resently realized is not just that He loves me unconditionally, but the awesome realization that as I accepted His love and forgiveness through Christ; God sees me the same as He sees Christ…Christ in me…and He can do this because on the cross He saw ME in Christ. That just blew my mind

    I have also noticed that new believers are also very vulnerable, because they are not as knowledgeable of scripture. They can be easily led astray by those who preach a destorted Gospel and put the emphasis on anything other than grace and forgiveness of sins.

    scripture and knowing it helps so much as specific ones will pop into my mind at just the right time. Reminding me that He is with me and will keep His promises. Of course I don’t always listen at first but, that odesn’t affect our relationship, I am still loved.

    What I always found interesting about this particular event is the things satan used to try to tempt Jesus were also things Jesus already possesed.

    • I know what you mean. I’ve experienced this lately. I was asked 2 times to do a certain job in our church but I kept making excuses as to why I couldn’t do it. It finally dawned on me the 3rd time that it was God asking me to do it and I didn’t want to tell God no for the 3rd time so I said yes. You would think I would have learned that when I was asked 5 times to do another job at church and I kept saying no. I was looking for a sign from God as to whether it was His will or not for me to do it. The morning I asked God to send a sign I received a phone call from someone at church telling me the only other person who had come forward to do that particular job had called and backed out. There was no one else but me. So, that was my sign. God delivered. So, I said yes and had to confess my sin and ask for forgiveness. The temptation was thinking that I wasn’t physically or financially able to do the job-which was a lie from the devil. Sometimes it takes hitting me over the head to recognize God. I thank Him & Praise Him for His continued patience with me.

    • Stacy permalink

      What a comforting insight! I did not realize that Satan was tempting Jesus with things he already possessed. How amazing is that??? In our Father, we have EVERYTHING. There’s nothing Satan could tempt us with that we don’t already have.

  17. BRENDA LEE permalink


    • Sue permalink

      Brenda, I have found that the more time you spend seeking the truth and understanding of his word the faster I can learn and recall it. Ask God daily as you set down with His word for clear understanding and for that word to become a part of you. You will be able to recall it when needed. Blessings

  18. mariana permalink

    I want to tell you that I look forward to yur writings everyday, for the last 6 1/2 months i have been through a major loss in my life, even though it was not from death. I know that tempation and satan are after me 10 fold when I pray for forgiveness, peace and comfort. I continue to pray harder and harder and look for scripture to bring peace and resolve to my life.

    A little background, my boyfriend of 3 yrs left withut a letter or word due to some mental health issues and medications and I feel that he is struggling internally with himself and his family about being able to return. THe night before he left he sat with me and we talked about the future and what we wanted and how we would acheive it together. He also told me that he was mad with himself for not focusingon God and that he had lost his faith and wanted to start back to church. I was soo excited for this and next thing I knew, he was gone. Please pray hard for his soul, his mental health healing and his safe return to our home so we can be the family and start the family we spoke about and have been praying about

    • i will pray also for you to find a church home (if you don’t have one) and that you are support by the Love of God through your church family. This is an important part of our lives. We need the help and support of our neighbor so that we are able to stand. Our plans are not always the plans that God have for us but I pray that He will strenghten you and lead you in the will that He has for your life. Love and Peace to you-Shalom

  19. I have been going through some of the same stuff because I am trying to get closer to God and all that you have been writing about the past few weeks has related to me most intensely. And Satan has been trying to mess with me in a few areas. You are right you do have to know the Word or he will cause you to stumble. The more Word we have the better off we are. I am in my 50’s and it is harder to remember so I pray daily that I can keep what I need to defend against the wiles of the devil…Keep up the Good Work

  20. marla permalink

    I agree with you. We must put on the full armour of God each and every day. That also means the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. How can we fight the enemy without knowing our most powerful weapon. We cannot conquer the enemy in our own strength but through the word of God along with our faith. Amen!!!

  21. Billy permalink

    im a truly believer in jesus christ. im a walking miracle of his work. he has been there for me at every minute.i love him and he is my strength through the devils work. i recommend everyone have a relationship with think you got peace now,just take the lord as your savior and he’ll take you far,,AMEN

  22. Corinna permalink

    I think this passage is a good reminder of Christians, that even Jesus was tempted by Satan, in order for man to learn. I think this Word shows reminds us that as we draw nearer to God, not to forget that our enemy Satan will always be there to try to drive a wedge between us and God. I think every Christian probably has these struggles and that if we can remember that persevering through Satan’s temptations, that we will prevail with the power of God on our side. We just have to have faith!

    I’d also like to say that this is a great way for people to reflect on scripture. We do need scripture in order to rebuke Satan. One of the hardest things can be to maintain a daily reading of the Bible, but I find when I stick to it and read everyday, that my relationship with God stays close. I encourage those who are struggling with temptation, and even those who don’t think they are, to spend some time in the Word everyday. I have found it really helps me maintain a stronger faith.

  23. Tami Newport permalink

    How many times have we read this passage or heard it preached without realizing its full meaning. Jesus was in a rare state of vulnerablility in His human body. A place where all of us at one time sit. He is then completely relatable here. Yes, I know He responds with “It is written”, but we are weak minded individuals have to act all strong and defend ourselves. And, unlike our blessed Lord this is an area we sure need to improve on. But what really ministered to me this time reading this was realizing Jesus was vulnerable like me. I can quote the word, when I think of it. I just have to remember its ok to be vulnerable, & I don’t have to prove otherwise.

  24. Shirley permalink

    I have also found the greatest struggles are when God is getting ready to do something bigger and better in my life or the lives of those around me. Satan loves to cast the doubts and have us question Gods word. We need to soak in Gods word so that we can stand on it when we are tempted. So many times I have heard a new christian make a false statement about God because they have been lied to and haven’t yet learned to go to the bible to find the truth. When we are tempted we need to let Christ within us shine through us.

  25. gretchen permalink

    These verses have always encouraged me, giving me desire to be more like Jesus. I’ve read the Bible quite a few times through and am still learning more each time. I do struggle with memorizing, maybe it’s not so much that but it seems that I don’t have many opportunities to quote it. I dunno. I’m trusting God to bring it to mind when needed.

  26. Teri Lynn permalink

    I have just recently learned to talk out loud to satan in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and savior to get BEHIND me and rebuke him and send him to the foot of the cross to be judged by our Savior. He can NOT have me. All believers are God’s children and if we turn from saton and run to God He will catch us up in His arms every single time! So awesome! What a blessing!

    • Kimberly Dees permalink

      I, too, have recently learned this – or maybe overcame my fear of this – I speak out loud to rebuke satan. I guess I finally feel firm in my faith and belief that God trumps satan, evil, bad things, etc. at all times and in all ways. I new this in my heart, but my human brain took some time to catch up. 🙂 Recently my daughter was going through something and I even anointed her door and room with oil as well as rebuking Satan (out loud). I used to feel I shouldn’t do these kinds of things – they were for other more Godly or something. How wrong I was – God gives all believers this authority, through our belief in His Son.

  27. Dustin permalink

    Knowing what God has told us in His word is an essential key to following His direction. There are always answers we can find in the Bible, for any situation, it’s like an owner’s manual to life.

  28. cathy haynes permalink

    If Christ was hit three times straight AFTER His 40 day fast, of course the enemy will strike when we make any attempt to draw closer to God. However, His Word says that when we draw near God, God draws near us. Sometimes it’s hard to get when the storm is right on us, but, like you said, having His Word in us is a mighty weapon. Sometimes it’s the only weapon I seem to have. But then again it’s all I need.

  29. Well Rev. Mark…the devils tempts us in anyway there is especially in the areas we are desiring something more in from God. His words says resist the devil and he will flee from you. When temptations come we have to have the word hide in our hearts so we can have it when we need it. Being a born christian I sometimes finds it hard to remember what God says in His words when I become most vulnerable when things aren’t going good and I let my feelings get in the way instead of relying on His words. I tend to let flesh take control when I should be relying on the spirit man. You see when there’s no one there at this time in your life that you can rely on in a physical form…you tend to grab hold to whomever comes your way to a certain degree. Sometimes their there for the right reasons and then there’s on the hand for the wrong reasons. If it’s not what you want you are going to remember God’s words but sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. And then the word is no avail. You know if these temptations comes you can handle them but again certain times when it comes and you sometime think on them or even almost act on them you have to ask Him forgiveness…that you are sorry but you still unclean what then? And I know that we should use the word when temptations comes but the mind gets clogged up with feelings and emotions. Please pray for me that will continue to hear His voice.
    God Bless You


  30. keith whitley permalink

    When I started reading the bible about 30 years ago i was also practicing karate. These verses stood out to me because of the way you prepare in karate for an adversary.
    In karate you prepare for an attack by imagining how you will respond. If someone swings at you, there is no thinking about the response, you just respond in the way you have trained.
    I believe we see in Jesus’ response here, that when we have a deep understanding of the Word, we react with the word to defuse any attack by the enemy of our souls.
    Jesus goes all Bruce Lee, scriptural Ninja, on Satan. Fending off any attack using the Word like nun chucks. Yeah I know……. Just the way I see it.

    • Julia permalink

      Amen! Exactly how I see it too. We must know and understand our enemy and know how we will respond to his attacks before they happen because they will happen. We are given the weapons for the battle but I’m not sure all of us have sharpened our skills like they need to be in order to win. Christ is all sufficient, He has given us all we need, we must use what we have been given. As we disciple, we need to be sure we are teaching how to fight the battles that will be faced daily. Thank you Jesus for the victory!

      • Kimberly Dees permalink

        I have an autistic son and one of the things we used to help him with behavior issues was called Social Stories – which are kind of what you are talking about. The theory behind Social Stories is that you write a story about a situation with a “map” of how to handle that situation, the you read and reread your Social Stories to make mental connections so that when the situation arises you will respond in the manner of your Social Story because you have practiced or trained in that way. Same goes with knowing the WORD – It gives you preparation for situations so that you will respond with God’s Word or how God has instructed you.

  31. mary permalink

    myself i know with my situation the devil has tried to knock me down, this past year has been the hardest and i have relied on God’s help to get me through this year. and the devil has tried to tempting me, so i knock the devil down and say in Jesus name i rebuke thee. i have lived this past year through the grace of God, i am no saint and i rely only on the strength of Jesus, and his wisdom.

  32. Thank you. This Scripture came exactly at the moment on a day when I really needed it. I’ve been racking my brain as to why I am struggling so much against a certain temptation, and this passage helped me to find out why. I appreciate what you are doing. God bless you, Mark.

  33. Lori permalink

    Adrian Rogers told the following story: “A farmer and his farmhand went duck hunting. The farmer said to his friend, “You’re always talking about fighting with the devil. I’m not a Christian, and I never have to fight with the devil.” The farmhand answered, “Boss, if you and I shot two ducks, one was wounded and one was dead, which one would you go after first?” He said, “Well, I guess the wounded duck.” He said, “That’s right. The devil knows you’re a dead duck.”

    If Satan is not tempting you, it’s because he knows he doesn’t have to. Satan goes after the ones that are getting away.

  34. Meagan permalink

    I find that reading this passage Jesus is showing us an example (which is how he taught everyone) of how to stand strong in His Word and in His truth – and Mark, your absolutely right! When we are closest to GOD we are tempted the most, but that’s ok because we are HIS children!! There isn’t nothing we can’t do 😀 Thanks Mark for these wonderful teachings!!! GOD Bless ❤

  35. I really like this scripture, because I once was a sinner, and now that I’m saved, the devil comes at me with alot of temptation and tries to work on my weakness, but I just say In the name of Jesus, and he flees away. Praise God for your emails with daily scriptures, They are motivating, may God continue to bless you and keep you.

  36. Mitch A permalink

    I think this is a great passage, because it always reminds us to always have faith and not be tempted no matter how bad you want the temptation.

  37. This is very important. Learning and knowing scripture is essential to our warfare against the enemy. There is a reason the Word of God is called the Sword of the Spirit. Learning, knowing, and speaking scripture is our weapon of warfare and it empowers the Holy Spirit in battle against Satan and his demons. To know scripture at a moments notice will enable you to stand againts the fiery darts of the wicked one. No matter what he tries to throw at you, you will be able to put your foot in his neck and make him flee from you. The only power the enemy has is what we give him and if we know God’s word, when he does launch an attack, we can launch a counter-attack and leave the enemy fleeing and powerless.

  38. Karen permalink

    You said it when you said, “I really need to know the bible.” That is so true and I know reciting scripture is my weak area and one that I keep saying that I’m going to improve upon. This lesson just drives home the importance of why we all need to remember scripture. Please pray with me that this will come easier for me and everyone else who struggles with the same difficulties. Thank you & May God Bless you all.

  39. Kelly Vereide permalink

    It really hits home for me. I am trying so hard to grow in my Christian faith, to learn more about the Word, through God’s works, and to not be tempted by others. I have several friends who are very uncomfortable with talking about their faith and I try so hard not to push my Christain beliefs on them. It’s so difficult to draw myself in to not be tempted and let my anger or judgements out there and to still let them know how much I love the Lord and want them to be a part of that without having them pull away from me or feel uncomfortable. I do believe Jesus is working through me though! I have brought several friends closer to God through my church and will continue on my journey drawing closer to God and being full of joy and faith.

  40. Sheila permalink

    Oh how Satan tempts us when we are weak! This so reminds me of nature TV where they show predator and prey! The predator always seeks out the weak prey in a herd and then attacks! Satan’s attacks can be vicious and at times we feel like we have been wounded unto death! Fear not Christian brothers and sisters…..Jesus is on His throne and we have the power of the Almighty to call on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Thanks Brother Mark! This is going to be an awesome journey!

  41. Leah permalink

    thank you.this is a beautiful passage that still rings true today.if you resist the devil, he will flee. sometimes we have to fast & its not for 40 days in the desert, but the devil will come at you to renounce God & follow him. lately when the devil reminds me of my past,i remind him of his future…. once again,thanks for some much needed Word.

  42. Keisha permalink

    This passage is true….The closer I get to the Lord the more I get tempted…this journey I’m taking is a hard and yet often tempting journey…but I know that when I make it to the Lord I will all be worth it. The devil will not and cannot have me…

  43. Diane Walker permalink

    There is so much for us to learn from this passage. First of all, Jesus had just come from the Jordan where He was baptised by John, the Holy Spirit came upon Him and the Father screamed out from heaven, “You are my son whom I love; with you I am well pleased”. Wow! What a spiritual high He must have felt, at least I know I would have.
    Next, The Holy Spirit led Him into the desert. He wasn’t led there by the devil. The first thing He did in the desert was to fast for 40 days. Interesting…it took 40 days of rain to clense the earth in Noah’s day…After sinning in the desert, it took 40 years to cleanse the Hebrew people before they could enter the promised land. Jesus fasted for 40 days before He faced the every form of temptation that we could face.
    First was the physical temptation. When ever we allow ourselves to get hungry (spiritually) we get weak. The devil knows we are weak and pounces on our physical weaknesses.
    Then he attacks our physical desires. He tries to bribe us with power and possessions.
    Fianlly he tries to tempt us with pride. Just as he did with Adam and Eve in the garden. He took Jesus to the pinacle of the temple and tried to get Him to reveal His diety before the proper time. How many times does he try to get us to rush Gods timing?
    We need to learn when and how he tempts us so we can be prepared and grounded inGods word and prayer. And when he comes against us we need to follow Jesus example. Jesus didn’t argue with him, he didn’t debate. He simply quoted scripture and rebuked the devil. The devil had no choice but to flee from Him and he will flee from us as well.

    • Stacy permalink

      Amen. God really spoke to me through your comment “How many times does he try to get us to rush Gods timing?” It is so true! I’m in a wonderful season of relationship right now. I’m so happy because I think I may have found “the one”. But I don’t feel that God has marriage on the horizon very near into the future. He wants me to wait, and it is so hard to be patient. I believe I am in the right relationship. I believe it is God’s plan. But I have to wait on HIS timing. It’s not enough to be with the right person. It has to be the right time. Please pray for me to be patient!

  44. Love this passage..! I also have a question if this is okay.. Why is it that when I read my word it feels to me that I’m not grasping hold to it. I feel that as soon as I read it I forget it, and this is a big discouragment for me. I know I need the Lord’s word to fight with, and God know I try and try hard. I just need some help on what to do about this.

    • Hi Keisha,

      It’s great that you are so honest in your question. I wonder, even if it ‘feels’ that you are not grasping on to it, if you look back maybe you will see the work that God’s word is doing in you and how much is staying with you? Maybe not in dramatic thunderbolt moments but in a gradual transformation? Also, personally, reading scripture as part of my own walk is hugely important but I know that the bits I remember best are those that have been chewed over in a group, maybe even where there has been a difference of opinion which has pushed us to go deeper into understanding the passage. Are you part of a small group where you get to discuss scripture?

    • Kimberly Dees permalink

      I think that some times what we read in the Bible doesn’t have “meaning” for our life in this world at the precise point in time – so you may feel like it didn’t connect somehow. But I believe that when the time comes for it to be meaningful in your life, it will come back to you and it will guide you, bring you peace, or whatever God intended for it to do. Don’t worry, reading God’s Word is ALWAYS important, meaningful, helpful, inspiring, guiding, peace and comfort giving – just not necessarily all of those things at once. Hope this makes sense and helps you.

  45. Elena Diane Smith permalink

    It is true that the closer we get to God, the more temptations the devil throws in our path. If you can ony have one book in the world, let it be the Holy Bible. If you have a question, look for the answer in the Bible. It may take a lot of searching, but the answer is there. The Bible is the Work of God, and it is the Word of God. Thanks, Mark, for hosting this blog.

  46. Shalom/Peace,
    I have read this passage many times but until about two weeks ago I read the same account in Matthew and got a new revelation about what was happening. Often when we read this passage we already have in mind the knowledge of who Y’shua (Jesus) was and the works that He has done concerning the cross. We have our faith in Him being God in the flesh, therefore we see a picture of God in His awesome power. However, we forget that the spirit of God in the flesh is a picture of us. And though the spirit of God dwells in us, we still have struggles with our flesh, just as Y’shua (Jesus) did.

    In reading this passage a couple of weeks ago, I found myself seeing Y’shua, as a man, in the flesh with the spirit of God being tempted by satan. Not taking away from the fact that He is God but to understand that He being God in the flesh and knowing the power He had did not exclude Him from being tempted by satan. Before when I read this and if we have ever watched a reenactment we see Y’shua in all His power, strong and firm. We often separate satan as a seperate entity (physcially in a form of a serpent or an evil person). I believe this passage to be a battle in the flesh but a battle of the mind.

    Y’shua (Jesus) in all His glory in the flesh was face to face with a battle to do the will of God or to do the will of His flesh. When we fast we are tempted to eat and if you’ve ever fasted for a long period of time, it is a battle of the mind to overcome the fleshly desire of food, and this was the battle Y’shua (Jesus) was fighting.

    Y’shua (Jesus) knowing before hand the walk that was before Him and the bitterness and harshness and hatred that He would endure unto death, and along comes satan offering Him an easy way out—“all this authority I will give you…” But of course because he is satan there are always situlations to his offers. We often deal with this evil when we are called to do the work of God and we know the road ahead is bittersweet. When we know that the will of God will cause bitterness, harshness or hatred we often give into the evilness of compromise. But we must remember to respond as Y’shua (Jesus) did.

    And the last method is the worst evil. Y’shua (Jesus) having the spirit of God and being Y’shua (Jesus) is tempted about who He really is. It just proves that even Y’shua (Jesus) had the same test that we have. We are constantly tried and test about who we are and the power and authority we have through Y’shua (Jesus). He was our example and in everything He did, there is a lesson.

    Y’shua’s (Jesus’s) first response was specific and very important. I believe His response is for us as well as satan.

    “…Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God…” This is so important for us to understand, because there is such separation in christianty because we are not “…living by every word of God…” There is only One God (Deut 6:4) There is only one way, to God (Y’shua/Jesus) there is only one lifestyle and that is Holiness according to God’s word not according to religion or denomination. There is only one King and one Kingdom, and there is only one constitution in the kingdom and that is the word of God.

    Y’shua’s second response was equally important, but this response was directly aimed at what satan had offered, (but still key for us to take note of):

    “…Get behind Me, satan! for it is written, You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve…” Through Adam’s disobedience man entered the realm of death and darkness and in this realm evil has power and authority. But God has power over All things, even satan. Through Y’shua’s (Jesus) life, death and resurrection, and by the spirit of God we now have our dominion and authority restored, and because God lives in us, satan has NO power over us. So evil offer of authority was a lie, and very decptive. True authority can only be given by God. Y’shua (Jesus) quotes the commandment of God “…You shall worship the LORD your God and Him only you shall serve…” because God’s word through His commandments have power. They are God’s Commands and even satan is subject to the commandments of God (this is the reason he was cast from Heaven because He would not obey). His commandments are His word, the same word that spoke creation into exsistence and the same word that we are commanded to live by.

    Y’shua’s third response, just as important as the other two, and again He uses the commandment of God in response to satan’s offer. (take note that satan left after this because where the word of God is the presence of God and where His presence is, evil cannot dwell.)

    “…It has been said, You shall not tempt the lord your God..” To question or tempt Y’shua was, is the quesiton and tempt God. This was the same temptation that Israel was punished for. (Exodus 17:2) This temptation or testing implies a lack of faith and belief in God and His authority and sovereignty. This is evil and decptive and implies that maybe God is not able. satan also uses the same tactic as he did with eve and uses the word of God in his plan of deception. This is very dangerous. The word of God is Holy and there is harsh penalities when we use the word of God for our own agenda, and to promote our own evil plans.

    I believe that Y’shua (Jesus) was tested and tempted just as we are tested and tempted and the lesson that we are to learn is just as you suggested Rev Mark, we must know the word and act according to the word to overcome the test and temptation of satan.

  47. Dorthy Porter permalink

    Jesus was just baptised by John his cousin,even being the son of God he was was born in a human body just like all of us are.God sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in him to give him the power and the strength for his ministry on earth.Jesus spent alot of time in prayer and fasting.This is the first mention of fasting.When the body is weak the spirit grows strong.To have the power of the Holy Spirit to have signs and wonders the flesh must be crucified.How do you do this to get to this level.Know one is greater than the master.Some gifts are free others take work and sacrifice on our part.Step 1.The gift of salvation is free for all sinners by just excepting Jesus into our hearts.Step baptised as a outward show to the world that you have changed Step 3.Ask the Holy Spirit to take up resident inside you.Step4. start getting into the word of God read the bible meditate on what it says.Step 5.Start living the bible,put on the new man.Step 6.Become sanctified,live with the whole armor of God,live with the fruits of the spirit pouring out of you like a fountain.Step 7.If this has not been done break your alabaster box give everything to Jesus,all your hidden problems ,feelings memories good or bad,forgiveness to self,others and God.give him your dreams ,fears,and hearts desires.Step 8.Ask God what his will for your life is,at this point be willing to give your will up and do his.Step 9 be willing to fast,pray,bible read.Jesus realised to do what his father had called him to do took fourty days of fasting,alone time with God and being tempted in all areas.To hit a ministry level with signs and wonders where demons are cast out,people are healed,blind see,deaf speak ,disease has to listen it takes fasting ,the heavenly father does this when relationship is restored with him.Some people where healed in the Bible and some where made whole.WE have access to the heavenly Father because Jesus stood in the gap for our sins.We are to stand in the gap for Jesus when we become christains to the world or the sinners.The Holy Spirit gives us the needed power to be ambasaders for Jesus to the sinners.To spread the gospel of God and the Salvation plan of Jesus.God is willing to give us the power to heal,sit captives free by offering them Jesus.The deeper things of God take getting alone with God and prayer and fasting,take your map the Bible out and walk in Jesus foot steps.

    • Carol permalink

      I say yes and AMEN!! I totally agree and am a walking testamony to all of this! It does work and helps tremendously. While you still slide down the slope, it becomes easier to dig in and through the Holy Spirt make the slide down more slow and less frequent. The way back up also becomes less challenging because through all this you see your true idnetity and value that Christ sees you as. Thereby giving the enemy one less tactic to use against you. Also it’s very important that our lives (& possessions) are a living sacrifice to Christ. We must be willing to do or move in whatever way God wants us to.

      • Carol permalink

        By the way, I’m an Army wife.. single-parenting during a deployment to Afghanistan. I know my share of problems and struggles. 🙂

  48. I know we are tempted on a daily basis. You are right we need to be in the word daily and know the word. I am so thankful that Jesus has given us the same authority over the enemy that he has. So many times we forget we can stand against the enemy and cast down any and all things that come against us with the word and the blood.
    Thanks for all the imput!
    Debbie Miles

    • Carol permalink

      Oh I agree! We are more than conquerors when we live in Christ. We already have the victory through Him, we just need to stand and claim it.

  49. Tracy permalink

    Knowing that we are living in this world, is scary. But we do not need to BE a part of this world. The devil is very real, but God is so much more. Salvation through Jesus Christ is what will get us though. Think of him, talk to him. Because while he was on the cross, you were on his mind. Give him that back.

  50. Mark Wade permalink

    It is so true! Whenever I am feeling the closest to God is when I am attacked. I know that His Word is the answer and I must stay in it daily to have it “hid in my heart” so the Spirit can use it. It is comforting to know as well that Jesus was tempted as I am. He defeated Satan and I know with His help I can too.

  51. Dorthy Porter permalink

    Satan does flee when the word of God is threw back at him.Demons have to listen to the word of God.A person who has fasted forty days that is saved ,sactified and filled with the Holy Spirit does have power because of what was done on the cross by Jesus.shekinaha Glory feel on Jesus when he was baptised.Shekinaha Glory also can fall on people today.God has not changed.Faith is a major key to unlocking different levels with God.

  52. Kelly Marquize permalink

    I love how the scripture says that Jesus was hungry. No doubt this was a physical hunger, but I also believe that it was a spiritual hunger. Jesus was hungry for the presence of His Father just as we are. He also told Satan that you cannot live by bread alone; you must have fellowship with God. Being in His Word is one way to do this. The other thing I like about this passage is that Jesus had to be baptized before He was led to the desert. Wow…can you imagine trying to resist Satan without the help of the Holy Spirit? As believer’s, we too have to receive the Holy Spirit in order to stand against the enemy and his schemes. Thank You, Jesus for that power!

  53. Dorthy Porter permalink

    Satan does flee when the word of God is threw back at him.Demons have to listen to the word of God.A person who has fasted forty days that is saved ,sactified and filled with the Holy Spirit does have power because of what was done on the cross by Jesus.shekinaha Glory fell on Jesus when he was baptised.Shekinaha Glory also can fall on people today.God has not changed.Faith is a major key to unlocking different levels with God.

  54. Jennifer permalink

    Great Message.

  55. I have fallen away from God and I let temtation take hold of me. Im trying to find WHO I AM IN Christ! I just started going back to a bible based church and Me and my boyfriend Rick need all the prayer we can get. Thank You! Krystal

  56. Sam Mekhail permalink

    Jesus answers the temptation with truth………..

    This statement stopped me for a while. This is our problem. We should follow Jesus way. However, we do it on our ways. I need to read more the bible to answer like my Lord did. Thanks Rev. Mark, God bless you.

  57. Alison permalink

    It is very real, that satan is alive and well especially when we are pressing into our Father more and more. But note that Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and led in the Holy Spirit in the desert. When we are in our desert seasons, we tend to withdraw from being led by the Holy Spirit, but it is in this time that we are to be getting led. As we allow God to lead us, we will be strengthened to walk alongside God through the trials and storms of the enemy. We will walk in victory as we also stand upon the Word,( just as Jesus did ). God is clearly showing us, that with faith, the Word and the Holy Spirit, we too can be overcomers.

  58. Debbie permalink

    This scripture is so timely for me . It helps me to understand to be like Christ we will have test and temptation as he did . But we must follow his example in order to be victorious we must spend time in the word so when the tempation comes we are prepared . The time is now get ready before the storm .

  59. Carol permalink

    It is true we are under attack on a daily basis, we do need to be vigilant to the enemies tactics. He does tend to be repititous at first. We need to remember through Christ we have no fear, and the battle however large is already won on our behalf at the cross. Do not be discouraged or fearful, just keep repenting and trying harder next time. One of the enemies tactics is to make us think we have more struggles the closer we get to God. I see no scripture to substaintiate that it is more than we would have faced any way, just that we now recognize it for what it is. I see in Phil.4:13, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Psalm 91 speaks amazingly of what God provides to us for living close with Him. 1He who DWELLS in the shelter of the Most High will REST in the shadow of the Almighty. 2He is my rock and fortress.3 He will save from deadly pestilence. 11 He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. (Paraphrased due to length & space). Read it it’s so encouraging. As we live in (for) Him we don’t have to fight every battle but ask God to take care of it on our behalf, 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your care on Him because He cares for you. This means worries, and battles, anything that affects us. Blessings

  60. Bianca permalink

    What a great passage to start this off with!

  61. Beth permalink

    When reading this you see that Jesus was led to the desert, God led Jesus to the desert, to be tempted by the devil; there are periods in our lives where God leads us to the desert when we are the most full of Him, so that we can see how full of God we are. What I mean by that is God leads us to the desert, so that we can pour out HIS living Word to those who may tempt us in our lives, God leads us to tests when we are full of Him, so we can see His power, His strength that is in us. Also so that we can see His glory through all things, through the power of HIS word. We have to remember that it is the living Word, and it is powerful, and it is life changing and that it will defeat the enemy in ALL things in ALL ways. Jesus was the Living Word, and we are to abide in that Word, so when faced with those temptations of the enemy we have victory. Remember the only tempter is the enemy, not God. He allows tests in our lives so we can see where we need to go, or how far we have come.

  62. John permalink

    When you are getting close to the Lord satan will also use people in the church to get you to fall away. Don’t let your guard down anywhere because satan will find a weak place to attack you. The key is to be as full of the Holy Spirit as you can be.

  63. Kristina permalink

    You are so right, the more we grow, the more the temptations increase. You know, this passage and your message really challenges a person to read their bible and study it more. Thanks!

  64. it just to show you as well God understands what your going thought whin you are being tested and he give the answer to it. are we willing to use it as well we live in fallen sinful world some times we must confront are slefs but as well not forsaken God in all he did and what can do if we just let Go and sumit to him
    hell what i know just a biker trying to make it in the world. be safe nice coments wow.

  65. Barb permalink

    We need to put on the armor of God to defeat the enemy. On our own forget it! With Jesus, we have the authority over the enemy. We need to take up the sword and fight. NOTHING is greater than God and His word!!!! We also must believe it..Faith. We need ALLof the Armor of God!!

  66. Colleen Leaf permalink

    the church I belong to is a Spirit filled church and we have recently started doing deliverance ministry. When ever you are doing the Lords work satan will hit you harder because that’s what he is trying to stop. We actually did a study on these scriptures before we started. Be thankful when you are being tested sorely, because that means you are doing the Lord’s work. If you’re not then satan doesn’t care what you do. I really enjoy your scripture everyday and you concepts. thank you.

  67. Tina permalink

    Thank you for posting this, its exactly what I needed after the day I’ve had today!

  68. Shon permalink

    This scripture gives us so much to think about but mainly that its not only followers of Christ that know the scripture but too the devil and his minions also know the scripture and will attempt to use it against us to serve their purpose. Its not enough to know the scripture, rather to live the scripture is the way to true victory over the devil and his temptations.

  69. Karla permalink

    I really enjoy what you are doing on FB and I hope to learn a great deal. I’m not a new believer. I was raised to believe in God and have always believed in God without question. I still don’t question the existence of God, but I have been gradually over the years become more and more interested in learning more about God’s word and developing a relationship with Him. I’m like most, I believe, but don’t neccessarily take an active role in my belief. My religious education growing up is minimal. Yes, I went to CCD and my dad made us go to church and I hated it and thought it boring and I honestly don’t believe the CCD teaches you much more than the 10 commandment, the Our Father, and the Hail Mary….at least I don’t remember anything more than that.

    I’ve been taking baby steps, but I want to be taught in a way that is more of an intellectual teacher/student setting. Right now, that is the method that is more comfortable to me. Maybe that is not how it should be done, but I am told that baby steps are better than no steps at all. Anyway, it’s kind of hard to find someone who isn’t going to treat me like a nonbeliever.

    Some of what I’ve learned leads to me questions such as: How does one know if they believe in God because they were raised that way vs. believing in your heart?? Does it mean something that I have never questioned His exsistence? I am supposed to in order to truly believe? Because, I honestly don’t know how to do this.

    Plus, I do have a problem with organized religion. I’m sure that those in the lower positions are fine and that their intentions are good, but I absolutely believe that when you get to those that are in charge of the “organization” (for the lack of a better word), they are just as (if not more) political and cut throat than any government in the world and if there is anything out there that threatens their power they will hide it from us. Most of my questions have to do with the whether or not scriptures have been purposely left out so they could keep that power.

    I’m sure my comment will offend some people, but that’s how I feel.

    Thanks again.

    • Hey 🙂

      Comment is in no way offensive… But I do have some advice for you, Princess.

      You are a Princess to God, such a beautiful daughter… Fearfully and Wonderfully made in His Image.. (Psalm 139.14) Predestined for an amazing spiritual future!! (Ephesians1:11)

      A relationship with God isn’t designed to be someone following a Pastor’s lead… a relationship with the Lord is designed to be spirit led, for God to fill you with the Holy Spirit and for Him to lead you in His light every day, so that YOU personally have a connection with Christ. A relationship with God is beautiful, full of freedom, and Princess, God knows these questions are in your heart!!

      So ask Him, He knows the answers that you need. Do not be afraid to personally connect with Him, sit down with your bible, declare passages over your life, the promises of God, worship Him to your favourite music, ask Him for a hunger inside you that makes you want to Grow in the spirit, ask for the Spirit to fill you, lead you, guide you! Princess, God has such a plan for you!!! (Jeremiah29:11)…

      The bible says that if you ask for a good thing, then God will answer you… You are asking very valid and very good questions… but only you can know in your heart… there is such a thing as not knowing whether you believe in God or not, but commit to a relationship with Him and trust me, you’ll find out pretty fast that boy, does He exist!!!! I’m speaking from experience… God is watching you, just like He watched me ask your questions, and I cried for days, I was so lost… But He ws there… and He led me on a path that led me straight to Him when I ASKED Him to…

      God works in your life with Authority… Seek Him, and you will find Him, Knock and He will Answer… God is there Princess, and you ARE His Princess.

      God Bless you,
      I really hope this helps.
      You can feel free to contact me at

      xx. Laura.

    • Alison permalink

      U know, when i read ur comment , i weeped. I like lauras comment to you and she is right. But to add support to what you have already had. I have to share my own experience. I have always been a deep thinker, analysing everything. I am a root thinker. God has wired me that way for a reason , by all means put those questions to God. Seek him for answers , but be prepared, sometimes He will answer, and sometimes not, for good reason. I learnt that it was not always good, because i wasnt trusting God. This might sound crazy, but true because our relationship with Father starts by faith, believing in the unseen( Hebrews 11v1). Finding a good church for us as a family has always been difficult because i was always looking for a i suppose perfect church, but the Word teaches that we are a body ministry. Each church has a specific area in which they will excell in, One may be youth, while another may be teaching etc. You need to pray about where the Lord wants you to settle, as Father will place you where you will grow despite what you may see going on around you. To finish with:
      Be anxious for nothing,but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thankgiving, let your requests be mad known to God, and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding , will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.(Phillipians 4v6-7)
      God Bless from Alison-

  70. Wildcat permalink

    This passage reminds me of what I am up against everyday. This is his domain which explains why the world is a mess. However, with God’s we have the power to turn away from temptations and follow the path God has set before us.

  71. Ufi permalink

    I love this scripture. And I fine that to be also true in my life the closer I seek God the more battles come my way. It is awesome that every time Jesus is being tempted by Satan He uses his word to defeat him. Threw using his word
    in our lives and in our circumstances we will win victory after victory Amen.
    I love the Lord and I want to draw closer to him and what better way then threw his word.

  72. I agree Mark. As I grow closer to the Lord…I find myself under attack more and in ways I could never imagine. I think that is why so many people quick and give up…they refuse to see the light in the midst of darkness. I live in the U.S and we are dealing with a decline of Christian faith at a rapid rate….Christ is being shut out more than ever. So it is so important that we (all over the world) fight through “temptation” to give up and push on to gain new perspective and grow with Christ. There is so much to lose. So many souls are at stake. I appreciate your words and they encourage me. I continue to “journey deeper” into God’s word and even after being a Christian 22 years…I am excited that each time I open the living word I learn something new even from the same verses.

    • Celeste permalink

      God is being shut out more than ever, not only Jesus Christ! Obama declared the United States of America is not a Christian nation…Obama doesn’t fear God! He is being guided by Satan! I found myself at church at every word relating to temptation, forgive, evil…I was saying to God isn’t now the time to send Jesus to us…then I realized we’re not ready, he’d be flogged again! We wouldn’t believe other’s would fight him like we are fighting each other now more than ever. THere is more racial divide and tension than ever-since we’ve started to listen to a leader who is leading with his intentions and not for the good of all! I’m feeling scared and confused and wondering what form would Satan come in and who would Jesus look like? Are they hear now fighting for our souls…I need to walk with others of faith now more than ever! I’m letting my hate for what is happening to America and the banning of God from EVERYTHING take over! I feel like there is yet another cruicifictions going on right now!

      • Lydia Reyes permalink

        I think you are giving Obama to much credit and power. Man’s Plans are not God Plan. I would concentrate more on the word of God and his mighty power than worry on the power of man.

  73. Donna Craddock permalink

    I really enjoy the messages you leave on facebook. I too am being challenged on a daily basis. My daughter and son in law are trying to adopt a foster child that they have had since she was three days old. She is 20 months old. The mother surrendered her rights but the father has been fighthing for custody. The father is a 25 year drug and alcohol addict, has 4 other kids he does not support and another that is more than likely going to be put into foster care for neglect. We have been fighting the system and I am so worn down, but with the help of your spiritual guidance, I have risen up and continued the fight. We are finally getting to a point in this mess where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Office of Child Services has finally stopped his visitation and is changing his goal to termination. We still have a long road ahead, but we are finally getting our happy ending. I have no doubt that this is all due to God’s hand in this. I know that my faith in him has been tested but I never stopped praying and I know that he has answered our prayers. Thank you.

    • Joe permalink

      Donna, My wife and I went throught the same kind of struggle six years ago. I just want to encourage you that God hears you and will do amazing things for your family and this young child. He isn’t always on our timeline but he is always just in time. We were blessed with our little girl even when everything and everyone in the system said it wouldn’t work. God does not require the worlds cooperation to perform his will. Stay in prayer, and God bless

  74. Marsha Tebbetts permalink

    I agree sooo much with this scripture and the other day I was also tempted by the devil and thank you Lord for being in my heart and soul so I did the right thing no matter how small it may seem. I went to fill up with gas and when I got to the store I got out to pump my gas and noticed that the prices were wrong…. unleaded was $2.49 plus was $2.47 and primium was $2.57 obviously someone at the store had inverted the prices on unleaded and plus,…. I was tempted to just drive off and let everyone get gas at a cheaper price knowing that it would get whom ever did this in trouble……. But I didn’t I went in and told the clerk so he could call the manager and have them changed…. It may seem very trivial but I feel as though I fought the devil and beat him and know that he is always trying to tempt me. Jesus is great!!!!!!!

    • Kimberly Dees permalink

      Our Pastor has a saying “don’t sell your soul for a dollar.” He was talking about exactly your situation. The temptation may be great to say, who’s it going to hurt, except the poor guy who priced the gas wrong – let everyone save a little on their gas for a day, right? But if we give in to the little temptations, it becomes far more easy to give in to bigger and bigger temptations. The very next shopping day after the first time we heard our pastor say “don’t sell your soul for a dollar” we had just started our trip home when I found inside a book a 67 cent pack of needles. It obviously had not been paid for. Pastor Pat’s saying immediately hit my ears. So my husband turned around, went in to Wal-Mart and paid for our 67 cent pack of needles. The young lady that checked him out couldn’t believe he came back just for the needles, she said not many people would do that. He felt as though it made an impression on her – so it was our temptation, but perhaps also a lesson for her.

      • Jackie Quillen permalink

        Good for you and your husband, returning to pay for the needles when the temptation, the little voice inside that says..go ahead, it is just a few cents is spurring you on…IF Jesus had given in to any of the 3 temptations, there would have been NO CROSS, therefore No reconciliation, No resurrection. Jesus can’t be tempted with evil as there is no evil in Him and He does not know pride. Unfortunately there is too much pride, greed, evil, etc in the world of which we are apart. Being in the Word, going to a good Bible preaching church, having a personal relationship with our Lord is our strength to overcome these temptations.

  75. Patty permalink

    I totally agree. We all need to know how to put the devil in his place and there is no other way than the Bible.

  76. Because Jesus himself was perfectly innocent, and He Himself was a sacrifice so that we might be right with God, this means that as a Christian the adversities in our lives will be even greater than that of a non Christian, simply because to be Christ Like, we must go through some challenges to draw closer to God… It says in the scripture that we rejoice and praise when faced with problems and trials because this develops spiritual endurance (Romans 5.3), and that as Christians, and I can’t find it, but I know that somewhere in the bible it says that being Christians doesn’t mean that we are left out of trials, but that God uses these to test us and develop our faith, but never allows them to harm us.

  77. Lenore permalink

    Only what you do for Christ will last. What the devil offers a person is temporary, but what God gives us is forever. Jesus the son of God was tempted what do you think the devil is doing to us. He glorify all things and offer so much get quick rich schemes that only lead to failure.. here today gone tomorrow. Have you ever received something and you thought it was a blessing from God,then turned around and it was gone the next minute. God is no indian giver. Stand strong against the devil stones, no matter what, it should be For Christ I live and Christ I die.

  78. I think it is interesting that Jesus was in the desert. Too many times I have found myself in the desert of life, the financial desert, the love life desert, the work desert, and many more. There is little or no water in a desert so you get really thirsty. And when you are really thirsty for something, whether it is water, financial help, love, etc, you are more likely to be tempted to do anything if it means quenching that awful thirst. But, only one thing can truly quench our needs and that is Jesus and His word as He shows us through these scriptures.

    One thing about this passage that I have thought about is that I noticed that according to the sequence of the scriptures, it appears that Jesus did not begin preaching to anyone until He himself was first tempted, until He himself had to practice the things He would later teach others.

    “For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted.” (Hebrews 2:18)

    What an awesome Lord we have!

    • Sheri Williams permalink

      That is such a great analogy! Thank you for that perspective!

  79. Great start for day 1. The temper comes in first to attack the physical, then the emotional and finally the spiritual. If he can draw us away on the first or second level, he doesn’t have to worry about the spiritual. We must live in the spiritual first to withstand the physical and emotional attacks.

  80. Terry Miles permalink

    First of all I am glad that you are doing this because as the church body, we should all help fellow Christians to stand up and carry on during their journey. I am constantly being tested by Satan and many times I give into temptation because I do not know the word as well as I should or I do not have faith in my ability to overcome. But I know that it’s not my strength that carries me through. It is God. Although at times I’m disappointed in myself for allowing myself to follow after the lusts of the flesh I know that my God will deliver me. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “And he said unto me, MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR THEE: FOR MY STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESS. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

  81. Cclemons permalink

    Trust god with Everything you have. He is all powerful

  82. Maricel Logmao permalink

    Jesus sets as an example to us that having the knowledge of the written word will help us overcome the temptations and lies of the enemy, but there is also one thing I noticed at the beginning of the verse. It says “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit”, God reveals to me that having both the Word and the Holy Spirit empower us and make us victorious in any temptations. Knowing that the Holy Spirit will guide us in all truth and the truth is His Word. And it is the Holy Spirit who gives life to the written Word.


  83. THIS IS SO GREAT – Just what I have been looking for.

    My eyes are filled with tears of joy and happiness from all the positive feedback, knowledgeable insight and real heartfelt belief in the Lord.

    Thank you Reverand and thank you willing participants for helping me. This really does service me tremendously. Truly.

    God is Good.

  84. This is a great passage! You can’t be tempted with something you don’t like. We have to be diligent and viligent in renewing our mind daily and answering temptation with our God given weapon…. His Word! God Bless

  85. tia permalink

    Though I have been saved for almost a year its very hard with temptation. Reading this passage that you have left today is very soothing knowing that if Jesus was tempted by the devil with all of these type of gains then we as christians should strive to be better people and be more trusting in God. I cant wait for tomorrow teaching…..

  86. Beamer319 permalink

    I agree with your response. My husband was only going through the motions of going to church until a year ago. Now that he is in the Word daily and goes out reads from the Bible in public places, we are being spiritually attacked. I am unfortunately the weak link in the relationship with God and the devil is pulling out all of the stops on us (my husband lost his job and now makes 1/2 of what he used to make, my head gasket blew up in my truck that I am still making payments on and our debt is getting higher because the income is lower). Also my husband gets these phantom migraines before he starts reading God’s word at these public readings and then when he’s finished, the phantom migraine disappears. His migraine is Satan saying “You feel bad, you should go home and rest and not do this today”. My husband goes and reads the chapter selected and then explains the Good News and why God’s Word is so important instead of going home and trying to get rid of this phantom migraine.

    My husband’s faith is getting stronger and I am turning into a worrier instead of putting it at the foot of the cross as he is doing. All of this being said, I need to remember these passages. This is one of the reasons I am doing this weekly study with you as I hope it encourages me not to lose faith and to become the prayer warrior that I once was.

    Regarding Satan’s attacks, our church paid our bills. My father in law paid for my car repairs because he says that he sees our faith being strong and unwaivering and he can’t wait until we receive what God has in store for us as he believes we are being tested just as Job was tested.

    We have to keep our eyes on God and not on earthly things and when we are attacked, we need to study more and keep growing closer to God.

    Just my rambling thoughts,

    Beamer 319

  87. Kimberly Dees permalink

    Over the years my walk with God has ebbed and flowed because it took me a long time to truly understand and believe – and to tune out the distractions. Fortunately I have a great church, a Godly husband, 2 children who know and love Jesus, and a great family of believers around me these days. Over the years our family has been hit physically, and subsequently financially, by some devastating accidents and illnesses (I am disabled from a car accident, have psoriatic arthritis, my daughter suffers with bipolar disorder, and our son is autistic, just to name a few). I tell you this not for sympathy, but to tell you that these things are attacks. Satan has chosen to hit our family physically and financially (as financial difficulties tend to follow illnesses). When our family’s walk with God is strongest is when we get struck by more illness, flair-ups of old ones, behavior problems with our autistic son. One could say then why believe in God, or still worship Him? The answer to that is easy – God never leaves us – the stronger the walk with God, the stronger Satan may attack, but the bigger and better the blessings from God. We have been blessed over and over again during the trials, financially, physically, spiritually – so to quote from Mercy Me “Jesus, bring the rain.” My “umbrella” covers everything!

  88. Hector Cabrera, Jr. permalink

    Amen, Pastor! As Christians we need execise our faith more by speaking/rebuking the devil with scriptures everytime he tries to keep us from God. Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit to guide us after He went back home to our Father. We have the same power Jesus had/has when He was tempted by the devil. It’s time to take to start using what Jesus has given to us the Holy Spirit!


  89. What a wild passage! When I first read/heard this, all I could think about was why didn’t Jesus destroy satan at this moment. Why not remove this cancer from this world? Why didn’t Jesus protect all that his father created from satan and his followers? Shouldn’t this have been an explosive, hollywood-style event that was action-packed, shoot-em up, good vs. evil, lots of special effects, all in 3-D? But this event came across as mundane verbal sparring between a man and beast. Boring….Until I started hearing the word and realizing that I was (to borrow an earlier comment) nothing more than a “dead duck.” Jesus’ tempations are no more exciting than the problems I deal with day to day. The devil tried to tempt Jesus with food, a job that will give him all he could want, and an opportunity to show off. In most cases I can justify why I took any/all of satan’s offers, but Jesus doesn’t. And he didn’t need to use super powers to defend himself from satan. It’s comforting to know that as I draw closer to God, that I can rely on my relationship with God to protect myslef and my family from satan.

  90. this is my first time reading the bible and actually delving into the true meaning..this scripture is about staying true to god, sacrificing and not giving in…stay focus on the lord…he wont lead u astray….looking forward to the next scripture

    • You are right Sharol, ‘stay focused on the Lord’ – when I was having my driving lessons my instructor would remind me, ‘look at the space you want to drive into not the obstacles you want to avoid.’ If you focus on the obstacles you wind up heading towards them. Jesus was so focused on God, all His responses point to God, He doesn’t take His attention away from God to figure out what Satan is doing but points Satan towards God!

  91. I pray that I will be commited to do this. Not only is the deveil ready to tempt us but if we listen he will also convict us when we are not doing what we should and reading the bible daily to do what we should be doing. Thank you for helping be my conviction.

  92. Joe permalink

    Just as we are under attack from our enemy, I have realized that our children face the samething as they try to grow closer to Jesus. This was very discouraging to me at first, but I realize that the promise is to our children and to theirs and beyond. I pray for the youth growing up in this world, it seems that satan has more now to distract and tempt them with, than ever before. I’m thankful for this ministry, and I hope everyone will join in prayer for the young people of this world.

  93. Carolyn permalink

    Years ago, I taught 1st graders in Sunday School. One Sunday they wanted to know why I required them to memorize bible verses. The answer I gave was that Jesus quoted scripture to satan when He was being tempted in the desert and satan left. Therefore it is important that we know scripture so when satan tempts us we can use it as a defense. These wise children never questioned having to learn bible verses again.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Out of the mouths of babes.

    • Kimberly Dees permalink

      I love this – I help with the 3-5 year olds on Wednesday nights at our church. I am going to tell them this. They are already so eager to learn verses and do so well – they are an example to us. But I think that pointing out to them that Jesus quoted scripture to satan and he left will make a big impact on them. Even the little ones need to feel the power and authority given to us by Jesus.

  94. JOJO permalink

    GOD WANT US TO MEDITATE ON HIS WORD DAY AND NIGHT. Joshua 1:8 This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.
    Ephesians 6:17And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
    Ephesians 6:12-13 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

  95. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Jesus promise his disciples, that he had to leave earth,but that he will send another to help and guide us. He was not going to leave us orphans. Then he sent us his holy spirit. Thank you God for your word and your Spirit. Without you we are nothing. For all my brothers and sisters that have a hard time memorizing the word of God, Worry not, because when God uses you to speak his word to others believe me, the right scripture will come to mind . Just be open to God and he will work thru you. I’m a witness to this. That is why is so important to stay in the WORD OF GOD. The temptation will come , But we know who won the VICTORY. Thank you JESUS and Thank you Mark for this bible study. God Bless.

  96. Kevin permalink

    I found about this Bible Immersion Experience on facebook and asked someone very dear and close to me to try it with me. I can see now how this relates to my life right now! My father has been telling me, “Obedience is greater than sacrifice”, and though it is hard sometimes to obey, because of temptation, it is still greater than sacrificing for ones own gain. I honestly feel blessed to have this experience, this opportunity to come to God’s word and understand it more. Thank You Lord, You are answering my prayers, maybe not when I want them, but they are on time. Thank you and God bless Rev. Brown, everyone.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Obedience is greater than Sacrifice will be my thought for the day now. THANK YOU!

  97. claudine permalink

    excellent !
    i’m glad to be apart of this
    i’ve been reading chronicles – kind of boring
    but i’m trying to read the whole bible thru for the second time
    my favorite is the new testament by far

    but agrr – close to GOd and my marriage is crap. i hate him. he doesn’t talk to me. so i’m extra on my knees. maybe GOD wants us close, so he can finally give me a sane marriage. maybe if i had a good marriage – i would forget GOD. and i do tend to be forgetful.

    GOD be the glory
    and maybe it’s a good thing to be on my knees and crying
    it sure has clinged me to GOD

    • Steve Gill permalink

      I had a terrible marriage and God Fixed It because I couldn’t. I know that it is not easy to be in this marriage… BUT…. give it up to Him and He will help you with all of these feelings. It sounds to me like you are in the desert right now. I know this passage must have really touched you Claudine. Keep fighting the Jesus Fight. Give yourself up to the HATE and let the Love Of God take over. Your husband is not you. You are you. Let God work on You so that he can show you the solution. We love you Sister.

  98. garnet permalink

    If we don’t know God better than Satan knows God’s word, then we will fall into temptation. Just having the Word memorized won’t fully help you. You have to know God in your heart also. Because Satan knows scripture and will try to twist it around to suit your wants on the earth. So when Satan throws something out at you and quotes scripture, you may not know where that scripture is and what the context of it is. But if you know the heart of God, you will have great discernment and win over temptation.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      It is so obvious that The Holy Spirit worked through you on your comment. I can’t thank you enough for this. I felt this way long before you said it…. so it confirmed something for me. I give Thanks To God for using you.

  99. Janet permalink

    I love this passage!!! You know Jesus gave up
    all of His Rights, to be as Flesh as we are Flesh
    and was tempted just as we are tempted. There
    was Nothing Jesus Said or Did that was not brought
    about but by The Father!! He didn’t ask… “What can
    I do for you?” to God. He simply went where The Father
    was and did What His Father told Him to do!!

    Mark– Thank You!!
    In Christ’s Abundant Love 😉

  100. Sometimes we make it look like it was easy for Jesus to be here, since He was God.
    But Satan knows how to tempt us, even Jesus.
    Satan attacks us where we are the most week.
    But with the power of the Lord you can persevere anything.
    Phil 4:13.

    It’s sometimes hard for me to remember that God is with me when temptations come and when I give in to temptation, it feels like he’s left me.
    But I know that He is there, so thank you Mark for the reminder!!

    Bless you!!

  101. Gena Rambo permalink

    I am so happy to had found your fb site. The devil is surely busy he is looking to ruin and destroy anything and one seeking guidance from our father up in heaven. I thank you for your scriptures and your loving praises.
    I hope you continue to do God’s will and I ask you all to pray for me for the devil is all around.
    God bless you all and love one another.

  102. Holly Sue Anderson Moore permalink

    Count it all JOY !!! I am SO glad this site found me!!!! Praise God, I have been praying for a way to draw closer to God, and to be a better witness or living exsample to my family and people i may not even realize. Thanks

  103. This is so true, every time I draw closer to God, something seems to get in the way. It is so hard sometimes to stand fast, even though I know that the word of God is the only true path. I pray for power to hold fast to the Lord.

  104. I really needed these words of inspiration and guidance now. I definitely need to study my Bible more and really learn scriptures to “Rebuke Devil” as well as share with others in more helpful/constructive manner. This was excellent and extremely timely, esp. in today’s world. Thank you.

  105. Mirjam permalink

    Well i don’t have a lot of time to respond, but i’m a little bit in the same position right now… a few weeks ago i was also busy with fasting and praying. and God really spoke to me…. I have to give up my house and work, and just give it back to God, to live for Him. I will do my DTS in Rwanda, in january. So it is kind of exciting and scarry, but i know that God is going to use it. So yes there is temptation, but you are comming out strong!

    so have a good day!


  106. Ayesha permalink

    I just want to say thank you. Thank you especially for being on Facebook. The tempations (or distractions) that lead us away from God are everywhere and FB is not an exception. However, you bring the Word of God where it has no longer become common place and with that allowed me to realign my thoughts and bring my focus back to where it should be, on God. So, if no one has told you today how much good you are doing, I appreciate it. So again, I would just like to say thank you.

  107. Loved it!!
    yes it is very importan to know the word of GOD..
    so learn each scripture a day, dat will help.

  108. steven dawson permalink

    this is great

  109. steven dawson permalink

    God is good thans

  110. steven dawson permalink


  111. Gail permalink

    Thank you for this Journey. I have been seeking to go deeper in my walk. And humility has been my focus. And in these 40 days of temptation Jesus always pointed to God His Father. He never tried to match wits with the devil or try and outdo him. My struggle has been trying to make life and my desires work for me instead of keeping my eyes on HIM. But lately I have had peace even though my circumstances have not changed…Thank you LORD!

  112. Rozlyn Smith permalink

    I have read this passage a number of times and each time I read it I realize the closer you get to the lord the harder the devil comes at you by tempting you with things of this world. As I was thinking about this I thought about peer pressure as a child and I was not one to fall for it because I was always afraid of my earthly father. Now, my earthly father is not near a powerful and mighty as my heavenly father, therefore I must walk right and fight the devil and not fall for his temptation.

  113. Crystal Noble permalink

    This passage gives me the courage to keep on the path of faith while being tempted. I didn’t know really what to do or believe when I would be in situations like this. Its like giving you a mental helmet to guard against evil temptations. The armour of God!

  114. erica permalink

    reading this really helps me. i am trying to shed off old things and people and get closer to God and it seems now, more than ever, new temptations arise constantly! i am trying my best to move through and at least now i can see these temptations for what they are, plots of satan.

  115. Helene Scalliet permalink

    The last sentence is so interesting to me… “When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.” So even though Jesus resisted temptation for 40 days and he did everything right in his Father’s name, the devil was not finished with him. He was going to come back “at an opportune time”.

    I find that a little discouraging. No matter how hard you work at staying close to God, you can never fully relax because that would be an opportune time for the devil to tempt you again. Didn’t God say that we could rest in him, that he would bring us peace? What kind of peace is that if you get tempted by the devil the minute you relax into the peace?

    Beautiful passage but the last sentence leaves me reeling a little bit…

    • Stacy permalink

      The peace of God is not a peace based on our circumstances. God never promised to take away our troubles. In fact, Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” We WILL have trouble, but we have peace in the fact that God is in control. Jesus is victorious! We are SAVED!!!

    • Lydia Reyes permalink

      The kind of Peace is knowing that no matter what the Devil throws at us, We have the mightiest on our side helping us thru. Imagine not Having God in our lives. When the devil tempts you , Just tell him to it to JESUS. He is the owner of your life. No one else will do. Praise the LORD

  116. Steve Gill permalink

    I am so “Immersed” today in my Lord. I read this passage and I realize that the devil is at my doorstep all the time trying to rattle me. He’s trying to keep me away from the one who sent me in the first place. But I chose to read the passage out of loyalty to Him who sent me so I hope that I am doing exactly what Jesus was doing in the passage. Focusing on the only thing that matters… GOD! I’m glad we are connecting. Let us put our weakness up to the sky today and let God use it for His Glory. Let us rejoice in the Deserts of our life as we struggle with finances, broken relationships, death, illness, drugs, alchohol…. whatever the fight…. let us rejoice that he will bring us out of that desert with the knowledge that Satan has no hold over us. We are His Children and I rejoice with all my brothers and sisters and Pastor Mark. REJOICE. REJOICE. REJOICE. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One for each.

  117. I heard a pastor say, one time that the only way Satan has to really get to us is through our mind…constantly nagging about what we don’t have what we need and why aren’t things better…they only way he can get to us is if we allow this little wimp to take our eyes off Jesus. I know I cannot go through life alone. I cannot do my business alone. I want Him to be my CEO and I will be His manager. Though there are many areas in my life that I feel I am in the desert, if I trust in Him with ALL my heart and don’t lean to my own understanding…he will pull me through. Sometimes the things I think are so difficult are really quite trivial when I look back. So it might be a good idea to look back at what God has done and KNOW He will do it again!!!!

  118. Jeff Waara permalink

    This is so true. As a Christian I am tempted all the time. By reading and studying Gods word, it helps me to stay focused, fight the temptations and stay focused on God. Thank you Jesus for dying for me and setting a perfect example by never sinning even though you were tempted just like us. Praise God for his love!!!

  119. Sue permalink

    This passage has a lot of meaning. First off as we get closer to God we become more of a threat to Satan. More so now then ever. As God’s end time army to forming Satan can see what he is up against. Hey he knows how it will end, he just does not want to give in. Second, a recent revelation of mine is this. When we are in that valley being tempted, we are still protected by the mountains. Meaning during our hardest trial, our weakest moment God is standing right there. Satan has no control.

  120. Lisa permalink

    The thing that I notice about this passage is that yes, Jesus is being tempted by the enemy. But He (Jesus) is not anxious. He is not angry. He is not worried or frustrated. He quotes scripture. He leans on the Word of God. The Word. It always comes back to The Word. There is rest in God. The rest comes in knowing that God is our source. God is our strength in times of trouble. God is our answer. And when troubling times come and they will, when temptations come, we CAN rise above. We can rest in the knowledge that God will see us through. He will give us a Peace that passes all understanding to help us stand in times of crisis. And Grace, God’s grace to keep us. Temptations strenghten us, they grow us, they draw us near to God. God doesn’t tempt ups but He uses it to show us our need for the Father. He uses it to create in us a clean heart. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Be filled with the Spirit.

  121. pam permalink

    The most important message I received from this morning’s scripture/blog – “Jesus quotes Scripture, Jesus answers the temptation with truth” I am often negligent in my learning of THE WORD. So often I am at a loss for a response IN THE WORD because I do not know it well enough. If I STAY IN THE TRUTH my decisions will reflect HIS WILL. So thank you for doing this – I hope that it will guide me more deeply in HIS word. Thank you Mark

  122. Jackie Quillen permalink

    Temptation is a constant part of human life; there is no escape from it. Temptation means to test ( for good OR evil–depending on the intent of the tester. Our temptations are initiated only by SATAN. God never tests, but he does give Satan permission…Job and the 3 temptations of Jesus. There are 4 truths of temptation:
    l.) it follows on the heels of victory or success..if circumstances are going too well…watch out! 2.)temptation is always under God’s control 3.) temptation is NOT a sign of God’s displeasure with us or Jesus…God ordained Jesus to face the pressure of supreme testing so the true nature of His son and His heart will be on display..when we go through trials, our king is exposed and it is usually NOT Jesus ( money, power, fame)
    4.) Temptation is designed to God to reveal what is in our hearts. Jesus sole purpose was to live for the pleasure of His father…that is our purpose of being also.

  123. Stacy permalink

    I wish I was so strong at resisting temptation. It seems that recently I’ve been very distant from God and every time I inch closer to Him, Satan pounds me. So far, I’ve been giving in to his tricks, and as soon as I do, I feel the closeness I’d experienced with God vanish. It is so important to be on your guard against Satan. I NEED personal, quiet time with God to give me what I need to keep going. I NEED to fuel up on Him and His Word!

  124. Nancy permalink

    Thank you for running this brief course.
    It is such a good reminder that we need to know the Lords word so that in good and bad times we can recall passages and know how best to answer or act in certain circumstances. It is good to know what God expects of us that way we can always strive to do exactly as he wants.

  125. stacey permalink

    i think as christians w should look at the way Jesus was tempted,, it show us how satan works,, then we can be prepared to defend ourselves with the Word.

  126. Deana permalink

    There’s been times I havent been strong enough spiritually to withstand temptation but whenever I’ve given in my world caves in around me. My willfulness has cost me precious gifts everytime, not to mention the pain it ultimately causes.

  127. leigh permalink

    This is all so true. This past Sunday morning my daughter was planning to attend sunday school. While taking a bath that morning she got her hair wet and had to wsh it. This made her late and miss Sunday school. I told her satan was getting his way.

  128. Great piece of Scripture for Day 1. Thank you.

  129. There are so many things to discuss with this passage. I’ll start by adding to Mark’s comment “So when I am tempted, I too shall answer with Scripture, which means, I really need to know the Bible.” He goes on to say that this is in part why we must draw near to God and His Word which is absolutely true but let’s take it a step further. It order to rely on and use Scripture effectively against the Devil we also must have faith in God’s promises because Satan also knows Scripture and is very adept in twisting it to meet his purposes. To obey is more important than simply having a verse to quote.

    In reading my Bible Scripture notes, the Holy Spirit pointed out another important point. *”Sometimes what we are tempted to do isn’t wrong in itself. Turning the stone into bread wasn’t necessarily bad. The sin was not in the act but in the reason behind it.” Satan was trying to get Jesus to act for a quick fix instead of waiting for the long range goal that was ahead; he does that with us as well. He tries to get us to take action, even right action for the wrong reasons or wrong time. The Scripture notes put it this way: *”The fact that something is not wrong in itself does not mean that it is good for you at a given time.”

    Any Thoughts?????

    *Scripture Notes taken from LIfe Application Study Bible Copyright 2004 Tyndale

    • Jackie Quillen permalink

      You are correct. Satan used a legitimate bait or desire, to appeal to an legitimate act. This is where most of us live…Matt 6:24 says no man can serve 2 masters…can’t serve God and money, fame, or power that Satan tries to offer us. While the bread was a legitimate need, it was not God’s time for Jesus to eat. Jesus was perfect, no evil within him, no desire for anything but serving his Father and being obedient.

  130. Christine permalink

    A friend and I used this passage recently in a short course we are running. It demonstrates to us many things including Jesus humanity. That Jesus is fully human and fully God is very important to his ability to provide salvation for us, as articulated by Irenaeus. This passage demonstrates his humanity in that he was tempted (as has already been mentioned) and that he was hungry. Gordon Fee talks about whether the earthly Jesus was “posse non peccare” (able not to sin) or “non posse peccare” (not able to sin).

    “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet was without sin.” Hebrews 4:15 (NIV)

    His strength to enable him not to sin – God the Father.

  131. This passage is very true in my life! Satan loves to tempt me into doing things that draw me away from God. I remember wondering, “How will I fight the deceiver off? I can’t do it!” And then I started using Scripture as my ammunition. What a difference it makes to use truth against deceit! Couple that with the death of Christ, God’s grace and love and the Spirit that resides in us and you have a more than formidable offensive against Satan!

    This passage speaks volumes on how we can combat against temptation of any kind. Whatever the attack may be, the living Word always has something to say to counter it.

  132. try2chme permalink

    Just as I opened up this message today and started reading I remembered that whenever I read the Bible lately I have thoughts of disbelief. (I have just begun faithfully reading again, hopefully I continue). I know and believe the BIble is truth but it’s really troubling to have these thoughts. So I made a small prayer and a reminder to myself of all that God has done for me and all that I have seen Him do and that I will hold on to this as truth. Then I continued reading this passage which fits perfectly with what I a have been dealing with. Whenever there is disbelief or temptation all you have to do is remember what God has done and why you chose to follow Him in the beginning and the love that’s there and this will give you strength to continue.

  133. Truecardinal permalink

    I think that this shows that you shouldnt cave in to all of the temptations that the devil throws at you. You need to turn to the Bible, because it always has the answers. I know that when I became a christian Satan has really started to be hard on me. I just remember that I need to stay with God, keep trusting him, and I can win the battle. A few weeks ago in church I learned that life is a never-ending battle. Stay with God and you can never lose. 🙂

  134. Alan permalink

    Its so wonderful that all you have to do to fight satan is use the word of God. As I grow closer to God, just like everyone else, Im tempted more and more. Our flesh is weak but God has given us a strong spirit and a weapon in The Holy Bible (Gods word) so we can fight back. As everyone can see by all the comments we are not alone in this fight. Thank God. Give God all the glory.

  135. Matthew Linson permalink

    I didn’t get to read this yesterday so I appologize for my lateness. I have read this scripture before and there are times that I feel more tempted than I do at other times and sometimes I fail, I will admit, but I am working to try and improve myself and learn from my mistakes. I feel that by reading the scripture it will help me get closer to the Lord and that is something I really need in my life.

  136. odiear3rd permalink

    When rebuking the devil the Lord used scriptures to rebuke him. We must do the same when we rebuke satan. God Bless your ministry.

  137. Tommy permalink

    Being in God’s word, knowing God’s word and living it is a long growing process. But I try to be persistent, even when the enemy is telling me, see you don’t even understand what you just read, just give up. It makes me snap and realize I am being tempted to stop reading my bible and stop trying to grow. Praise God for His Son who died for me and set an example of how I should live.

  138. 180 amazing comments!! Wow! Praise God for the way He is working through this simple blog.. may all that is discussed glorify Him. God bless, Rev Mark Brown

  139. Doris Wms permalink

    I am a new born again christian. I am Lutheran and have a wonderful home church.
    thank you for starting this journey, I want to learn.

  140. Jagwood permalink

    This Bible verse reminds me of the true struggle that I had before I was diagnosed with Depression. I felt Satan tempting me left and right. I stopped doing the things that I loved and did a lot of nothing. I felt like God was mad at me for feeling this way and I stopped going to church. I longed for that comfort church has given me and so little by little I would go back here and there. I prayed and I prayed for God to give me strength against Satan. God has always been there for me and for that I am thankful.

  141. I`m joung Christian, but in temptations I pray to God that He shows me the right thing to do. Of course I`m human so I failed many times, but I feel repentance and then I cry to God seeking answer to my question. But sometimes I know God doesn`t want me to go “that” way and then I pray that God gives me strenght to just pass that temptation and not to think on it later like “What if I did that, Jesus is my bail so it`s forgiven etc…”
    God bless you

  142. Jagwood reminded me on my past depresion. Before I met Christ my life was horrible! I was talking curses like coach-driver, Bible was just a story written by a old man. Now I can`t belive I was like that! God gaved me mercy and He forgot my sins in moment I belived in Jesus Christ. It changed my life, it changed my thinking, my way of looking to life, to world, to satans works in world. Now it seems like this is what I`ve always was looking for! Praise Lord!

  143. FresnoJoe permalink

    “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

    I Love You Jesus
    My LORD And My God

  144. We MUST MUST MUST “be transformed by the renewing of our mind” to be able to withstand the temptations of the enemy. We are not strong enough by ourselves to resist satan’s snares, but with the help of the Lord that comes through the Truth of His Word we are MORE than conquerors! God bless everyone this morning!

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