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One Week Bible Immersion Experience

October 16, 2009


I started my journey deeper into God’s Word about two months ago. And what an amazing journey it has been! Wow! God has been really dealing to me, calling me to draw deeper into relationship with Him, challenging me to deal with my sin, to rely more on Him through being more open to the Holy Spirit. I have grown as a Christian, and based on the wonderful messages I receive, God has worked through my reflections in other people’s lives as well. To God be the glory!

I believe God is calling me to introduce some structure to my time immersed in the Bible each day, and to invite you to be part of this.

This will be called the 1 Week Bible Immersion Experience and the idea is that starting this coming Monday the 19th of Oct, you and I read a passage each day and then on the Facebook Journey Deeper page or on this blog the passage will be discussed. I will still post my journey reflections, and you will be invited to contribute what God is showing you! Side by side we will grow in our relationship with Christ.

Ok so the passages for the 1 Week Bible Immersion Experience are:

Monday 19th Oct Luke 4: 1-13

Tuesday 20th Oct Luke 4: 14-30

Wednesday 21st Oct Luke 4: 31-37

Thursday 22nd Oct Luke 4: 38-41

Friday 23rd Oct Luke 4: 42-44; 5:1-11

And if this works, we might continue it.

Let me know if you would like to be part of the 1 Week Bible Immersion Experience

God bless ya!!

Rev Mark

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  1. VERONICA JONES permalink


  2. Great idea Rev. Mark, count me in.

    Him Always,
    Mark C.

  3. I’m in Bro Mark

  4. Teri permalink

    I look forward to the journey of growing closer with God… thank you for time and insight and comments..

  5. Sheri Williams permalink

    This is such a terrific idea! I look forward to reading each passage, as well as reading how God is working on and through each person that embarks on this journey.

  6. Susie Feldman Savino permalink

    I’d enjoy this journey as well.

  7. Steve Gill permalink

    Of course I will be there and so will the Holy Spirit working through all of us!

  8. rita Jimenez permalink

    sounds like a wonderful thing to do, count me in. I just cant get enough of God†♥†

  9. Lori Sconyers permalink

    I would like to join in next week.

  10. Laurie, AZ permalink

    I’m a newbie to your blog, but am SO interested in drawing closer to Him via our discussions! Count me in!! Thanks, and blessings!!

  11. Sarah Kelly permalink

    I would love to be a part of this!! It is amazing for me to see how God can work through the internet like this. Praise be to God!! I can never get enough of Him!

  12. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Ready to go. May the anointing of the Holy Spirit fall upon all of us.

  13. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    I will participate and looking forward to this. Rev. Mark which link will we use to participate in the study discussion: on this blog ? or on your facebook site for Journey Deeper Into God’s Word ? or another place? Thanks!

    This just might be the way to “unity of the church” in praying in one accord for our nations. God bless you Rev. Mark, and everyone that participates in the 1 Week Bible Immersion Experience with God’s wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and a deeper desire to pursue God’s WORD. Jeremiah 33:3. Thank you Lord for open doors! AMEN

  14. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    Sorry Rev. Mark, I spoke too soon… I found the post with the 2 places we can discuss the week experience. God Bless you.

  15. Sandy permalink

    Neat idea. I look forward to it!

  16. Susanna Liew permalink

    Thanks Rev. Mark. Love to be part of the 1 week Bible Immersion Experience. God Bless.

  17. Helene Scalliet permalink

    Thanks Rev. Mark. I’m a new Christian and I’ve been struggling with bringing scriptures into my life in a meaningful way, so this would be PERFECT!

  18. Please count me in, I’m looking forward to the weekly study. I read the daily posting and each time I’m encouraged and know how God is showing me to apply the WORD to my walk. Thank you Mark for serving the Lord in this way. It is exciting to see how many people are coming together to grow in their faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Under the Same Wing,

  19. Cindy Schrickel permalink

    I would love to participate id the Bible Immersion Experience! See you Monday! Thanks!

  20. Mark P permalink

    count me in Bro Mark I cant wait!!

  21. Tammy permalink

    Thank you so much. I would love to participate in this journey! I am so thankful to know God and have Jesus as my personal savior. Bless you!

  22. Winnie Pierson permalink

    Hey Mark, Sounds great! I would love to be included in your immersion experience. I believe this is much needed in the Body of Christ, but especially for me personally. Thanks!

  23. VIOLET SCHMITZ permalink

    Please included my church in the philippines the Heart of Worship to find God a placed that we call our own..and the whole country? because of the flooded created by typhoon..that return their heart to God..and not to material things..I would like also to be included myself in your immersion experience..also believe this is much needed in the Body of Christ Jesus.and the whole world..God bless! and keep doing to make Our Saviour to be Known..
    violet ((:

  24. violet schmitz permalink

    We would like to included my 3 children Maria Ethel, Mark Andrew, Lee Aldrich, and my adapted son Gilbert de Leon and the whole congression of the Heart of Worship..especially our Pastor Ipe and the wife that continues servant of the Lord!..The church that still we are renting the place up to know? that God show to us to have HIS own place and not renting anymore…Thanks and God bless you!

  25. Toya permalink

    Count me in.

  26. Deborah permalink

    Count me in.

  27. Deborah permalink

    I’ll sign up.

  28. Alison permalink

    I’m with ya, in the bible emmersion experience. We all need to delve deeper into the Word as it forever changes us.

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