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God seeks hyper-me! Romans 8:31

October 12, 2009

Romans 8:31 ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’

I have arrived back home from my amazing trip to Singapore and Malaysia and now look forward to my body clock joining me! Wide awake last night till 3am; so I got some unplanned prayer and reflection done, mostly around my calling.

As a husband and father I have a primary calling to my family, to invest in their lives.  As a worker for Christ I have a calling to leadership, and of late, leadership within the global context.  And last night I wrestled with how the two fit together.  Leadership within the global context involves travel, time away from my family, which in the extreme is contrary to my primary calling.  I certainly didn’t solve this challenge last night, but as I read Romans 8:31 I am confident that both callings can co-exist.  Why?

The Greek behind ‘If God is for us’ literally translates to God wanting much, much more for me.  In fact ‘for’ in the greek is ‘hyper’, God wants me to not just be mundane, average Mark Brown, but God wants me to be class A, amazing, hyper-Mark Brown!!  God has an amazing plan for my life and my job is to draw close to the one who has the plan.

So as I look at my two callings of family and work, though in my mind I cannot see how both can flourish, I am confident that through God, all things are possible!

God wants me to shine for His glory!

God bless!

Rev Mark


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  1. If God is for us, who can be against us?’

  2. If God is for us, who can be against us? Abaddon.

  3. jonathan brown permalink

    this is truely amazing….. it’s a question i’ve been asking. thanks

  4. This is awesome, thanks for sharing it with us. You are on my facebook and I read your writing every day and it never fails to encourage me. I, too, am at a point in my life that I wonder what God’s plan is for me, but I know that whatever it is, it is better than anything I could ever come up with myself.

    I like what you pointed out about the word “hyper”. This also tells me that God is not just a supporter for us, He doesn’t just have our backs, but more than that, He is “hyper” about us, He is gung-ho for us, passionate, and I am sure that He is excited and gung-ho about the work you are doing for Him and He will most certainly direct your steps so you have no need to fret about where you are going.

  5. Tiffany permalink

    If God is for us who can be agaisnt us??? Amen. Keep looking up^

  6. Connie permalink

    Thanks for this. God has put so many things in my heart of late and I have been wondering just how it was all going to be possible, bcause right now I can’t see it, but that i what faith is for right? If He gives it then He can make it happen. I just need to follow and watch it all come together. We know this but sometimes we forget and need to be reminded, because evil does have a way of striking us when we get weak for a moment.

  7. I just want to thankyou for sharing these passages with me. I have been on a I guess you would say spiritual quest/journey, trying to find answers to where my path is taking me, and where I want it to take me. and I have had you on my FB for awhile now, but never “made” the time that was needed to truly read and look deeper into what you were posting, and these last few weeks I’ve been really searching inside myself and praying for guidence and I really do feel like all at once tonight through a phone call that inspired me so much, and then signing onto facebook and seeing your post and finally deciding to get on here and start reading from the beginning, I mean God has truly shown me things that I’ve been asking for weeks on your post and I just am really thankful you have the courage to help people like me who are searching. So thankyou for following God and doing this. I really appreciate it and really need it.

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