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You feeling uncertain?? John 14:1

October 9, 2009

John 14:1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.”

There are times when I read just a short amount of scripture and it directly speaks to me and times when a long passage speaks powerfully to me. In both cases God can speak to me through His Word. In this very short passage I found myself reflecting on how I respond when my heart is troubled.

And the greek behind ‘hearts be troubled’ is amazing. It literally means to be stirred up, agitated, not sure what is happening or how to feel. So this passage is speaking to those times when I am uncertain of how to respond to a situation. I can think of a conversation I had recently where someone shared something very personal and very dramatic with me, and I felt uncertain what to say to them. Or more broadly, as I wonder what God has got in store for me once I finish at Bible Society as CEO this coming March. So how am I to respond?

Trust in God, trust also in Jesus.

The word trust means much more than say me trusting my friend with my car, but is talking about faith.. believing that God will act in my life. So as I felt uncertain how to respond as this person shared the dramatic personal information, I found myself praying that God would give me the words to speak. Which He did! And in the same way I should trust that God has a plan for me once I do finish as CEO. Over the course of this conference a number of people approached me about doing some work with their ministry, again showing that when I hand control over to God, things start to happen!

I believe that God will respond when I am agitated and uncertain. Praise God!!

God bless,

Rev Mark


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  1. Rosemary Geisler permalink

    Thank You Very Much. This will not only help me but many others that I pass it on to. God Bless and keep you safe and peaceful. Rose

  2. Thank you ,Lord , for giving me hope and peace today through this message . It is amazing how God can find different sourses to talk to me when I ask Him to. This time it was Rev’s website and I got His message what I should do now in my life. I will not let my heart be troubled by anybody or anything .

  3. Nanette permalink

    I have been married a little over 24 years now. The last few years have been hard. I was a caregiver to my sister, she passed. He husband then about 3 months later. I got custody of their son who was about 14. With everything that happened I over looked the insurance on the house. Our house was paid for so we didn’t have a mortgage. Well, you guessed it, our house caught fire. The home is structurally ok and can be redone. But still we lost everything. Do to either the fire itself or the smoke or water. We have been living with my oldest step son for over a year now. (my self and my husband and my son who’s almost 21 and going to college and our 14 year old daughter. We had been trying to work on the house as we could afford it. Well, I was the only one working. Again, you guessed it, I lost my job. My husband then had gotten a job but it was too stressful for him and he quit!!! I have been trying to get a job even before he quit with no success. We decided that I should take this opportunity and go back to school. Things have been so very stressful!! I can’t study, when I do it’s going threw my mind that I have to get this….I have too!!! I need to get into the workforce!!! All the time while my husband just sits at home and works on his magic. He was an entertainer many many years ago. He wishes to regain that stasis. I am behind him all the way. I just am not be hind him not working otherwise. He’s not making any money now. I am trying to find a job. But since I’ve been a stay at home mom almost all our married life, I have no skills. Plus the job that I lost was lost under difficult circumstances. It was a he said, she said thing between a manager and myself. I lost. I’d never been fired from a job before in my life!! I want to work!!! I just can’t find a job. Well now we have to leave my step sons home. We have no place to go. My husband blames me. I do carry alot of the blame I know. Just not all of it. Anyway my husband says that I’m a rotten person. That I’m no good. That I can pray all I want but God isn’t going to answer anything for me cause I’m not good enough for HIM to respond too. Also he has asked me for a divorce. I’m uncertain what to do. I don’t or ever feel that I ever gotten married to divorce. Through all our highs and lows I always felt that we would get threw them. I need to tell you that he flip flops alot too. Meaning that he may later come to me and say that he’s sorry and that we will be ok. It’s really unclear to me what way to turn. Can what he tells me be even remotely true?!

    • Jeremiah 33:6
      Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.

  4. Sandy permalink

    Mark, I sit here in tears because this is exactly how I am feeling right now. My heart is agitated and unsure and just about a minute ago I sent someone an email trying to understand the situation I find myself to be part of. I don’t know what to think of it. This situation hurts. I needed your ‘reflection’ tonight to remind me to let God have control and trust that He will work in this situation…thank you. It still hurts, though, and trusting is hard. Would you pray for me?

    • Hello Sandy, Step outside your back door. Look up, don’t turn your head. Look at the first star that caught your eye. Follow that star to your right to the next star that does the same. Look above that star and count to TEN. and say AMEN. Now Follow that star to your left to the next star closes to it. Now say, Dear Father, I am in need of help and have been ask to look upon you. I seek your help in all that I know and all that I do not know. By your hand and now my faith, You will lead me unto thee. Father, Place your hand on my shoulder and lead me into the night. AMEN.

  5. Tamara permalink

    dear Mark, I`ve read your post and I must say that I feel uncertain, troubled `cause although I`ve finished my faculty (for pre-school teacher) I can`t find kindergarten for practice (that I have to do 1 year to be a pre-school teacher). I know, somewhere in my mind, that God has all in His hands, but I`m a bit scared of life…. Bible can make me feel better, just reading it, and you help me a lot! Praise God!
    Can you please pray for me?

    • Tamara,
      You are about to enter the greatest mission field in the world! Who else has the opportunity to mold the hearts, lives, and brains of young ones like a teacher does? After all, wasn’t Jesus a teacher? As for your “practice” let me tell you just how I pray. Before I do that let me say I think I’m a bit older than you, I’m 49 and I’m only in my 5th year of teaching. I can tell from your wording that we are definitely from different parts of the world. I’m from south Texas. Now sometimes I just tell God he has a problem. So God’s problem is finding you a practice. Now you don’t have to worry about it. My favorite verse Proverbs 8:12 “I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.” You pray and ask God to give you a witty invention in finding your practice. You will be surprised the awesome ideas that will pop into your mind and life. But don’t be surprised if he wants you to do something wild like wait a few years like he did with me or move somewhere. Whatever he wants don’t be afraid, he’s living inside you. He loves you. You are his child. I will pray for you.
      Your sister in Christ,

  6. Desere' Botha permalink

    Thank you so much for this little passage Mark. Again it really speaks to me and I found new hope in the my situation through God’s word. We tend to try controll everything in our lifes, forgeting that this life isnt realy our, but Gods. If it wasnt was for Him that gave me this life, I never would have experienced it- I never would have been a memory. So from now on I will remember that it is always up to God how things turn in my life, and even if it isnt what I want or the way I want it, I would still praise Him and say thank you, becasue even though we cant understand what He is planing in our lives at this moment, He promised to reveal it in due time.

  7. Each morning I say the same passage Peace I leave you my Peace I give to you not as the world giveth, give i unto you let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. I live by that passage all day long and it helps me to get through the day.Without the Lord I am nobody , Believe and you will recieve in his own time. The Lord is awesome……….

  8. Connie Guzman permalink

    Thank you. Wow! what a blessing for me to come across this wonderful message from our Lord. Im going through a a difficult situation right now. I have been in tears praying to the Lord to please send me a sign, and I come about this message. Please pray for me as well. I myself also need to remember that the Lord is in control and no matter what we decide he has the last word.

  9. George permalink

    Mark, first of all I would like to say thank you, for your short reflections. I read them everyday. This one today really opens my eyes. Right now i’m going through a situation and i’m not sure why all of it is happening. I’ve been praying that God would open my eyes and show me what I am not seeing. God works in ways the we can never imagine, and I know that he has total control over the situation, and I trust that he will show me the way. Mark if you would please pray with me, in asking God for his guidance. Thank you Mark and I hope you have a blessed day.

  10. marvina permalink

    i am facing a hard road, im a single mom with 3 children and 2 of them are special needs. i know what the good lord can provide, he is my lord and saviour, i trust in him no matter what is put in front of me! i know he will be beside the whole way through any trying time. i would just like to request a scripture that could help me through this situation.

  11. Cheryl permalink

    Thank you for being sensitive to the holy spirit in your calling. I’m facing this situation of needing another car and no money at this time to get one. That he would show me the way and wisdom. It is out of my control. May your ministry be blessed with fruitful responses everyday.

  12. Melissa permalink

    Mark –

    Thank you for these daily devotions. I am going through a trying time right now, as I’m sure many people are. I’m very recently separated from my husband after a mild abuse situation. We were very active in our church and, because of his ‘calm’ demeanor, I feel like no one believes my reason for leaving him. I have been ‘shunned’ at the church and thus have lost my home, my husband, and most of my support system. I’m having alot of trouble hanging onto God during this time and could really use your prayers.

    Thank you,

    • What’s up with separation this year? Abaddon is hard at work this year at trying to start Armageddon. Hang in there Melissa.

    • Robin permalink

      Melissa, I am sorry to hear about your situation and will be praying for you. Here is a website that was very encouraging to me when I went through a hard time in my marriage. I believe you will find comfort and encouragement there. God bless!

  13. I have been facing tough uncertain times, lost my job five months back and cant pay rent and i believe its only by His Grace that i have made it this far.Further that,some of my family have experienced tough situations in the recent past too.I know this is an evil attack,but i also know and belive in my Father in heaven and that He has a plan for me..i request a scripture that will help me through this and also if you could pray with me.
    I would also like to get help from you as to how best i can make the Word of God work for me.

  14. deb permalink

    Thanks for your encouraging words. So true ,but sometime hard to let go and let God . I know God knows best ,but hard to wait.I want a answer and fix now. Please pray for me. Pray that God will guide me and I will be kind hearted and loving thur this situration. Wait and listen to him. His will not mine!

  15. Steve Gill permalink

    It’s funny how perfect God’s timing is. I just got off the phone with my Uncle and I was angry/frustrated with his words to me and I told him exactly how I felt. I read your comments and know that I did not ask God for the words prior to speaking to my Uncle. Even though my Uncle was way wrong in the way he spoke to me…. I did not trust in Jesus at that moment. I am so weak and I know that this passage has given me the courage to speak with my Uncle regarding this and give it a second try. Our God is a God of 2nd tries. Thanks Mark.

  16. Robin permalink

    Thank you so much for this, once again Gods timing is perfect as I have been going thru a time of uncertainy in my life. This verse is just what I need right now to remind me that the Lord is always in control and has a perfect plan for each of us. Praise Jesus!!

  17. Gina permalink

    Hi To whome it may concern
    I have been stressed out at my
    Job for Too long know could you
    please give me some scripture’s on
    How to get Satan away from me
    and out of my life .


  18. Jessica Hughes permalink

    But what about when you ask God to help you respond such as when someone is questioning God or speaking against him in a way they’re kinda asking you for validation or some kind of answer and you pray and ask for guidance or the words to say and nothing comes. What then?

    • Hello Jessica, I hear you on being challenged about Jesus, If you have as Jesus for an answer and there was none, Then there was no answer for the challenge. The person didn’t wont an answer but to challenge you down to their way. Be Patcent, it will come to you.

  19. Dorthy Porter permalink

    I just got back from a little church meeting where a hand full of old times saints meet on Sunday nights.The condition of America,lack of God and morals,decline of people in church and the general condition of churchs in America cause the saints to pray for the mercy of God.As we make plans for a soup kitchen to open in the near future and community gardens.Is my heart stirred up and agitated I must say yes.When one generation took God out of the class room the present generation takes it out of our goverment.When America was just recently declared a nonchristain Nations.Other countries please pray for us,Americans who are Christains hit your knees in prayer .We must put God back in America,left your prayers to the heavens Christains pray like you have never prayed before.

  20. MARK PEDERSON permalink

    My heart is stirred and agitated, I want to trust God so much but it is so hard because we are self sufficient. I had an interview for a manager of an alzeihemers unit this past Saturday. This is something that I want to do so bad and I have the education and health care experience. I think that I did good and want this so bad, but is this what God want for me??? I have prayed so much about this and my future. currently I just have an on call job as my full time job was too stressful and causing problems. anyway if you could pray that I would trust God and give him my doubts and uncertainties.

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