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Luke 6:45

September 28, 2009

Luke 6:45 : The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

I like the idea of being a good person! But not just an everyday ‘hey he is a really nice kinda guy!’ good person, but a Luke 6:45 good person. Digging deep into this passage I discovered that a good person isn’t just about helping the elderly across the road, but about living and speaking God’s truth.

And this speaks to something God has really been working on me through my journey deeper into His Word, God is encouraging me to speak out! To talk about Jesus with non Christian family and friends, to share God’s will for His people with other Christians.

But all that I share has to come as much from God as possible. As Tiffany, a good friend of mine challenged me the other day, ‘just NEVER share anything that is not based on the bible, and ALWAYS keep your focus on God, and you will have your shield and sword.’ I need to remain focused on God in all that I do.

And the Luke 6:45 reading describes the source of our goodness as, ‘goodfood treasure of his heart’ and ‘treasure’ literally means, storehouse. So like filling the house with food ready for a number of lovely meals, so I need to fill my storehouse with God’s truth ready to share with His people.

So in striving to be a good person, ready to share God’s truth and love, I need to make sure I am regularly reading and absorbing His Word, active in prayer and often humbly coming before Him confessing my sins. I need to fill the storehouse in my heart with God’s abundant love and truth!

God bless ya,

Mark Brown

P.S Following yesterday’s journey into Philippians 4:6-7 today I started limiting my time on Facebook and began a formal time of prayer.. already feels right!

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  1. Sarah permalink

    This passage today talk to me about how we have to simpithise with people who are evil. Some people grow up with evil surrounding them and it is all they know. We have to pray and love those people, so that they can see what Jesus and God is all about.

  2. Meagan permalink


  3. Jeff Brown permalink

    We all are born with a sinful nature and prone to evil-
    Jer 17:9 states the heart (the innermost you) is decietful above all things and desperatly wicked and who can know it. (that means all of us) Rom 3:10 states there is none good, no not one! We are all sinful, It is only through the light of his glorious gospel by accepting Christ as our personal savior we have the capacity to live a good life pleasing to God if we live in the light and power of his Holy Spirit by reading his word, prayer, fellowship with other Christians and leading others to the saving knowlege of Christ. The harvest is great but the workers are few.

  4. Mara permalink

    Sharing only the goodness and love of Jesus and striving to live a life pleasing to Him, yes you will be that good person. That good person, is good in the eyes of God. And I think that is where we miss it in the flesh is that we want people to think we are good. That nice guy/girl. That truly doesn’t matter, everyone wants to be liked and thought of that way. It is more important for the Lord to see me that way. To see me as that good and faithful servant.

  5. Jim Heffner permalink

    Thanks Mark for sharing your journey deep into God’s word. He is also pressing on my heart to do the same. I do not read the Bible daily and I am really being convicted for my lack of passion to do so. That is very troublesome for me. I don’t understand why I don’t. Funny…. I ask God everyday to increase my faith.. yet…. I don’t feed my faith with His word. Well… I am intentionally declaring right now that I will read His word daily! I will follow you on your journey deep into God’s word!

    God led me to your site and specifically to this posting today.

    • Sam Assefa permalink

      Hey there, I share your troubles and I have been asking God to increase my faith too. But I didn’t go back to reading the bible till I started facing hardships in my life but one thing I can tell you is that, in meditating in his word I have found a safe haven and I will never trade it for any thing. Just start off by reading a chapter a day and you will soon learn that a few words from God can brighten up your whole day. I started reading the bible daily a few months back and now I feel at peace even when i don’t because I always find my way at the end of the day because he shoulders all my burdens!

  6. Sheila permalink

    Thank you, Mark. I truly enjoyed this and God spoke to my heart through it.
    God bless you

  7. Sam Assefa permalink

    I am really happy that you got started on spending less time on Facebook and more on prayer. I am so happy to read your insights on this. I knew being a good person was being the person Jesus told us or showed us to be, but I never knew it was in speaking his word too. Incase I forget in the future, thank you for all your posts. I have grown so much and you have inspired me to keep reading my bible and make it my new best friend. Now I am closer to God than I have ever been and thank you for being an angel. God bless!

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