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2 Corinthians 12:9-10

September 25, 2009

‘”My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.’

Grace is one of those words I have heard many times before but not fully understood till I spent some time with this passage. Grace is God offering His power for free to me when I really don’t deserve it, or can earn it. And this isn’t just words! I really do feel this as I struggle with my weaknesses and feel like I am constantly letting God down. I am reminded of my imperfections daily. And yet God still offers me complete forgiveness of my sins and amazing power, strength and energy! And this is grace, though I feel I let God down often, God still loves me. Wow.

weaknessSo in my weakness God is really present. The greek behind the word weakness covers ill health, lack of strength, being distressed, weak in our faith, doubting and needy. And when I feel any or all of these, that is when God is most present in my life. That is when God is really working through me. When it says, ‘For when I am weak, then I am strong.’ The greek for strong is ‘dynatos’ which can also mean ‘Mighty One’ one of the titles for God! So when I am weak, then I am strong for God is with me. Wow!

Ok, so one of my weaknesses is boasting. I like people around me to know what I am doing well. And yet this amazing passage states that if I am to boast it should be about my weaknesses! Why? For as I overcome my weaknesses I can share about the power of Christ in my life. Yes I sin, but I am forgiven through Christ’s death on the cross. I am weak, but through Christ I am strong. Yes!!

Recently someone who knows me well shared how something I had said came across badly, and they were spot on. I immediately became defensive and shut the conversation down. I hated the idea of discussing my weakness. And yet now I can see that actually I should have done the opposite and thanked them, and shared how I make lots of errors which is why I really need Jesus!

I celebrate my weakness for in them God shines!

God bless ya,

Mark Brown


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  1. mark permalink

    Mark …

    This is exactly my thought. I feel no weakness in my illness, i’m not ashamed or embarrassed to let people know how i feel, what i feel and the results. I gain strength and the feeling of positivity as I explain to people just what it is. Mental Health issues and the mind are often viewed with fear, and/or with little understanding of what it actually is. I sometimes feel, without preaching, that it’s a job i must do to teach people what it is before they assume wrongly. I’ve actually read this passage and the more I do, the more it all makes sense.

    Regards and keep up word alive …


  2. Maryluz permalink

    this is what i need it today thank u!

  3. I really needed to read that verse tonight. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Sam Assefa permalink

    Oh thank you for this, thank you. I am feeling so week this days and this is helping me out a lot, because now I know the power of God is with me when I am week and now I feel strong even though I do not have the luxury of this world and troubles are weighing on me but now I know that to have that would make me forget my God and I would rather have him on my side than any thing else. Thank you and I am going to work on embracing my weekness and thanking people when they spot them!

  5. Thank you for your faithfulness! I am living in Mexico and alone all day. 10 hrs or more. I really appreciate you posting God’s Word!!
    This has been very helpful for me!
    May God Bless you Mark!

  6. Jordan Caldwell permalink

    i left you a comment on facebook but i thought i would leave you another one. God showed me this passage when, like you, a friend pointed out my weakness. She told me something that was obvious to me, but even though i knoew it, i didnt apply it. I was struggling with lustful thoughts and temptation and i told her that i kept asking for strength and trying to just block it out. She then told me that “Jordan can’t defeat satan. Only God can.” and i finally let that sink in. Even though i knew that only God can defeat satan i wouldnt let Him. i tried to ask for strength and do it on my own instead of letting God handle it. Immediately i looked for the passage where it says “When i am weak then i am strong” and my search ultimately led me to 2Corinthians 9-10. After reading it a clever title came to me, “Dare to be Weak” It was just so powerful to me. To, like you said, not be afraid of discussing your weaknesses but to “delight in hardships and persecutions” because we can use them to witness to people of what God has done for us and also we get to have to highest privelage in witnessing God use His power to perfection in OUR lives on OUR problems…when you have the power that raised the dead, parted seas, healed the sick, shut the mouths of lions, and gave sight to the blind, working to help us, why would we ever try to do it on our own again?! From that is where we learn to rejoice in our weakness. So i say, Dare to be Weak Mark Brown. and thank you for sharing with me and thousands of others on this earth. You are an inspiration 🙂

  7. Deeka permalink

    I think is always difficult when it comes to admit our own weakness, it’s true we usually (maybe I should speak for myself) try to speak about what we are good at and rarely we are open to discuss our weakness, closing ourselves, switching on defensive mode and getting ready to fight the enemy!
    That is, imho, when our pride drive us on the wrong path.
    Not a coincidence, last night I was reading from the Proverbs; 18:16 says loud and clear: “Too much pride will destroy you”
    I’m working hard on this one and I pray the Lord for His help to do good.

  8. Kim Watts permalink

    I’ve had a few times in my life where my weakness and helplessness was the first thing I thought of when I woke up in ther morning and the last thing I thought of at night. The situations were totally out of my control. I learned, from the same scripture, that it was OK NOT to have the answers….because the GOD I serve DID have them. HE is merciful to HIS children when we fall on HIM. Thank you so much for reminding me of those lessons. I’m at another time in my life where I really need to remember that HE is the ONE who is strong and I can count on HIM to be my strength.
    Be Blessed

  9. There are so many emotions that drives a person to do things. Mine was rejection. But the one true constant in my life has been Lord Jesus Christ. Yet I get so frustrated at myself after reading a simple question stated in the book of Mark 8:37 What would a man give in exchange for his own soul? Even as a christian, I wonder sometimes what I’m exchanging for my soul.

  10. Jeff permalink

    Thank you for these words. I am living in a situation where it seems like one thing after another goes wrong, and nothing right. I needed the reminder that God’s grace IS suppifient for me and that he is strong when I am weak. If only I could learn to also be content during these trials like Paul encourages us to be.

  11. Meagan permalink

    This is really important because we forget that we are not all powerful we have to calm down and let GOD take over. (Or atleast this is the way I feel from it) And I am SO glad that you admit to letting GOD down daily because we all do. And to know that sa long as you love HIM and keep trying to do better … Thank GOD HE is always with us, even though we aren’t always with HIM. 😀

  12. Connie permalink

    Yes remember the one moment in time God triumphed over it all and seemed most absent was on the cross. What appeared to be a failur was a victory.

    I struggle with my weakness’ like everyone else does but I have found that is when He I see Him and His grace the most. In times of being confident I am looking at myself and not HIM. Whether good or bad always focus on Him, He never changes.

  13. Brandon permalink

    I pray that God will bless you for posting this. I cannot tell you enough how much this spoke to me, as I was tossing and turning with this concept just the other night. Thank you again for posting this. God is reaching out to His people through you.

  14. I have a lots of weakness in my life.But I know I can’t handle them by myself.
    only thru the grace of God can I handle these trails in my life.Thank you Mark
    for you wonderful messages.We all have weakness. And I for one have many.

  15. Stephanie permalink

    Hello, I have begun to receive these messages and thought that they would be great to share with my loved ones. This reminds me of the Casting Crown song… “when I’m weak , You make me strong, when I’m blind You shine a light on me, I’ll never get by living on my own ability, But by the Power of Christ in me.” Please pray for my immediate family and the broken relationships between my sons and their father. Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to be revealed to them. Thanks for your inspirational and honest excavations of God’s Word!
    Love & Blessings, Stephanie

  16. hi mark,
    i must say that n a bible study i did on this passage of scripture i learned that God wants us 2 rely totally on him through humbleness. until i bcame disabled and lost my ability 2 work due 2 the parts of my brain that were injured from my head injury i never lived God’s Word fully. over the past 5 yrs. i have learned 2 b content n all circumstances (phil. 4:12) bcause i know that God is n control and I can do all things through (He (Christ) who strengthens me. i have learned 2 put my life n his hands, knowing and believing he has a plan 4 my life. yes i have experienced weakness from illness, persecution, challenged n my faith and due 2 the embarrassment i cause my family 2due 2 my being disabled. it is difficult 4 them 2 accept as i am since i have always bn so strong and successful, from the worlds point of view. i praise god that i find my worth n him and his grace IS sufficient at all times regardless how it may seem. i truly stand amazed n awe of God’s neverending love 4 me and his desire 2 have a relationship with me as bruised and broken i may seem. to God b the glory. thank u so much 4 ur dedication 2 what God has called u 2 do.
    may god bless u as u have bn a blessing 2 so many others,
    ps. 37:4

  17. Renee permalink

    I recognize God in my life daily…I thank him for trusting me with the things he places in my path because I know he is there…walking with me…talking to me…waiting for me to carry his word to those hurting and going thru life without him!!!!! OUR GOD will never leave us…NEVER!!!!!!!

  18. Jt3417 permalink

    I have failed so many times in my life just after Praying for strength. Thanks for the reminder that even though it sounds good, when I Pray this Prayer asking for strength, I am not Fully depending on Him.

  19. Silke permalink

    God really is speaking thru you to all of us, thank you so much for taking us on this journey with you and allowing us to grow through Christ thru you.
    This message helped me to finally admit a weakness to myself. I’ve spent most of my life without anyone to look up to for support and have become incredibly self reliant and stubbornly independent. I believed I could do everything by myself and didn’t need anyones help. Since coming to Christ, I now know that we are not alone and have all the support and love we need for our Saviour. I’m wrestling with God on a few issues at present, but until yesterday I hadn’t realised that although I’ve been asking God for help, I’m still trying to control the outcomes on my own and not letting him help. This post was the hip wrenching point (Genesis 32:25) for me and finally got me to admit my weakness to myself. And I immediately felt Gods strength pour into my heart. Now I know I can do anything … thru Gods strength, not my own.
    What and incredible feeling and am relishing the rest of the journey and shouting all my other weaknesses from the roof tops LOL!
    thanks Mark, – bless ya mate!

  20. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I thank God for you ,Mark and all those who shared on this scripture reading. I ask God everyday to give me knowledge and wisdom of his wordand he never fails me. In his word, he tells to remember all the wondrous deed he has done for us. It’s so good to hear from so many who are finding out that thru thier weakness , God makes us strong. Without him we are nothing. I look forward to all scripture messages you will post. God Bless

  21. candace ingle permalink

    mark you are a true blessing ! keep pressing forward to the reward that god has for you ! he will provide a way for you continue this wonderful ministries ! if it werent for facebook i wouldnt have know this sight exsisted . Now i am able to connect each time and send others here ! what a wonderful way to fellowship outside your comfort zone ! my prayers are with you !

  22. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    Thank you Mark for posting 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 and how you personally dealt with your own weakness. I have been there many times and continue to be in a state of weakness. We all have weakness in our lives …. and the important thing is that we recognize that weakness and give up our own strength and will and let God be God in our lives. The world has taught us that we must do something …. but what we must do is seek God first and lay down our “Isaac’s” (whatever they may be) on the altar … and let God work through us …. his strength will then lift us up to do what we must for Him.

    God bless every work of your hands Rev. Mark!

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